The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 9: Commerce and Trade

Chapter 4: INTEREST

Sub-Chapter 3: Funded Settlements

9 V.S.A. § 205 Commissioner's powers


§ 205. Commissioner's powers

(a) The Commissioner may:

(1) impose an administrative penalty of not more than $1,000.00 for each violation upon any person who violates or participates in the violation of this subchapter, or any lawful regulation or order issued thereunder;

(2) order any person to make restitution to any person injured as a result of a violation of this subchapter; and

(3) order any person to cease and desist in any specified conduct.

(b) The powers vested in the Commissioner by this subchapter shall be in addition to any other powers to enforce any penalties, fines, or forfeitures authorized by law. (Added 2001, No. 55, § 2.)