11. Appendix A: ACT NO. 185 (H.804) Capital Construction Bill


The following text is excerpted from ACT NO. 185 of the Acts of 1996, Capital Construction Bill.

(F) The secretary of administration shall by January 1, 1997 present to the joint fiscal committee one- and five-year plans and fiscal recommendations concerning GOVnet which comply with 2222(a)(9) and (10) of Title 3.

(2) The sum of $25,000 is appropriated to the joint fiscal office, under the supervision of the joint fiscal committee, for the purposes of obtaining the services of an independent, unbiased source who has no vested interest in GOVnet and is not a private sector competitor with GOVnet. The independent contractor shall consult with the secretary of administration, legislative council staff, the chairs of the house appropriations committee and the senate finance committee, the auditor of accounts and private Internet service providers in the state. The purpose of the contract shall be to:

(A) Itemize the total state financial and staffing commitment used from the date of its inception in support of GOVnet,

(B) Examine private sector alternatives and their costs, compared to the continued operation of GOVnet.

(C) Study the wide-area network needs of the University of Vermont, Vermont state colleges, Vermont educational television, Vermont interactive television, executive and judicial branch users, health care institutions, K-12 schools, and Vermont public libraries. The study shall include an evaluation of whether consolidation of the networks of these entities would be desirable from a technical, operational perspective, and if so whether the needs of the users could be met through consolidation most effectively through GOVnet, private Internet service providers, or other alternatives.

(D) Recommend a technical and operational model and create a financial model which would support analysis and decision making regarding the potential consolidation of the data communications needs of the entities identified in subdivision (C) of this subdivision. The findings, recommendations and conclusions of the consultant shall be submitted to the house and senate government operations and institutions committees no later than January 15, 1997.