15. Appendix E: Government Applications Using the State Network


Agency of Human Services

  • The Department of Social Welfare ACCESS system, for eligibility determination, benefit issuance, case management, fraud control, federal compliance and child support enforcement, has over 1000 regular users of the system via the state network, including Department of Social Welfare staff, Department of Education and Training, Office of Child Support, and Office of Vermont Health Access

  • Federal data exchanges with the Social Security Administration, the IRS, and other offices

  • Exchange of data, e-mail, and document transfer among Agency of Human Services departments and with other state offices

  • Other administrative functions are supported, such as payroll, TIPGAP (bill paying), purchasing, contracting, personnel transactions

  • Daily transfer of data to contractors for privatized services including EDS for Medicaid claims processing, PAYDATA for CSE payroll processing, MAXIMUS for benefit counseling, Vermont banks for direct deposit of client benefits, and financial transfers for collection of child support payments

  • The Department of Social Welfare Web page includes all current policy, and will soon include procedures. It is available to the general public, and to interested organizations such as Vermont Legal Aid

  • Approximately 115 employees in the twelve district offices and 38 employees at the Public Health Lab connect via the state network to the VAX system in Burlington to access word processing, electronic mail and calendaring

  • Employees in district offices access the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program software on the IBM computer in Montpelier and the Client Management Information System (CMIS) running on the VAX computer in Burlington

  • Approximately six employees at the Public Health Lab utilize the LABCASH II application running on a remote VAX computer

  • Various LAN and WAN applications

  • Field staff dial in for e-mail and access to word processing software

  • Community mental health providers dial in to use the Individualized Services Budget and Billing System located on a computer in Waterbury

  • Support applications at all of the correctional facilities located throughout the state

Judicial Branch

  • Seven of the 14 court computers are connected to the state network

  • Applications include e-mail between courts and support for the court computer systems

  • Nightly file transfers from all courts in Montpelier use the state network whenever possible and include traffic ticket judgments to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), hearing information to the Office of Child Support, and hearing information for the new Web site

  • Plans

    • Building of an "intranet" with other criminal justice agencies to improve access to information and eliminate redundant data entry

    • Electronic criminal case disposition reporting to the Vermont Crime Information Center

    • Experimental use of PC-based videoconferencing

    • Electronic filing of case documents

Department of Personnel

  • 85 users connected to the system, primarily in Montpelier and Waterbury

  • Time entry system is used to collect time sheet information for each employee, with 84 locations throughout the state using the network for this purpose

  • Plans

    • Reporting database that can be accessed by every agency and department in government to report personnel and payroll data

    • Possible decentralization of the recruitment process

Agency of Transportation

  • The state network is used to communicate with district offices

  • The STARS Financial Management System and the Maintenance Management System use the statewide network

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles sends information to the Montpelier site from district offices and from the mobile unit

Department of Employment and Training

  • In the process of connecting all district offices to the state network to support mainframe computer applications in Montpelier

Department of Libraries

  • Support the Vermont Automated Library System (VALS)

  • Support public access to information on the state library computer in Montpelier via 200 public libraries throughout the state

Legislative Branch

  • Access to the legislative computer system by administrative staff and legislators in Montpelier

  • Legislators have dial up access from their districts

  • The general public has access to legislative bills and proceedings through the legislative Web site