17. Appendix G: Related Legislation and Documents


Creation of Chief Information Officer Position

Sec. 285. ACT NO. 210 of the Acts of 1994.

An exempt position in the Agency of Administration is hereby created and designated as "Chief Information Officer." This position will report to the Secretary of Administration and shall advise the Secretary on all matters regarding the creation, processing and distribution of information. The Chief Information Officer shall serve as Chair of the Information Strategy Advisory Committee (ISAC). The position shall be funded with $75,000.00 from an internal service fund transfer through the Department of General Services.

GOVnet Oversight

"Information Resource Management Advisory Council (IRMAC) provides the policy, managerial, and financial oversight of GOVnet. These policies and procedures are administered through the office of the Chief Information Officer." [ http://www.state.vt.us.govnet.about.htm, October 7, 1996]

Technology Planning

3 V.S.A. 2222:

[The Secretary of Administration shall]

"(9) Submit to the general assembly on or before January 1 if each year a strategic plan for information technology which outlines the significant deviations from the previous year’s information technology plan, and which details the plans for information technology activities of state government for the following fiscal year as well as the administration’s financing recommendations for these activities. The plan shall identify the proposed sources of funds for each project identified. The plan shall include, for any proposed new computer system or system upgrade with a cost in excess of $150,000:

(A) a life-cycle costs analysis including planning, purchase and development of applications, the purchase of hardware and the on-going operation and maintenance costs to be incurred over the expected life of the systems; and a cost-benefit analysis which shall include acquisition costs as well as operational and maintenance costs over the expected life of the system;

(B) the cost savings and/or service delivery improvements which will accrue to the public or to state government;

(C) a statement identifying any impact of the proposed new computer system on the privacy or disclosure of individually identifiable information;

(D) a statement identifying costs and issues related to public access to nonconfidential information.

(10) The secretary shall also submit to the general assembly an overall information technology plan which indicates the state’s anticipated information technology activities for the second through the fifth fiscal years following the period covered by the one-year information technology program. For purposes of this subdivision, ‘information technology activities’ shall mean:

(A) the creation, collection, processing, storage, management, transmission, or conversion of electronic data, documents, or records;

(B) the design, construction, purchase, installation, maintenance, or operation of systems, including both hardware and software, which perform these activities."

Distance Learning

Sec. 12 ACT NO. 233 of the Acts of 1994

(b) Distance learning. The sum of $650,000 is appropriated to the agency of administration for:

(1) Distance learning, local and regional educational networks. It is the intent of the general assembly that this appropriation be used for distance learning projects carried out by an individual school district or by a consortium of two or more school districts, and that the special needs of rural school districts be considered. The commissioner of education shall send each supervisory union in the state a request for proposals for use of awards for distance learning projects. Projects proposed by individual school districts or by consortia of school districts shall be reviewed, and grant awards shall be recommended, jointly by the commissioners of education and general services, to the emergency board for approval: $300,000.

Information Technology; Distance Learning

Sec. 2a ACT NO. 62 of the Acts of 1995

(a) Purpose. It is the intent of the legislature that all Vermonters have the opportunity to take advantage of modern computer based communications technology, and that students in particular be exposed to this technology, and taught its uses, in their local public schools. The purpose of this section is to take a first step toward realizing this broad intent, by encouraging local elementary and high schools to design a distance learning curriculum which provides access to telecommunications services, thereby linking students to the world in which they live.

(b) Appropriation. The sum of $978,000 is appropriated to the agency of administration for the purpose of this section, which shall include:

(1) Equipment purchased in direct support of the department of libraries and the regional libraries for conversion of the Vermont Automated Library System (VALS) to the state network call "GOVnet".

(2) Equipment purchased in direct support of connecting schools to GOVnet.

(3) Equipment purchased to direct support of providing dial-up access to GOVnet with a local phone call and no toll charges for use by schools and public users of the department of libraries. Equipment will be placed in all calling areas not currently served by local dial access to GOVnet.

(c) Implementation

(1) The state through its existing contract, or through the negotiation of new contracts regarding the expansion of GOVnet, shall minimize barriers to open competition for the provision of transmission services.

(2) The GOVnet expansion provided by this section shall be implemented in such a manner as to provide remote access by the general public to a full range of services via a local telephone call as provided through VALS.

(3) The secretary of administration shall direct the chief information officer as follows:

(A) to ensure that capital funds will be expended exclusively for equipment;

(B) to proceed immediately to accommodate the maximum number of schools by the fall of 1995. ... and

(C) to proceed, concurrently with the activities described above, to prepare a report which will be presented to the legislature by January 1 of 1996. This report will be an analysis of service providers who have proposed statewide alternatives to the network services offered via GOVnet. Full cost analysis of proposals will be included in the report.

(d) Vermont lottery commission. The chief information officer (CIO) and the executive director of the Vermont lottery commission (TLC) shall determine whether the TLC should become part of the existing GOVnet or whether the TLC network can be used by other government entities and schools. The results of the study shall be reported to the JITOC by December 1, 1995, or a later date as jointly agreed to by the CIO and the JITOC.