14. Appendix D: Chronology of GOVnet


March 1992

Vermont Information Strategy Plan (VISP)

Prior to June 1993

Installation of fiber optic cable in Montpelier and Waterbury to support the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) project. The fiber optic network is funded as part of the HRMS project, which in turn is funded by a surcharge to the government community.


Presentation to Information Systems Advisory Council by Patricia Urban regarding recommendations for network (fiber) infrastructure design


Presentation to Information Systems Advisory Council by Patricia Urban regarding financing alternatives available for network funding. Council votes on a surcharge funding model on telephone charges of 6% and votes unanimously to forward its recommendation to Secretary of Administration William Sorrell.


Letter from Information Systems Advisory Council (chaired by Deputy Secretary Frederic Meier) to Sec. William Sorrell recommending the network plan. It is a comprehensive plan for management, operation and financial support of the fiber backbone network as a statewide resource for intra-agency communication and information sharing.


Information Systems Advisory Council votes to extend the fiber network to a statewide wide area network (WAN) connecting district offices. The Council also votes on a new surcharge of 12% to fund the expanded network.

Approximately 12/93

"GOVnet" name is created, perhaps by Commissioner of General Services.


Joint Fiscal Report on Information Technology is issued. It has three primary recommendations: 1) The 5-Year Plan; 2) A Joint Technology Oversight Committee of the Legislature; 3) a Chief Information Officer.


Legislation is passed implementing all three recommendations of the Joint Fiscal Report.


Administration Bulletin 1.5 is issued defining the role of IRMAC (Information Resource Management Advisory Committee) and changing its name (from Information Systems Advisory Council).


Chief Information Officer (CIO) position is filled.


The Information Resource Management Advisory Committee reviews the FY ‘95 budget proposal for the State network and sets the surcharge at 11% for the following year.


Legislature passes the Capital Bill approving $978,000 for equipment purchases to fund the expansion of the State network for use by the K-12 community and the public libraries statewide.


GOVnet group (four positions) is loaned to Administration from CIT to implement K-12 project.


Expansion of the State network begins to support the mission described above.


Approximately 250 (of 300) K-12 schools and 150 public libraries access the network.