The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 22: Libraries, History, and Information Technology


Sub-Chapter 07: Protection Of Archeological Information

22 V.S.A. § 764. Permits for exploration

§ 764. Permits for exploration

The state historic preservation officer, with the advice of the state archeologist, may issue permits for exploration and field investigations to be undertaken on state lands or within the boundaries of designated state archeological landmarks to an amateur or professional whom the state historic preservation officer deems properly qualified to conduct the activity, subject to such rules and regulations as the division may prescribe, with a view toward disseminating the knowledge gained through his or her activities; and, provided that a summary report of the undertakings, containing relevant maps, documents, drawings, and photographs be submitted to the division; and, provided further, that all specimens so collected under permit shall be the permanent property of the state and that the state archeologist shall make prior arrangements for the disposition of specimens derived from the activities in an appropriate institution of the state or for the loan of the specimens to qualified institutions in or out of the state. (Added 1975, No. 109, § 4; amended 2001, No. 35, § 5.)