State of Vermont
Summary of the 1998 Acts and Resolves



1998 ACTS


1998 ACTS:



Administrative Penalties
NO. 130 (H.540)
Domestic Animal
NO. 88 (H.759)
rbST Labeling
NO. 154 (S.73)
Large Farms Operations
NO. 124 (S.214)


Home Brewing, Liquor Identification
NO. 158 (H.680)


Budget Adjustment Act
NO. 66 (H.637)
Capital Budget
NO. 148 (H.761)
Omnibus Appropriations Act; Fiscal Year 1999
NO. 147 (H.755)


ATM's; Independent Trust Company
NO. 98 (H.600)


Town of Barre
NO. M-13 (H.547)
Town of Barre; Aldrich Library
NO. M-14 (H.773)
Bennington Graded School District
NO. M-16 (H.776)
City of Burlington
NO. M-18 (H.766)
Town and Village of Richford
NO. M-11 (H.568)
Rutland City
NO. M-17 (H.769)
South Burlington
NO. M-15 (H.762)
Winooski Incorporated School District
NO. M-12 (H.711)


Fair Credit Reporting; Disclosure to Consumers
NO. 93 (H.585)
Heating Fuel
NO. 96 (H.432)
Molder's Lien
NO. 123 (S.212)
Partnerships and Limited Partnerships
NO. 149 (S.140)
Securities; Duties of Corporate Directors
NO. 102 (H.115)
Service Contracts
NO. 109 (H.452)
Uniform Commercial Code; Letters of Credit
NO. 65 (H.59)
Uniform Prudent Invester Act
NO. 67 (H.63)


Contaminated Sites; Strict Liability
NO. 80 (H.209)
Drinking Water Planning Loan Fund; Drinking Water Source Protection Fund
NO. 134 (H.594)
Emergency Management; Lamoille River Stream Bank Inventory
NO. 137 (H.621)
Gold Mining; Stream Alteration
NO. 106 (H.101)
Hazardous Waste Tax; Hazardous Waste Management Assistance Account
NO. 133 (H.591)
Heavy Timber Cutting
NO. 69 (S.292)
Marketability of Record Title
NO. 125 (S.232)
Solid Waste; Mercury; Added Consumer Products
NO. 151 (S.181)
Underground Storage Tanks; Petroleum Tank Assessment
NO. 132 (H.580)
Wireless Telecommunications Facilities; Act 250; Planning and Zoning
NO. 94 (H.616)


Education Program
NO. 84 (S.274)
Powers of Correctional Officers; Offender Work Programs
NO. 152 (S.240)


NO. 107 (H.134)


Appeals from Administrative Actions
NO. 161 (H.30)
Discovery of Employee Records
NO. 105 (H.97)
Human Services; Tobacco Manufacturer Liability for Medicaid
NO. 142 (H.749)
Landowner Liability
NO. 110 (S.29)


Criminal Procedure; Juveniles; Domestic Relations
NO. 153 (S.88)
Insurance; Labor
NO. 160 (H.89)
NO. 117 (S.185)


Juveniles; Crimes; Domestic Relations
NO. 153 (S.88)


Downtown Development; Taxation; Transportation Capital Improvements
NO. 120 (H.278)


Criminal Procedure; Juveniles; Domestic Relations
NO. 153 (S.88)


Administration; Criminal Records Checks
NO. 163 (H.475)
Classification Study
NO. 141 (H.743)
NO. 84 (S.274)
Gifted and Talented Students
NO. 87 (S.127)
Higher Education Savings Plan; Taxation
NO. 79 (H.427)
Public Schools; Home Study Students
NO. 119 (S.204)
State Board of Education; Governor's Diploma
NO. 78 (S.234)
Tax Stabilization Agreement; Education Grand list; Georgia
NO. 146 (H.757)
Tax Stabilization Agreement; Education Grand List; Hartford; Brattleboro; Hartland
NO. 157 (H.723)
Taxation; Education Financing
NO. 71 (H.577)
Teachers; Probation
NO. 127 (S.248)
Technical Education; Human Resources Investment Council
NO. 138 (H.636)
Vermont Center for Geographic Information; Apprenticeship Division and Council
NO. 143 (H.754)


Auditors; Authority to Eliminate Position
NO. 83 (H.652)


Archives; Governor's Correspondence; Records Management
NO. 75 (H.453)
Display of POW-MIA Flag
NO. 82 (H.624)
Emergency Management; Lamoille River Stream Bank Inventory
NO. 137 (H.621)


Consolidated Fee Bill
NO. 155 (H.768)


Deer; Tree Stands; Nuisance Deer; Permanent License; Possession of a Live Animal
NO. 99 (H.764)
Private Preserves; Small Game
NO. 72 (H.175)
Youth Hunting Day
NO. 97 (H.597)


State Amphibian; Northern Leopard Frog
NO. 126 (S.241)


Childhood Immunization; State Registry
NO. 91 (H.699)
Health Insurance; Craniofacial Disorders
NO. 95 (H.274)
Health Insurance; Inherited Metabolic Disease
NO. 128 (S.253)
Mental Health; Board Composition; Community Mental Health Agencies
NO. 113 (S.92)
Mental Health; Involuntary Medication
NO. 114 (S.103)


Mobile Homes; Lot Rent Mediation; Joint Housing Committee; Rental Housing Quality Study
NO. 103 (H.11)


Court Procedure; Tobacco Manufacturers Liability For Medicaid
NO. 142 (H.749)
Foster Children; Adoption
NO. 139 (H.703)
Nursing Homes; Public Information
NO. 131 (H.579)


Crimes; Labor
NO. 160 (H.89)
NO. 117 (S.185)
Health Insurance; Craniofacial Disorders
NO. 95 (H.274)
Health Insurance; Independent Review; Ombudsman; Certificate of Need; Payment of Health Care Charges
NO. 159 (H.163)
Health Insurance; Inherited Metabolic Disease
NO. 128 (S.253)
Health Insurance; Termination Notice
NO. 112 (S.74)
Reciprocal and Captive Insurance Companies
NO. 100 (H.582)


Vermont Fire Service Training Council
NO. 74 (H.338)


Assistant Judges in Divorce Proceedings; Minimum Experience
NO. 90 (H.344)
Judicial Bureau
NO. 121 (H.437)


Blended Sanctions
NO. 116 (S.162)
Criminal Procedure; Crimes; Domestic Relations
NO. 153 (S.88)


Crimes; Insurance
NO. 160; (H.89)
Employees of the Defender General and Judiciary Departments
NO. 92 (H.220)
Unemployment Compensation
NO. 101 (H.315)
NO. 115 (S.130)
Workers' Compensation; Attorney Fees
NO. 140 (H.704)


Public Libraries; Use of Facility
NO. 73 (H.404)


NO. 117 (S.185)
Downtown Development; Taxation; Transportation Capital Improvements
NO. 120 (H.278)
Special Plates
NO. 85 (S.296)


Elections; Auditors; Authority to Eliminate a Position
NO. 83 (H.652)
Entertainment and Nuisance Ordinances
NO. 162 (H.277)
Marketability of Record Title
NO. 125 (S.232)


Athletic Trainers; Certification
NO. 108 (H.359)
Clinical Mental Health Counselors
NO. 118 (S.198)
Land Surveyors; Measurement Standards
NO. 77 (S.279)
Marriage and Family Therapists
NO. 111 (S.42)
Miscellaneous Provisions
NO. 145 (H.770)


Common Interest Ownership Act
NO. 104 (H.71)
Marketability of Record Title
NO. 125 (S.232)
Recording Notice of Lease
NO. 86 (H.137)
State Property; Transfer
NO. 70 (S.227)


General Permits for Self-Generated Electricity
NO. 136 (H.605)
NO. 135 (H.599)


Defined Contribution Plan
NO. 129 (S.295)
State Employees; Merger of Group B into Group C
NO. 89 (H.309)
State Employees; Teachers; Probate Judges; Deferred Compensation Plan
No. 68 (H.503)
Uniform Prudent Invester Act
NO. 67 (H.63)


Child Abuse or Neglect; Public Disclosure
NO. 81 (H.152)


Mercury; Mercury-Added Consumer Products
NO. 151 (S.181)


Downtown Development; Transportation Capital Improvements
NO. 120 (H.278)
Education Financing
NO. 71 (H.577)
Hazardous Waste Tax; Hazardous Waste Management Assistance Account
NO. 133 (H.591)
Higher Education Savings Plan
NO. 79 (H.427)
Miscellaneous Tax Act
NO. 156 (H.771)
Sales Tax; Exemption for Rail Line Construction Materials
NO. 76 (H.497)
Tax Stabilization Agreement; Education Grand list; Georgia
NO. 146 (H.757)
Tax Stabilization Agreement; Education Grand List; Hartford; Brattleboro; Hartland
NO. 157 (H.723)


Capital Construction Program; Project Development Program
NO. 144 (H.760)
Downtown Development; Taxation
NO. 120 (H.278)
Miscellaneous Transportation Law; Aircraft; Railroads; Necessity Hearings
NO. 150 (S.158)


Celebration of elected and appointed women in local and state government,
NO. R-163 (J.R.H. 117)
Green Mountain Boys' State Program,
NO. R-138 (J.R.H. 93)
Green Mountain Girls' State Program,
NO. R-240 (J.R.H. 113)
Vermont Principals' Association, the Vermont State Department of Education and the Vermont State Board of Education,
NO. R-127 (J.R.H. 87)
Vermont State Debate and Forensics League,
NO. R-230 (J.R.H. 168)


Agricultural Community's Efforts to Improve the Earth's Environment,
NO. R-248 (J.R.H. 179)
American Red Cross,
NO. R-192 (J.R.H. 138)
Arlington High School Boys and Girls Division III Basketball Championship Teams,
NO. R-202 (J.R.H. 145)
Arts and their contribution,
NO. R-196 (J.R.H. 142)
Baybrook, Jennifer,
NO. R-140 (J.R.H. 99)
Bellows Falls Union High School Terrier Harriers 1997 Division II Champion Boys' Cross Country Team,
NO. R-125 (J.R.H. 85)
Blue Mt. Grange Centennial Anniversary,
NO. R-236 (J.R.H. 172)
Blue Seal Plant in Richford,
NO. R-145 (J.R.H. 104)
Bollhardt, John,
NO. R-172 (J.R.H. 131)
Breast Cancer education,
NO. R-161 (J.R.S. 77)
Bunnell, Vickie,
NO. R-191 (J.R.H. 137)
Burlington High School Seahorses 1997 Division I Championship Boys' Soccer Team,
NO. R-186 (J.R.H. 132)
Burlington High School Seahorses 1998 Division I Championship Hockey Team,
NO. R-193 (J.R.H. 139)
Burlington Police Department,
NO. R-213 (J.R.H. 154)
Camp E-Wen-Akee,
NO. R-226 (J.R.H. 166)
Canaan Eagles Girls' 1998 Division IV Championship Basketball Team,
NO. R-195 (J.R.H. 141)
Chaplin, Tara,
NO. R-136 (J.R.H. 94)
Chase, Rodney,
NO. R-225 (J.R.H. 165)
Clark, Erin,
NO. R-147 (J.R.H. 106)
Cochran, Gordon S. "Mickey",
NO. R-218 (J.R.H. 158)
Colby, Amos,
NO. R-206 (J.R.S. 94)
NO. R-187 (J.R.H. 66)
Cote, George William,
NO. R-126 (J.R.H. 86)
Essex High School Hornets Division I Championship Boys' Basketball Team
NO. R-210 (J.R.H. 150)
Essex High School 1998 Division I Championship Girls' Basketball Team,
NO. R-211 (J.R.H. 151)
Family Week,
NO. R-190 (J.R.H. 136)
Firefighters who served in the 1998 Ice Storm,
NO. R-146 (J.R.H. 105)
Flood, William, Dr.,
NO. R-214 (J.R.H. 155)
Gervais, Roland,
NO. R-184 (J.R.H. 130)
Gibb, Arthur,
NO. R-221 (J.R.S. 99)
Gilbertson, Marc,
NO. R-139 (J.R.H. 96)
Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport City,
NO. R-129 (J.R.H. 61)
Grand Isle County,
NO. R-149 (J.R.H. 107)
Harris, Robert J.,
NO. R-159 (J.R.H. 115)
Hatch, Peter,
NO. R-144 (J.R.H. 101)
Hesse, Karen,
NO. R-143 (J.R.H. 100)
Hill, Fred,
NO. R-121 (J.R.H. 80)
Junior Miss Program,
NO. R-183 (J.R.H. 128)
Kinoy, Ernest,
NO. R-173 (J.R.H. 133)
Klinck, Patricia E.,
NO. R-134 (J.R.H. 88)
LaBerge, Jennifer,
NO. R-165 (J.R.H. 119)
Laird, Addie, Child Labor Postage Stamp,
NO. R-219 (J.R.H. 159)
Lazarus, Stanton,
NO. R-160 (J.R.H. 118)
Local Storekeepers Award,
NO. R-155 (J.R.H. 114)
Mander, Sydney,
NO. R-135 (J.R.H. 91)
Martin, Stephen B.,
NO. R-152 (J.R.H. 111)
McNickle, Marissa,
NO. R-189 (J.R.H. 135)
Mexican State of Chiapas,
NO. R-200 (J.R.S. 44)
Middlebury Panthers Hickey Team,
NO. R-215 (J.R.H. 156)
Miner, Don,
NO. R-212 (J.R.H. 153)
Moore, Walter,
NO. R-124 (J.R.H. 84)
Mulvaney-Stanak, Emma,
NO. R-169 (J.R.S. 79)
Mundell, William D.,
NO. R-167 (J.R.H. 123)
National Agriculture Awareness Day,
NO. R-208 (J.R.H. 147)
Natural Disasters, The Needs of Vermont Citizens,
NO. R-234 (J.R.S. 100)
North Country Chorus,
NO. R-157 (J.R.S. 75)
North Country Moose Festival,
NO. R-232 (J.R.H. 170)
North Country Union High School Concert Band,
NO. R-201 (J.R.H. 143)
North Country Union High School Falcons 1997 Division II Championship Football Team
NO. R-245 (J.R.S. 101)
Nugent, Kristen,
NO. R-176 (J.R.H. 127)
Osborne, William,
NO. R-166 (J.R.H. 121)
Paradise, Jerry,
NO. R-225 (J.R.H. 165)
Paterson, Katherine,
NO. R-244 (J.R.H. 176)
Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway,
NO. R-175 (J.R.H. 126)
Perley, Merrill,
NO. R-123 (J.R.H. 82)
Powers, Ross,
NO. R-174 (J.R.H. 125)
Public Sector Employees,
NO. R-237 (J.R.H. 173)
Railroad Companies, Alternatives to Herbicidal Weed Control,
NO. R-231 (J.R.H. 169)
Raymond, Patrick,
NO. R-176 (J.R.H. 127)
Registered Nurses,
NO. R-150 (J.R.H. 108)
Renner, Daniel,
NO. R-180 (J.R.S. 83)
Roberts, Llewellyn,
NO. R-235 (J.R.H. 171)
Rotary Club of Montpelier,
NO. R-199 (J.R.S. 87)
Rutland High School Red Raiders' 1997 Division I Championship Football Team,
NO. R-141 (J.R.H. 97)
Smith, Winona,
NO. R-170 (J.R.H. 80)
Sokolow, Alan,
NO. R-130 (J.R.H. 63)
Sportsgirl of the Year Award,
NO. R-162 (J.R.H. 122)
Springstead, Evelyn De Brune,
NO. R-177 (J.R.H. 129)
Sullivan, Erin,
NO. R-136 (J.R.H. 94)
Swanton, Town of ,
NO. R-149 (J.R.H. 107)
Thibault, Gaetan,
NO. R-128 (J.R.H. 59)
Trockel, Chris,
NO. R-194 (J.R.H. 140)
Twinfield Union School Division III Odyssey of the Mind "Pageant Wagon" Vermont State Championship Team,
NO. R-233 (J.R.H. 175)
United States Veterans' Administration Hospital in White River Junction,
NO. R-198 (J.R.H. 88)
United States Women's Olympic Hockey Team,
NO. R-188 (J.R.H. 134)
Valente, Silvio T.,
NO. R-154 (J.R.S. 73)
Vermont Music Festival,
NO. R-246 (J.R.S. 102)
Vermont State Housing Authority,
NO. R-205 (J.R.S. 93)
Wade, Laurence,
NO. R-122 (J.R.H. 81)
Ward, Linda,
NO. R-238 (J.R.H. 174)
Weed, Maestro Sterling,
NO. R-212 (J.R.H. 153)
Welsh-Americans contribution,
NO. R-171 (J.R.S. 84)
Whitcomb Hornets 1997 Division IV Boys' Soccer Team,
NO. R-153 (J.R.H. 112)
Wildlife Foundation of Vermont,
NO. R-242 (J.R.H. 144)
Wilson, Laura,
NO. R-139 (J.R.H. 96)
Windham County Reads Organization,
NO. R-181 (J.R.S. 82)
Women Legislators, Inc.,
NO. R-224 (J.R.H. 164)
Wright, Barbara,
NO. R-204 (J.R.S. 92)


Adjournment, Town Meeting,
NO. R-132 (J.R.S. 65)
Burma and State of Vermont, Relations Between,
NO. R-243 (J.R.H. 157)
Canadian Citizens, Exemption from the Provisions of Section 110 of the Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.,
NO. R-229 (J.R.S. 67)
Cedar Creek Battlefield, Urging U.S. Department of Transportation and Virgina Department of Transportation Not to Further Damage,
NO. R-247 (J.R.S. 103)
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Grant from,
NO. R-178 (J.R.S. 85)
Federal Highway Legislation with the Maximum Level of Funding That the Highway Trust Fund Can Support, Urging the U.S. Congress to Enact,
NO. R-209 (J.R.H. 148)
Forests, Parks and Recreation Property Transactions,
NO. R-223 (J.R.H. 160)
Hemp, United States Drug Enforcement Agency to Review the New Canadian Industrial Policies,
NO. R-222 (J.R.H. 149)
Human Brain, Increasing Knowledge,
NO. R-203 (J.R.H. 146)
Judges, Two Superior and One District, Joint Assembly to Vote,
NO. R-179 (J.R.S. 86)
Landmines, Urging President Clinton to Sign the International Treaty to Ban,
NO. R-131 (J.R.S. 64)
Multiple Employer Welfare Association,
NO. R-241 (J.R.H. 124)
Municipal Officials, Increase in the Number of Civil Suits That Have Recently Been Filed Against,
NO. R.220 (J.R.S. 96)
Organic Certification of Agricultural Products,
NO. R-227 (J.R.H. 167)
State-of-State and Budget Message from the Governor, Joint Assembly,
NO. R-120 (J.R.H. 58)
State Song Commission, Establishment of,
NO. R-239 (J.R.H. 102)
Swiss Government to Identify and Provide Restitution of the Bank Accounts and Gold Assets of Nazi Holocaust Survivors and Their Heirs, Requesting,
NO. R-164 (J.R.H. 120)
Taiwan and the State of Vermont, Sister-State,
NO. R-228 (J.R.S. 62)
Tobacco Settlement, Urging the President and Congress of the United State to Reject,
NO. R-182 (J.R.H. 90)
Trustees of the Vermont State Colleges Corporation, Joint Assembly, Election of,
NO. R-156 (J.R.H. 76)
Trustees of the Vermont State Colleges Corporation to Fill the Vacanancy Created by The Death of Former Representative Robert J. Harris of Windsor,
NO. R-216 (J.R.S. 97)


Blue Mountain Union High School Basketball Team,
H.R. 35
Budd, Graham,
S.R. 13
Budd, Graham,
H.R. 30
Commission to Study Preference Voting,
H.R. 37
Cummings, Regis E.,
H.R. 28
Economic War Among the States,
H.R. 39
Harris, Robert J.,
H.R. 32
Health Care System,
H.R. 36
Hydro-Electric Dams in the Connecticut River Watershed,
H.R. 42
Ice Storm of 1998,
S.R. 11
Ice Storm of 1998,
H.R. 26
LeClair, John,
S.R. 16
LeClair, John,
H.R. 43
Salary and Expenses of Senate,
S.R. 17
Salary and Expenses of the House,
H.R. 33
Salary and Expenses of the House,
H.R. 44
United States Armed Forces,
H.R. 38
United States to Settle Dispute with Saddam Hussein,
H.R. 31
WCVT Radio Station,
H.R. 34
World Newspaper,
S.R. 15