State of Vermont
Summary of the 1997 Acts and Resolves



1997 ACTS


Kayhart Crossing (S.19)

Budget Adjustment Act; Vermont State Hospital; Home Heating Fuel Assistance (H.105)

Snowmobiles; Registration; Reciprocity (H.185)

Minimum Wage; Increase (H.8)

Appointment of Acting Judges (H.228)

Conveyance of Railroad Right-of Way to Swanton (H.293)

Disease Reporting (S.34)

Income Tax; Armed Forces Education Loan Repayment Exclusion (H.17)

Motorcycles (H.35)

ACT NO. 10
Nonprofit Corporations (H.107)

ACT NO. 11
Child Support; Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (H.125)

ACT NO. 12
Petroleum Cleanup Fund; Underground Storage Tanks (H.158)

ACT NO. 13
Health Insurance; Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies (H.172)

ACT NO. 14
Diabetes (H.265)

ACT NO. 15
Forestry Practices; Heavy Cutting (H.536)

ACT NO. 16
Equine Infectious Anemia; Stallions (S.85)

ACT NO. 17
Delivery of Ballots by Justices (S.100)

ACT NO. 18
Electric Industry; Regulatory Reform; Legislature; Appropriation (S.192)

ACT NO. 19
Workers’ Compensation; Uninsured Employers; Penalties (H.32)

ACT NO. 20
Residential Building Energy Standards (H.43)

ACT NO. 21
State Property; Killington, Ltd.; Land Exchange (H.224)

ACT NO. 22
Public Trust Doctrine; Burlington Harbor; Public Uses (H.326)

ACT NO. 23
Regulation of Financial Institutions (H.354)

ACT NO. 24
Health Insurance; Federal Law (H.355)

ACT NO. 25
Health Insurance; Mental Health (H.57)

ACT NO. 26
Property Taxes; Collection (H.6)

ACT NO. 27
Women in Military Service; Memorial (H.195)

ACT NO. 28
Pay Act (H.537)

ACT NO. 29
Maple Products; Plastic Equipment and Containers (H.538)

ACT NO. 30
Herbicide Moratorium; Forestry Practices (S.28)

ACT NO. 31
Welfare; Child Care Services (S.50)

ACT NO. 32
School Buses; Definition (S.56)

ACT NO. 33
Juveniles; Delinquency; Youthful Offenders (S.112)

ACT NO. 34
State Board of Education; Appointment of Members (S.191)

ACT NO. 35
Bison, Fallow Deer, and Ratite (H.202)

ACT NO. 36
Donation of Food; Perishable Food; Wild Game and Fish (H.535)

ACT NO. 37
Health; Lead Poisoning; Rental Housing; Child Care Centers (S.114)

ACT NO. 38
Transportation Capital Construction Program; Project Development Program (H.530)

ACT NO. 39
State and Municipal Motor Vehicle Registrations; Temporary Number Plates Issued by Dealers (S.59)

ACT NO. 40
Professions and Occupations; Miscellaneous Provisions (H.525)

ACT NO. 41
Family Leave; Emergency Leave; Vacation (H.192)

ACT NO. 42
Consumer Protection (H.226)

ACT NO. 43
Vermont State Infrastructure Bank Program (H.456)

ACT NO. 44
Search Warrants; Fax (S.14)

ACT NO. 45
Public Defenders; Determination of Financial Need (S.151)

ACT NO. 46
Trucks; Fleet permits; Penalties (S.165)

ACT NO. 47
Voter Registration (S.189)

ACT NO. 48
Act 250; Communication Support Structures; Development; Radio Towers (S.194)

ACT NO. 49
Reciprocal Insurers; Captive Insurance Companies (H.529)

ACT NO. 50
Miscellaneous Tax Act (H.539)

ACT NO. 51
Sewage Treatment Facilities; Indirect Discharges (H.492)

ACT NO. 52
Health Insurance; Chemotherapy Treatment (H.255)

ACT NO. 53
Adoption (H.334)

ACT NO. 54
Health Insurance (H.450)

ACT NO. 55
Snowmobile, Motorboat and ATV Registrations; Nondriver Identification Cards; Hazard Warning Lights; Notice (H.34)

ACT NO. 56
DUI; Refusal; Enforcement (H.70)

ACT NO. 57
DUI; Zero Tolerance; Constables (H.7)

ACT NO. 58
Tobacco Products; Access by Minors (S.156)

ACT NO. 59
Fee Bill (H.542)

ACT NO. 60
Equal Educational Opportunity Act of 1997 (H.527)

ACT NO. 61
Omnibus Appropriations Act; Fiscal year 1998 (H.526)

ACT NO. 62
Capital Budget; Bonding (H.455)

ACT NO. 63
Child Support (H.208)

ACT NO. 64
Campaign Financing; Public Financing Option; Universal Contribution and Expenditure Limitations (H.28)

Charter Amendment; Essex Junction School District (H.193)

Village of Northfield (H.72)

Town of Barre (H.249)

City of Burlington (H.310)

South Burlington (H.321)

Municipal government; charter amendment; City of Barre (H.397)

Town of St. Johnsbury (H.531)

Town of Colchester (H.532)

City of Montpelier (H.533)

ACT NO. M-10
Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District Charter (S.190)



NO. R-1
Provides that the joint rules adopted in 1995 served as the joint rules for this biennial session. (J.R.S. 1)

NO. R-2
Provides for a joint assembly to receive the report of the committee appointed to canvass votes for state officers. (J.R.S. 2)

NO. R-3
Provides for a joint assembly to hear the inaugural message of the governor. (J.R.S. 3)

NO. R-4
Provides for a joint assembly to hear the budget message of the governor. (J.R.S. 4)

NO. R-5
Congratulating Game Warden Normand Moreau for his exemplary service. (J.R.S. 5)

NO. R-6
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 6)

NO. R-7
Relating to childhood poverty in Vermont. (J.R.S. 7)

NO. R-8
In rememberance of Madeline Manahan of Enosburg. (J.R.H. 1)

NO. R-9
Supporting the Vermont Ecumenical Council’s campaign to end childhood hunger and poverty in Vermont. (J.R.H. 2)

NO. R-10
Relating to the National Cheese Exchange and the price of milk. (J.R.H. 3)

NO. R-11
Congratulating former Representative Robert J. Harris for his legislative service. (J.R.H. 4)

NO. R-12
Congratulating the North Country Union High School varsity football team for their 1996 Division II Championship. (J.R.H. 5)

NO. R-13
Honoring Frank W. Snow Jr. on his retirement from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. (J.R.H. 6)

NO. R-14
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 9)

NO. R-15
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 11)

NO. R-16
Supporting Ngawang Choepel of Tibet. (J.R.S. 10)

NO. R-17
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 13)

NO. R-18
Relating to town meeting adjournment. (J.R.H. 7)

NO. R-19
Welcoming students from La Escuela Modela in San Juan, Puerto Rico and their families to Vermont. (J.R.H. 9)

NO. R-20
Authorizing the use of the State House for an educational leadership conference. (J.R.H. 10)

NO. R-21
Honoring Gail M. Cumming on her retirement from the Department of Agriculture. (J.R.H. 11)

NO. R-22
Congratulating David Cumming upon completing an outstanding career as a dedicated public servant of Vermont. (J.R.H. 12)

NO. R-23
In memory of former Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives, Walter "Peanut" Kennedy. (J.R.H. 15)

NO. R-24
Relating to the use of the State House for the Green Mountain Boys’ State Program. (J.R.H. 16)

NO. R-25
Congratulating the Montpelier High School Solons’ soccer team for winning the 1996 Division II Championship. (J.R.H. 17)

NO. R-26
Congratulating the Montpelier High School Football Solons for winning their second consecutive Division IV football championship. (J.R.H. 18)

NO. R-27
In memory of Ennis Cosby. (J.R.H. 19)

NO. R-28
Recognition of the artistic accomplishments of Dana Paul Marek. (J.R.H. 20)

NO. R-29
In honor of Larry Curtis. (J.R.H. 21)

NO. R-30
In memory of former United States Senator Paul E. Tsongas. (J.R.H. 22)

NO. R-31
Congratulating the 1995-1996 Montpelier High School Vermont NEA (National Education Association) Scholars Bowl Championship Team. (J.R.H. 23)

NO. R-32
Congratulating the Rutland High School 1996 Division I championship football team. (J.R.H. 24)

NO. R-33
Relating to enhanced 9-1-1 volunteers. (J.R.H. 25)

NO. R-34
Recognizing the contributions that professional Fish and Wildlife personnel make to sustaining and improving Vermont’s wildlife, fisheries and environment. (J.R.H. 26)

NO. R-35
Honoring Arthur Silvester for his public service career. (J.R.H. 27)

NO. R-36
In memory of former Representative Bernard E. Parizo. (J.R.H. 30)

NO. R-37
Congratulating Gail Jette and the Middlebury Union High School field hockey team on its winning the Division I Championship. (J.R.S. 14)

NO. R-38
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 15)

NO. R-39
In memory of Floyd C. Birchmore. (J.R.H. 28)

NO. R-40
Congratulating the 1996 class of Eagle Scouts. (J.R.H. 29)

NO. R-41
Providing for a joint assembly for the election of a Sergeant at Arms, an Adjutant and Inspector General, and three Trustees of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College. (J.R.S. 22)

NO. R-42
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 20)

NO. R-43
In memory of Ferdinand "Nundy" Bongartz. (J.R.S. 17)

NO. R-44
Establishing a procedure for the conduct of the election of the University of Vermont Trustees by plurality vote by the General Assembly in 1997. (J.R.S. 23)

NO. R-45
Relating to educating family members about breast cancer. (J.R.S. 24)

NO. R-46
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 25)

NO. R-47
Relating to Associated General Contractors’ Day at the State House. (J.R.H. 31)

NO. R-48
Supporting the United Farm Workers of America strawberry organizing campaign. (J.R.H. 34)

NO. R-49
Authorizing use of the State House for the 1997 Green Mountain Girls’ State Program. (J.R.H. 36)

NO. R-50
Relating to the Sergeant at Arms. (J.R.H. 37)

NO. R-51
Honoring the contributions of Welsh-Americans to the State of Vermont. (J.R.S. 27)

NO. R-52
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 29)

NO. R-53
Honoring Kathleen C. Satterfield for her service as Sergeant at Arms. (J.R.H. 39)

NO. R-54
In memory of John Mitchell Spencer. (J.R.H. 41)

NO. R-55
In memory of the Honorable Judge Henry J. Battles. (J.R.H. 42)

NO. R-56
Congratulating the Mt. Abraham Girls’ Basketball Eagles Division II Championship team. (J.R.S. 28)

NO. R-57
Relating to the extension of the deadline for convening of a joint assembly to vote on the retention of Superior Court judges and District Court judges. (J.R.S. 31)

NO. R-58
Recognizing a "Vermont Walk for Healthy Aging Day." (J.R.S. 30)

NO. R-59
Issuance of a commemorative United States postage stamp in honor of former United States Senator George D. Aiken. (J.R.S. 32)

NO. R-60
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 34)

NO. R-61
Congratulating Michael Welch on completion of his tenure as Barre City Manager. (J.R.S. 43)

NO. R-62
Congratulating the 1996-1997 Otter Valley Union High School Division II Wrestling Team for their championship season. (J.R.H. 44)

NO. R-63
Recognizing the role of Vermont registered nurses. (J.R.H. 45)

NO. R-64
Recognizing Agriculture Day in Vermont. (J.R.H. 48)

NO. R-65
Requesting the United States Congress to allocate at least one-half of one percent of Federal Surface Transportation Funds to each state. (J.R.H. 40)

NO. R-66
Congratulating the Danville High School Girls’ Basketball team Division IV Championship. (J.R.H. 46)

NO. R-67
Celebrating the arts and their contribution to our daily lives. (J.R.H. 47)

NO. R-68
Congratulating the Fair Haven Union High School Slaters’ Boys’ Basketball team for the Division II Championship. (J.R.H. 49)

NO. R-69
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vermont State Police. (J.R.H. 50)

NO. R-70
Honoring Winooski on the 75th anniversary of its incorporation as a city. (J.R.H. 51)

NO. R-71
Requesting the United States Congress to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. (J.R.S. 33)

NO. R-72
Providing for a Joint Assembly to vote on the retention of two Superior Judges and one District Judge. (J.R.S. 35)

NO. R-73
Urging the United States Congress to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. (J.R.S. 16)

NO. R-74
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 37)

NO. R-75
Honoring Ruth O’Connor for her extraordinary career as a Vermont educator. (J.R.H. 53)

NO. R-76
Congratulating the NCAA Division III Championship Middlebury Panthers’ Ice Hockey Team. (J.R.S. 36)

NO. R-77
Congratulating Gregory McClallen on being named the 1997 National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Association Coach of the Year. (J.R.S. 38)

NO. R-78
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 39)

NO. R-79
Congratulating the Twinfield Union High School Trojans’ Boys Basketball team for winningDivision IV Championship. (J.R.H. 62)

NO. R-80
Recognizing the economic, ecological and heritage significance of Lake Champlain, and commending the Lake Champlain Management Conference for its restoration and protection plan. (J.R.H. 63)

NO. R-81
In memory of Former Senator Douglas B. Kitchel of Caledonia County. (J.R.S. 40)

NO. R-82
Recognizing National Pay Inequity Awareness Day. (J.R.S. 41)

NO. R-83
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 42)

NO. R-84
Recognizing the extraordinary career of Thomas P. Salmon. (J.R.H. 54)

NO. R-85
Congratulating the Division III Champion Northfield Marauders Ice Hockey Team. (J.R.H. 55)

NO. R-86
Congratulating the Whitcomb High School Soccer Lady Hornets. (J.R.H. 56)

NO. R-87
Honoring Fay Chamberlin for an outstanding career as a municipal official in the town of Grand Isle. (J.R.H. 57)

NO. R-88
Congratulating the Essex High School Division I Championship Girls’ Basketball Team. (J.R.H. 59)

NO. R-89
Honoring Ted and Debby Kessler. (J.R.H. 61)

NO. R-90
Congratulating the Whitcomb High School Hornets Division III Championship Boys’ Basketball Team. (J.R.H. 65)

NO. R-91
Creating a commission on childhood poverty in Vermont. (J.R.H. 32)

NO. R-92
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 43)

NO. R-93
Relating to EPA’s Mercury Report to Congress, United States stockpile sales of mercury, regulation of mercury hazardous waste and other matters. (J.R.H. 12)

NO. R-94
Honoring Ninette Pepin on her retirement from the Legislative Council staff. (J.R.S. 47)

NO. R-96
Relating to chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome awareness day. (J.R.H. 67)

NO. R-97
Congratulating all Vermonters who participated in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. (J.R.H. 68)

NO. R-98
Celebrating the remarkable lives of Jackie Robinson and Tiger Woods. (J.R.H. 69)

NO. R-99
Honoring the Mt. Anthony Union High School Wrestling Team. (J.R.H. 70)

NO. R-101
Memorializing Congress to amend the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and The Public Health Service Act to facilitate the development and approval of new drugs and biologies. (J.R.H. 33)

NO. R-102
Relating to EPA’s proposed revised ambient air quality standards for ozone and fine particulates. (J.R.S. 18)

NO. R-103
Relating to education, special education and federal funding. (J.R.S. 19)

NO. R-104
Relating to compensation of members of the General Assembly during the remainder of the 1997 session. (J.R.S. 45)

NO. R-105
Honoring public sector employees. (J.R.H. 75)

NO. R-106
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 46)

NO. R-107
In memory of Senator Jack Barry of Chittenden County. (J.R.S. 48)

NO. R-108
Congratulating Blue Seal Feeds Inc. on its receipt of the American Feed Industry Association’s 1997 Truck Fleet of the Year Award. (J.R.H. 77)

NO. R-109
Thanking the Williston Historical Society for its gift of a bronze statue of Vermont’s first governor, Thomas Chittenden. (J.R.S. 49)

NO. R-110
Joint Resolution Relating to Weekend Adjournment (J.R.S. 50)

NO. R-111
Relating to family week. (J.R.H. 76)

NO. R-112
Congratulating the Mt. Anthony Country Club on its 100th anniversary. (J.R.S. 51)

NO. R-114
In memory of Newport City Clerk and Treasurer, Charles Blake. (J.R.S. 53)

NO. R-115
Congratulating the Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers 1997 Division III Girls Track and Field Championship Team. (J.R.H. 78)

NO. R-116
Relating to Stephan Syz. (J.R.S. 55)

NO. R-117
Relating to the conversion of nonprofit health care facilities, providers and insurance companies into for-profit companies. (J.R.S. 54)

NO. R-118
Urging the Vermont State Teachers’ Retirement System Board to divest tobacco company stocks. (J.R.S. 57)

NO. R-119
Final Adjournment (J.R.H. 79)