The Vermont Legislature

Summary of the 1999 Acts and Resolves





ACT NO. 1 (H.130)
Budget Adjustment Act; Fiscal Year 1999

ACT NO. 2 (H.231)
Exit Checklists

ACT NO. 3 (H.543)
Vermont Veterans' Home

ACT NO. 4 (H.17)
Definition of Listed Crimes

ACT NO. 5 (H.117)
Public Records; Electronic Capture

ACT NO. 6 (S.30)
Governor's Diploma

ACT NO. 7 (S.104)
All-terrain Vehicles; Beecher Falls

ACT NO. 8 (H.60)
State Employee Reimbursement for Job-Related Losses

ACT NO. 9 (H.83)
Legislature; Administrative Rules; Review Period

ACT NO. 10 (H.434)
Technical Education; Comprehensive High Schools; Overhead Costs

ACT NO. 11 (H.544)
Transfers of Balances

ACT NO. 12 (H.16)
Levy of Execution; Personal Property, Levy and Sale; Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

ACT NO. 13 (H.34)
Investments; Burma (Myanmar)

ACT NO. 14 (H.112)
Medical Practice Board

ACT NO. 15 (H.302)
State Fruit and Pie

ACT NO. 16 (H.351)
Health Insurance; Chiropractic Services

ACT NO. 17 (H.451)
HIV Reporting

ACT NO. 18 (H.537)
Capital Construction Program; Project Development Program

ACT NO. 18 (H.537)
Transportation Capital Construction Program; Project Development Program

ACT NO. 20 (S.94)
Snowmobiles; Safety Education; Statewide Snowmobile Trail; Governor's Snowmobile Council

ACT NO. 21 (S.139)
Minimum Wage Increase; Livable Wage Study

ACT NO. 22 (H.446)
Water Commissioners; Elections

ACT NO. 23 (H.27)
Transfer on Death Security Registration

ACT NO. 24 (H.163)
Postsecondary Education; Vermont Honor Scholarship

ACT NO. 25 (H.180)
VEDA Agricultural Lending Program

ACT NO. 26 (H.189)
Health Insurance; Outpatient Contraceptive Services

ACT NO. 27 (H.290)
Postsecondary Education; Vermont Higher Education Endowment Trust Fund; Commission on Higher Education Funding; State Workforce Investment Board; Federal Family Education Loan Program

ACT NO. 28 (H.440)
HIV Prevention

ACT NO. 29 (H.533)
Capital Budget; Fiscal Year 2000

ACT NO. 30 (H.557)
Archery License; Crossbows; Tree Stands; Importation and Possession Permit; License Agents; Moose Season; Fines and Penalties

ACT NO. 31 (S.17)
Motor Vehicle Dealers

ACT NO. 32 (S.56)
Local Speed Limits; Unpaved Highways

ACT NO. 33 (H.387)
Betting Pools

ACT NO. 34 (H.10)
Truck Study; Defective Equipment; Presuspension Hearings; Parking for Disabled; Motorcycles

ACT NO. 35 (H.39)
Computer Crimes

ACT NO. 36 (H.169)
Landlord and Tenant; Residential Rental Agreements; Farm Employee Housing

ACT NO. 37 (H.181)
Zoning; Single-Family Residential Use; Registered Family Day Care Homes

ACT NO. 38 (H.390)
Examination of Insurers; Licensing of Agents and Captive Insurance Companies

ACT NO. 39 (H.507)
Contracting for Food Service for First Class Liquor License Holders

ACT NO. 40 (H.568)
Pay Act

Act NO. 41 (H.103)
Workers' Compensation; Exceptions for Real Brokers and Sales Personnel; Occupational Diseases; Third-Party Recovery

ACT NO. 42 (S.16)
Water Milfoil; Water Chestnut; Quagga Mussel; Water Resource Board Appointments

ACT NO. 43 (S.71)
Health Insurance; Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies

ACT NO. 44 (S.90)
Replacement Workers in Municipal Labor Disputes

ACT NO. 45 (S.125)
Medical Examiners

ACT NO. 46 (S.144)
Municipal Land Use Permits; Bianchi Decision; 15-Year Statute of Limitations on Enforcement; State Subdivision Regulation Amnesty

ACT NO. 47 (S.174)
A Study of Accessibility Standards for Residential Housing

ACT NO. 48 (S.208)
Diversified Agricultural Development; Apple Grower Assistance

ACT NO. 49 (H.548)
Equal Education Opportunity Omnibus Act

ACT NO. 50 (H.332)
Bottled Water

ACT NO. 51 (H.365)
Prescription Drug Prices

ACT NO. 52 (H.532)
Miscellaneous Provisions; "Office Bill"

ACT NO. 53 (H.549)
State Employees; Teachers and Municipal Employees Systems, Miscellaneous Adjustments

ACT NO. 54 (H.552)

ACT NO. 55 (H.565)
Legislative Study Committee

ACT NO. 56 (S.45)
Discrimination; Hate-Motivated Crimes

ACT NO. 57 (S.47)
Commission on Alzheimer's Disease

ACT NO. 58 (S.49)
Judicial Bureau; Motor Vehicle Violations

ACT NO. 59 (S.98)
Home Heating Fuel Assistance Program

ACT NO. 60 (S.137)
Energy Efficiency

ACT NO. 61 (S.140)
Municipal Employees' System; Separate Group for Public Safety Officers

ACT NO. 62 (H.554)
Omnibus Appropriations Act; Fiscal Year 2000

ACT NO. 63 (H.158)
Solid Waste; Litter Enforcement; Mercury; Bottled Water; Municipal Recycling Centers



ACT NO. M-1 (H.20)
Town of Essex

ACT NO. M-2 (H.47)
Town of Barre

ACT NO. M-3 (H.550)
Sherburne to Killington; Change of Town Name

ACT NO. M-4 (H.233)
City of Burlington

ACT NO. M-5 (H.555)
City of Barre

ACT NO. M-6 (H.562)
City of Winooski

ACT NO. M-7 (H.551)
City of Burlington

ACT NO. M-8 (H.563)
Town of Northfield

ACT NO. M-9 (H.48)
City of Burlington



NO. R-1 (J.R.S. 1)
Joint Rules,

NO. R-2 (J.R.S. 2)
Votes Report of the Committee Appointed to Canvass for State Officers,

NO. R-3 (J.R.S. 3)
Inaugural and Budget Message from the Governor, Joint Assembly to receive

NO. R-4 (J.R.H. 10)
Williams, Lance Corporal Lucas J.,

NO. R-5 (J.R.H. 11)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-6 (J.R.H. 1)
Alberico, Thomas M. "Tom",

NO. R-7 (J.R.H. 2)
Krasnow, Gerald P. "Gerry",

NO. R-8 (J.R.H. 3)
Giuliani, Peter,

NO. R-9 (J.R.H. 4)
Lawrence, Leroy Eugene,

NO. R-10 (J.R.H. 5)
Keyser, F. Ray, Sr.,

NO. R-11 (J.R.H. 6)
Couture, Alfred V.,

NO. R-12 (J.R.H. 7)
Spater, Thomas,

NO. R-13 (J.R.H. 8)
Crosby, George,

NO. R-14 (J.R.H. 9)
Camels Hump Middle School Odyssey of the Mind Vermont Championship Teams,

NO. R-15 (J.R.H. 12)
South Burlington High School Football Rebels Team,

NO. R-16 (J.R.S. 4)
East Montpelier, commemorating the Sesquicentennial,

NO. R-17 (J.R.S. 5)
Town Meeting Adjournment,

NO. R-18 (J.R.S. 7)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-19 (J.R.H. 19)
Buraczynski, Anthony C.,

NO. R-20 (J.R.H. 18)
Green Mountain Boys' State Program,

NO. R-21 (J.R.H. 16)
Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, 30th Anniversary,

NO. R-22 (J.R.H. 14)
Faris, Elmer L.,

NO. R-23 (J.R.H. 13)
Candon, Thomas Henry,

NO. R-24 (J.R.S. 6)
Bizzarro, Charles F.,

NO. R-25 (J.R.S. 9)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-26 (J.R.H. 20)
White, Sadie,

NO. R-27 (J.R.H. 21)
Vermont Principals' Association, Vermont State Department of Education and the Vermont Board of Education

NO. R-28 (J.R.H. 22)
Colchester High School Eight-Man Lakers' Football Team,

NO. R-29 (J.R.H. 23)
Paine, George H.,

NO. R-30 (J.R.H. 25)
Bellows Falls High School Football Terriers, 1998 Division II Championship Team,

NO. R-31 (J.R.H. 26)
Hoyt, Norris "Norrie",

NO. R-32 (J.R.S. 8)
Sisters of Mercy, 125th Anniversary of Teaching and Ministering in Vermont,

NO. R-33 (J.R.S. 10)
Jaquith Public Library Centennial,

NO. R-34 (J.R.S. 11)
Matthews, Bernard,

NO. R-35 (J.R.S. 12)
Holmes, Beatrice Mary Eugenia Schoff,

NO. R-36 (J.R.S. 13)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-37 (J.R.H. 29)
Women and Girls Sports Awards,

NO. R-38 (J.R.S. 15)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-39 (J.R.H. 31)
Clark, Marshall, Minor and Brenda,

NO. R-40 (J.R.H. 30)
Rice, Lyle K.,

NO. R-41 (J.R.H. 32)
Debonis, Michael A.,

NO. R-42 (J.R.H. 33)
Storekeepers award,

NO. R-43 (J.R.H. 36)
Vermont State Parks,

NO. R-44 (J.R.H. 38)
Park, Audrey,

NO. R-45 (J.R.H. 39)
Eagle Scouts, Class of 1998,

NO. R-46 (J.R.S. 16)
Vermont State Parks,

NO. R-47 (J.R.S. 18)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-48 (J.R.H. 37)
Wayside Restaurant,

NO. R-49 (J.R.S. 20)
Election of a Sergeant At Arms, an Adjutant and Inspector General, and three Trustees of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College,

NO. R-50 (J.R.S. 21)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-51 (J.R.H. 41)
Lewis, Nicole,

NO. R-52 (J.R.H. 42)
Essex High School Hornets Cheerleaders, 1999 Division I Championship,

NO. R-53 (J.R.S. 22)

NO. R-54 (J.R.S. 24)
Mount Saint Joseph High School Wrestling Team,

NO. R-55 (J.R.S. 26)
Civic Education in a Representative Democracy,

NO. R-56 (J.R.H. 27)
Education; Technical Education; Workforce Investment Act; State Plan,

NO. R-57 (J.R.H. 35)
Federal Intrusions into Bank Customer Privacy Rights,

NO. R-58 (J.R.H. 45)
Small Manufacturer, Year of,

NO. R-59 (J.R.H. 46)
Csizmesia, Dr. Frederick W.,

NO. R-60 (J.R.S. 30)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-61 (J.R.H. 52)
Baker, Mike,

NO. R-62 (J.R.H. 53)
Randolph Union High School Ghosts 1999 Division II Gymnastic Team and Coach John Kenealy,

NO. R-63 (J.R.H. 54)
Chronicle, Silver Anniversary,

NO. R-64 (J.R.H. 57)
Partridge, Cora,

NO. R-65 (J.R.H. 58)
Arts Advocacy Day,

NO. R-66 (J.R.H. 56)
Green Mountain Union High School Track and Field Teams,

NO. R-67 (J.R.S. 29)
McConnell, Michael,

NO. R-68 (J.R.S. 32)
Lowe, George,

NO. R-69 (J.R.S. 33)
First Congregational Church of Berlin, Bicentennial,

NO. R-70 (J.R.H. 51)
Judicial Retention Committee, extending the reporting deadline,

NO. R-71 (J.R.H. 49)
Gaines, Ruby Murin,

NO. R-72 (J.R.H. 50)
Family Week,

NO. R-73 (J.R.H. 63)
Enosburg Falls High School Hornets, 1999 Division III Girls' Basketball Team,

NO. R-74 (J.R.S. 38)
Pellon, Robert R.,

NO. R-75 (J.R.S. 40)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-76 (J.R.H. 59)
St. Albans Cooperative Creamery,

NO. R-77 (J.R.H. 61)
Agriculture Awareness Day, National, March 19, 1999,

NO. R-78 (J.R.S. 31)
Robinson, Ken and Beverly,

NO. R-79 (J.R.S. 34)
Judges, Five Supreme Court, Three Superior Court and Five District Court, Retention, Joint Assembly to Vote,

NO. R-80 (J.R.S. 35)
Harwood Union High School Girls' Nordic Ski Team,

NO. R-81 (J.R.S. 37)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-82 (J.R.H. 60)
Cannon, Lord Mayor David and Mayoress Nancy of England,

NO. R-83 (J.R.H. 62)
Richford Town Meeting, Village of Richford, Town of Richford, Bicentennial,

NO. R-84 (J.R.H. 65)
White River Junction Veterans' Administration, Urging Congressional Delegation to Support,

NO. R-85 (J.R.H. 64)
Registered Nurses,

NO. R-86 (J.R.H. 66)
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Winners from Vermont,

NO. R-87 (J.R.H. 67)
Townshend Public Library, Centennial Anniversary,

NO. R-88 (J.R.H. 68)
Woodstock Union High School Athletic and Forensic Teams,

NO. R-89 (J.R.S. 39)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort Day, June 20, 1999

NO. R-90 (J.R.H. 55)
Mohickan Mohegan Ancestry,

NO. R-91 (J.R.S. 42)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-92 (J.R.H. 43)
Northern New England International Trade Corridor,

NO. R-93 (J.R.H. 70)
Candon, Patrick,

NO. R-94 (J.R.H. 71)
Poultney High School Boys' Basketball Team,

NO. R-95 (J.R.H. 73)
Mount Anthony Union High School, Vermont and New England Championship Wrestling Team,

NO. R-96 (J.R.H. 74)
Rice Memorial High School Girls Basketball Team,

NO. R-97 (J.R.H. 75)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Combat Operations in Yugoslavia, Support,

NO. R-98 (J.R.H. 76)
Kerin, Phil,

NO. R-99 (J.R.H. 77)
United Christian Academy Crusaders, Basketball Team,

NO. R-100 (J.R.H. 79)
Equal Pay Day,

NO. R-101 (J.R.H. 80)
Cowart, Richard H.,

NO. R-102 (J.R.H. 83)
Middlebury College Panthers Ice Hockey Team,

NO. R-103 (J.R.S. 47)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-104 (J.R.S. 45)
Agent Orange Dioxin Awareness Month, Designating,

NO. R-105 (J.R.S. 48)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-106 (J.R.H. 86)
Hughes, Charles W.,

NO. R-107 (J.R.H. 87)
State Street School in Windsor 5th Graders and teacher Daphne Klein,

NO. R-108 (J.R.S. 49)
Honduran leaders, delegation of, humanitarian response,

NO. R-109 (J.R.S. 52)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-110 (J.R.H. 91)
Milk Pricing System, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture proposes revisions,

NO. R-111 (J.R.H. 84)
Norwich University Cadets Hockey Team,

NO. R-112 (J.R.H. 88)
Whitcomb Junior-Senior High School,

NO. R-113 (J.R.H. 89)
Newark Balkan Chorus,

NO. R-114 (J.R.H. 90)
Costello, Barry M.,

NO. R-115 (J.R.S. 50)
Vermont's First Labor Day Observance,

NO. R-116 (J.R.H. 93)
Vermont Underground Storage Tank Program,

NO. R-117 (J.R.H. 94)
Pancreatic Cancer Research, Increase Federal Appropriation,

NO. R-118 (J.R.H. 96)
Columbine High School tragedy, condolences to the families of the victims,

NO. R-119 (J.R.S. 27)
Emergency Management Process, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA to adopt new regulations,

NO. R-120 (J.R.S. 28)
Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Government to Enter into Negotiations to Abolish,

NO. R-121 (J.R.S. 51)
Destroyer Escort Day,

NO. R-122 (J.R.S. 53)
Kosovo Refugees, increase humanitarian assistance,

NO. R-123 (J.R.S. 54)
Vermont Heritage Weekend,

NO. R-124 (J.R.S. 55)
Cabot Creamery, 80th birthday,

NO. R-125 (J.R.S. 56)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-126 (J.R.H. 95)
Moyse, Blanche Honegger,

NO. R-127 (J.R.H. 99)
Babcock, Mary S.,

NO. R-128 (J.R.H. 28)
Sullivan, Erin,

NO. R-129 (J.R.H. 85)
Forests, Parks and Recreation Property Transactions,

NO. R-130 (J.R.H. 101)
Yoh Theatre Players of Woodstock High School,

NO. R-131 (J.R.H. 102)
Public Sector Employees,

NO. R-132 (J.R.H. 104)
Dewees, Rusty,

NO. R-133 (J.R.H. 105)
Wardsboro Fourth of July Street Fair, 50th Anniversary,

NO. R-134 (J.R.H. 106)
Kitzmiller, Karen,

NO. R-135 (J.R.H. 107)
Springfield District of the U.S. Postal Service,

NO. R-136 (J.R.H. 108)
Keefe, William T.,

NO. R-137 (J.R.H. 109)
Evans, Donna E.,

NO. R-138 (J.R.H. 110)
North County Union High School Hockey Team,

NO. R-139 (J.R.H. 115)
Hull, Marc E.,

NO. R-140 (J.R.S. 57)
Vermont Housing and Finance Agency,

NO. R-141 (J.R.S. 58)
Condemning Racism,

NO. R-142 (J.R.S. 59)
Weekend Adjournments,

NO. R-143 (J.R.H. 44)
Universal Hearing Screening of Newborns,

NO. R-144 (J.R.H. 97)
Disaster, Relief, Recovery and Mitigation Plan,

NO. R-145 (J.R.H. 112)
Sacred Heart School Girls' Basketball Team,

NO. R-146 (J.R.H. 120)
Moot, Hazel,

NO. R-147 (J.R.H. 122)
Low Fare Jet Service, Burlington International Airport,

NO. R-148 (J.R.H. 114)
St. Michael's College Ice Knights,

NO. R-149 (J.R.H. 119)
Municipal Clerks Week,

NO. R-150 (J.R.H. 128)
Thetford Panthers Team,

NO. R-151 (J.R.H. 127)
Thetford Panthers 1998 Boys Cross Country Team

NO. R-152 (J.R.H. 126)
Londonderry Fourth of July Parade, Silver Anniversary,

NO. R-153 (J.R.H. 113)
Social Security, Protect and Preserve,

NO. R-154 (J.R.H. 40)
Pharmacological Treatment Programs, Opiate-Addicted Persons,

NO. R-155 (J.R.H. 129)
Martin, Jennifer,

NO. R-156 (J.R.H. 118)
Paul, Ora E., American Legion Post No. 24,

NO. R-157 (J.R.H. 121)
Windsor Heritage Days,

NO. R-158 (J.R.H. 123)
WSTJ, Radio Station,

NO. R-159 (J.R.S. 62)
Washington Electric Cooperative,

NO. R-160 (J.R.S. 61)
Weed, Sterling D.,

NO. R-161 (J.R.S. 60)
Vermont Welcome Center and Exhibition Facility,

NO. R-162 (J.R.S. 63)
Dewey Day, 100th Anniversary,

NO. R-163 (J.R.S. 65)
St. Johnsbury Academy Team,

NO. R-164 (J.R.S. 64)
Barre Fish & Game Club, Inc.,

NO. R-165 (J.R.H. 130)
Final Adjournment, General Assembly,

NO. R-166 (J.R.H. 124)
Youth Violence, on Truancy, and Safe Learning Environments