The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 22: Libraries, History, and Information Technology


Sub-Chapter 07: Protection Of Archeological Information

22 V.S.A. § 767. Cooperation between agencies

§ 767. Cooperation between agencies

All state agencies, departments, institutions and commissions, as well as all municipalities, shall cooperate fully with the state archeologist in the preservation, protection, excavation, and evaluation of specimens and sites; and to that end:

(1) When any state, regional or municipal agency finds or is made aware by an appropriate historical or archeological authority that its operation in connection with any state, state assisted, state licensed, or contracted project, activity, or program adversely affects or may adversely affect scientific, historical, or archeological data, the agency shall notify the state archeologist and shall provide him or her with information concerning the project, program, or activity. The provisions of this chapter shall be made known to contractors by the state agencies doing the contracting.

(2) The state archeologist, upon notification or determination that scientific, historical, or archeological data including specimens, is or may be adversely affected, shall, after reasonable notice to the responsible agency, conduct or cause to be conducted a survey and other investigations to recover and preserve or otherwise protect such data, including analysis and publication, which in its opinion should be recovered in the public interest.

(3) The division shall initiate actions within 60 days of notification under subdivision (1) of this subsection and within such time as agreed upon in other cases. The responsible agency is authorized and directed to expend agency funds for the purpose of recovering the data, including analysis and publications, and the costs shall be included as part of the contractor's costs if the adverse effect is caused by work being done under contract to a state agency. (Added 1975, No. 109, § 4.)