The Vermont Legislature

Summary of the 2005 Acts and Resolves



Deer; contagious diseases
ACT NO. 12 (H.526)

Economic development; technology
ACT NO. 77 (H.314)

Sale of animals; pet merchant
ACT NO. 53 (S.66)


Water quality; concentrated animal feeding operations
ACT NO. 78 (S.171)


Wine and beer; nonprofit auction
ACT NO. 40 (H.48)


Bonding; school construction funding
ACT NO. 43 (H.518)

Credit unions
ACT NO. 16 (H.149)

Fiscal year 2006; general appropriations, medicaid; studies
ACT NO. 71 (H.516)

Fiscal year 2005; budget adjustment
ACT NO. 6 (H.143)

Legislature; 2005 session
ACT NO. 22 (S.179)

Pay act; state employees; salaries
ACT NO. 66 (H.533)

Transportation program
ACT NO. 80 (H.523)

Vermont state colleges; collective bargaining
ACT NO. 1 (Special Session H.1)


Financial institutions; licensed lenders; mortgage brokers; sales finance companies; money transmitters; credit unions; debt adjusters; compliance with federal law
ACT NO. 18 (H.479)

Gift certificates
ACT NO. 39 (H.198)

Interstate insurance product regulation compact
ACT NO. 70 (H.352)

Long-term care insurance
ACT NO. 20 (H.287)


Consumer fraud; predator pricing
ACT NO. 35 (S.31)

ACT NO. 11 (H.128)


Agency of Natural Resources restructuring
ACT NO. 52 (S.56)

Gasoline additives; MTBE; prohibitions
ACT NO. 26 (H.188)

ACT NO. 13 (S.84)

Public water supply; transient noncommunity water systems; general permit
ACT NO. 15 (H.341)

Solid waste; categorical waste facility certification; mining; taxes; fees
ACT NO. 65 (H.532)

Spent fuel storage
ACT NO. 74 (H.545)


Furlough; good time; graduated sanctions; deferred sentences; parole board; assault with bodily fluids; miscellaneous issues
ACT NO. 63 (S.156)


Voyeurism; stalking; aggravated assault; DNA databank; special investigation units; sex offenders; criminal code study committee
ACT NO. 83 (S.15)

Vulnerable adults; abuse; neglect, and exploitation
ACT NO. 79 (H.163)


ACT NO. 51 (S.102)


Liveable wage; basic needs calculation; joint fiscal office
ACT NO. 59 (H.403)

Vermont Economic Progress Council; prior awards
ACT NO. 71 (H.516)


Appraisals and education finance
ACT NO. 38 (H.504)

Education property tax rates; reduction
ACT NO. 1 (H.61)

Reports and procedures; Lake Champlain Regional Technical Center school district
ACT NO. 54 (S.159)

School boards; vacancy
ACT NO. 32 (H.201)

Teachers; agency fee
ACT NO. 25 (H.299)

Vermont retirement systems; asset allocations
ACT NO. 50 (H.117)


Campaign finance; notice of expenditure; mass media activities
ACT NO. 62 (S.16)


Portfolio standards; renewable energy; SPEED program; transmission planning
ACT NO. 61 (S.52)

Spent fuel storage
ACT NO. 74 (H.545)


Treasurer; permitted investments
ACT NO. 46 (S.17)


Executive branch fees
ACT NO. 72 (H.130)


Budget; governor; report
ACT NO. 48 (H.133)

Agricultural and forest land use value program
ACT NO. 76 (H.540)


Deer; contagious diseases
ACT NO. 12 (H.526)

Deer damaging crops
ACT NO. 24 (H.184)

Fish importation permit; fee fishing; agent fees
ACT NO. 42 (H.507)

Hunting; remote control
ACT NO. 47 (S.166)

Licenses; suspension
ACT NO. 31 (H.506)


Liveable wage; basic needs calculation; joint fiscal office
ACT NO. 59 (H.403)


Advance directives
ACT NO. 55 (H.115)

Green mount health; studies; cost containment initiatives (VETOED)

Home health agencies; regulator supervision
ACT NO. 57 (H.174)

Long-term care; Medicaid waiver
ACT NO. 56 (H.543)

Medicaid; health programs; prescription drug programs; medicare part D wrap around
ACT NO. 71 (H.516)

Nonprofit hospitals; conversion of charitable assets
ACT NO. 28 (S.13)

Prescription drugs; reimportation; maintenance drugs
ACT NO. 2 (S.49)

Smoking prohibition; public places
ACT NO. 34 (H.241)

Tobacco; fire safe cigarettes
ACT NO. 68 (S.40)

Clinical trials; cancer
ACT NO. 3 (H.6)


Public Safety; carbon monoxide detectors
ACT NO. 19 (H.243)


ACT NO. 45 (H.531)


Credit unions
ACT NO. 16 (H.149)

Financial and related institutions; insurance; captive insurance; securities; Medicare; medical service corporation
ACT NO. 36 (S.62)

Gift certificates
ACT NO. 39 (H.198)

Interstate insurance product regulation compact
ACT NO. 70 (H.352)

Long-term care insurance
ACT NO. 20 (H.287)


Children in need of care or supervision; judicial determination
ACT NO. 21 (H.515)


Minimum wage; annual cost-of-living increase
ACT NO. 82 (S.80)

Transitional employment program; domestic and sexual violence victims
ACT NO. 49 (S.41)

Unemployment compensation; contribution rating; deception
ACT NO. 41 (H.71)

Unlawful employment practices; wage information
ACT NO. 10 (H.72)

Public safety; licensing and inspection programs; fire safety division
ACT NO. 8 (S.63)

Vermont state colleges; faculty negotiations (amended by special session H.1)
ACT NO. 71 ((H.516)

Workers' compensation; firefighters; heart injury
ACT NO. 69 (H.325)


Information technology; oversight committee
ACT NO. 64 (H.134)

Legislature; 2005 session; appropriation
ACT NO. 22 (S.179)


Vermont National Guards
ACT NO. 67 (H.541)


Commercial driver license
ACT NO. 37 (S.154)

Insurance/underinsured motorists
ACT NO. 9 (H.79)

Registration; conservation motor vehicle plates
ACT NO. 58 (H.156)

School buses; multifunction school activity bus; motor coaches
ACT NO. 29 (S.81)


City of Barre
ACT NO. M-7 (H.510)

City of Burlington
ACT NO. M-1 (H.118)

City of Burlington
ACT NO. M-3 (H.505)

Municipal and regional planning and development; unorganized towns and gores of

Essex County; board of governors; regional planning commission
ACT NO. 30 (H.394)

Municipal employees; retirement
ACT NO. 44 (H.528)

Rutland county recreational district
ACT NO. M-8 (H.525)

Solid waste; enforcement
ACT NO. 23 (H.187)

Town of Bennington
ACT NO. M-6 62

Town of Berlin; municipal charters
ACT NO. M-5 (H.509)

Town lines; petition for alteration; Middletown Springs, Ira, Poultney, Tinmouth and Wells
ACT NO. M-2 (H.93)

Williamstown fire district; charters
ACT NO. M-4 (H.508)


Decedents' estates and fiduciary relations; military wills and military powers of attorney
ACT NO. 7 (H.191)


Regulation of all professions and occupations
ACT NO. 27 (H.199)


Property tax delinquency; shortened redemption period
ACT NO. 81 (H.86)

Property tax rebates; homeowners and renters; authorization
ACT NO. 17 (S.177)


Department of public safety; department of labor and industry; licensing and inspection programs; fire safety division
ACT NO. 8 (S.63)

Emergency personnel; survivors; benefits
ACT NO. 33 (S.28)

Portfolio standards; renewable energy; SPEED program; transmission planning
ACT NO. 61 (S.52)

Regulation of corporations; telecommunications; small eligible telecommunications carriers
ACT NO. 73 (H.495)


Vermont retirement systems; asset allocation
ACT NO. 50 (H.117)

Vermont retirement systems; asset allocation (VETOED)


Vermont state colleges; collective bargaining
ACT NO. 1 (Special Session H.1)

Income tax; wood products tax credit
ACT NO. 2 (Special Session H.2)


Agricultural and forest land use value program
ACT NO. 76 (H.540)

Conservation; solid waste; categorical waste facility certification; mining taxes; fees
ACT NO. 65 (H.532)

Education property tax rates; reduction
ACT NO. 1 (H.61)

Executive branch fees
ACT NO. 72 (H.130)

Income tax; wood products tax credit
ACT NO. 2 (Special Session H.2)

Miscellaneous tax amendments
ACT NO. 75 (H.521)

Property tax rebates; homeowners and renters; authorization
ACT NO. 17 (S.177)

Property tax; delinquency; shortened redemption period
ACT NO. 81 (H.86)

Technical tax amendments
ACT NO. 14 (H.210)


School buses; multifunction school activity bus; motor coaches
ACT NO. 29 (S.81)

Technical tax amendments
ACT NO. 14 (H.210)

Transportation program
ACT NO. 80 (H.523)


Boys' State Program., use of state house, No. R-160 (J.R.H.34)



Allen, Cosette, in memory, No. R-40 (H.C.R.23)

American military personnel, died in service, No. R-31 (H.C.R.16)

American military personnel, died in service, No. R-265 (H.C.R.165)

Amos, Carol, presidential award winner, No. R-180 (H.C.R.113)

Ankeney, Jean, in memory, No. R-241 (S.C.R.39)

Arlington High School championship girls basketball team, No. R-126 (H.C.R.79)

Ashton, Robert "Bob," induction, No. R-226 (H.C.R.140)

Avery, Jim, designation, No. R-230 (H.C.R.144)

Backus, Linda Hromco, in memory, No. R-161 (H.C.R.91)

Bailey, Evelyn, outstanding accomplishments, No. R-244 (HC.R.149)

Bean, Jr., Alan, in memory of, No. R-53 (H.C.R.33)

Bellows Falls High School Alumni Association, 100th anniversary, No. R-196 (H.C.R. 121)

Bellows Free Academy-St Albans championship boys' ice hockey team, No. R-100 (H.C.R.64)

Bellows Free Academy-St. Albans championship girls' ice hockey team, No. R-101 (H.C.R.65)

Black River Union high school, girls' championship snowboarding team, No. R-275 (H.C.R.175)

Blake, Stacie Lee, honoring her work, No. R-262 (H.C.R.162)

Boston Red Sox, major league champions, No. R-85 (H.C.R.51)

Boule, Ernest, 95th birthday, No. R-176 (H.C.R.108)

Brattleboro Fire Department, No. R-17 (H.C.R.2)

Brennan, Tom, honoring, No. R-171 (H.C.R.103)

Brookner, Sandra and Joyce Held, honoring, No. R-222 (H.C.R.136)

Burlington Electric Department, centennial anniversary, No. R-128 (H.C.R.110)

Burr and Burton Academy, 175th anniversary, No. R-253 (H.C.R.153)

Cabot high school championship boys' basketball team, No. R-124 (H.C.R.77)

Canns, Julius, in memory, No. R-95 (S.C.R.16)

Canton, Kyle, wrestling championship, No. R-146 (H.C.R. 90)

Castleton State College Spartans East Coast Women's Collegiate championship rugby club, honoring, No. R-205 (S.C.R.32)

Catalyst Theatre Company's Thumbs Up!, tenth anniversary No. R-264 (H.C.R.164)

Champlain Valley Agency on Aging's March for Meals campaign, No. R-98 (H.C.R.62)

Champlain Valley Union High School, championship boys' soccer team, No. R-11 (S.C.R.4)

Champlain Valley Union High School, championship girls' cross country team, No. R-10 (S.C.R.3)

Champlain Valley Union High School, championship girls' soccer team, No. R-9 (S.C.R.2)

Chroma Technology Corporation, No. R-29 (H.C.R.14)

Civics Education Forum, No. R-157 (J.R.H.25)

Clinton, William J. (President), Presidential Library and Museum, No. R-25 (H.C.R.10)

Cochran, Virginia "Ginny," in memory, No. R-206 (S.C.R.33)

Collins, William and Scott, receipt of awards, No. R-224 (H.C.R.138)

Commission on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, No. R-177 (H.C.R.109)

Conley, Gail B., outstanding career, No. R-280 (H.C.R.180)

Connor, Samantha, Vermont National Junior Teenager, No. R-75 (H.C.R.45)

Conrad, Linda, retirement, No. R-279 (H.C.R.179)

Coppenrath, Taylor, historic basketball career, No. R-170 (H.C.R.102)

Corkins, Patrick "Tucker," No. R-21 (H.C.R.6)

Costello, U.S.N., Barry, promotion, No. R-193 (H.C.R.118)

Crosby, Simone, supreme president, No. R-198 (H.C.R.123)

Crossett Brook Middle school Odyssey of the Mind team, No. R-278 (H.C.R.178)

Cushman, Hall and Marion, No. R-68 (H.C.R.39)

Dagesse, Celie, designation, No. R-231 (H.C.R.145)

Daughters of the Charity, Sacred Heart of Jesus, 100th anniversary No. R-269 (H.C.R.169)

Davison, Ray E., in memory, No. R-56 (S.C.R.10)

Depatie-Bongiorno block fire, condolences and support, No. R-73 (H.C.R.44)

Depatie-Bongiorno block fire, special thanks to individuals and organizations, No. R-72 (H.C.R.43)

Dewing, Nicole and Curt McCormack, extending best wishes, No. R-250 (S.C.R.40)

Dimmick, James N. (Major), retirement, Vermont State Police Field Force Commander, No. R-8 (S.C.R.1)

Eagle Scouts, Troop #701, No. R-247 (H.C.R.152)

Eldridge, Mark T., public service, No. R-149 (H.C.R.94)

Ellis, Dick, Vermont's Authentic Music Man, No. R-93 (H.C.R.56)

Equal Pay day, No. R-159 (J.R.H.33)

Essex High Hornets' championship cheerleading team, No. R-167 (H.C.R.99)

Essex Junction Little League All-Stars, No. R-52 (H.C.R.32)

Evanoika, Thomas E., in memory, No. R-88 (H.C.R.54)

Federal Trio Programs, No. R-42 (H.C.R.25)

Fillion, Don, induction, No. R-225 (H.C.R.139)

First Day of School America, supporting the mission, No. R-235 (J.R.H.46)

Fitzgerald, Ann, Greater Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce's person of the year, No. R-27 (H.C.R.12)

Fyfe, William A. (Bill), in memory, No. R-15 (S.C.R.8)

Gadue, Cristin "Cristi," in memory, No. R-203 (H.C.R.128)

Gossens Bachman Architects, architectural achievements, No. R-143 (S.C.R.26)

Goudreau, Robert J., No. R-218 (H.C.R.131)

Gray, Jamie, Vermont National Guard Sergeant, in memory, No. R-35 (H.C.R.20)

Greene, David, Lt. Col., in memory, No. R-64 (H.C.R.37)

Green Mountain Council Boy Scout Eagle class of 2004, No. R-69 (H.C.R.40)

Green Up Day, 35th anniversary, No. R-192 (H.C.R.117)

Grimm, Andrea, social worker of the year, No. R-243 (H.C.R.148)

Gubb, Cynthia, honoring, No. R-199 (H.C.R.124)

Guilmette, Frances G., in memory, No. R-147 (H.C.R.92)

Guth, Jamie, No. R-123 (S.C.R.21)

Hamlin, Robert, state wrestling champion, No. R-166 (H.C.R.97)

Hansen, Allison, Joshua and Justin Nutbrown, in memory, No. R-268 (H.C.R.168)

Hanson, Timothy, honoring, No. R-174 (H.C.R.106)

Hartford, town of, Parks and Recreation Department, No. R-81 (S.C.R.13)

Harvey, Ken, former representative, No. R-84 (H.C.R.50)

Harwood Union High School boys' nordic championship skiing team, No. R-145 (H.C.R.89)

Harwood Union High School championship boys' ice hockey team, No. R-164 (H.C.R.95)

Harwood Union High School student producers, Common Ground No. R-266 (H.C.R.166)

Hatch, Betty, 2005 Martha H. O'Connor Friend of Education, No. R-256 (H.C.R.156)

Held, Joyce and Sandra Brookner, honoring, No. R-222 (H.C.R.136)

Holmes, Jeffery S., Marine Lance Cpl., in memory, No. R-18 (H.C.R.3)

Howland, Cathy, receipt of commendations, No. R-258 (H.C.R.158)

Howrigan, Harold, No. R-102 (S.C.R.17)

Hubbard, Jacob, winning spelling bee, No. R-116 (H.C.R. 74)

Hughes, Megan, 2004 NCAA women's slalom championship, No. R-142 (S.C.R.25)

Hunting and hunters, recognizing, No. R-236 (J.R.S.34)

Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, No. R-19 (H.C.R.4)

Jackman, Jeanne, 90th birthday, No. R-11 (H.C.R.69)

Jackman, Ralph, 50th anniversary, No. R-74 (H.C.R.45)

Jackson, Sergeant Gary, recognizing bravery and courage, No. R-234 (H.C.R.132)

Jamaica, town of, 225th anniversary, No. R-274 (H.C.R.174)

Jay Peak Resort, 50th anniversary, No. R-34 (H.C.R.19)

Justices of the Peace, retiring, serving town of Bennington, No. R-50 (H.R.C.30)

Kearney, Hannah, winning women's moguls championship, No. R-181 (H.C.R.111)

Keelan, Donald H., outstanding role as host, No. R-128 (H.C.R.81)

Kelley, Lloyd, A., in memory, No. R-210 (S.C.R.36)

Kingsbury, Jamie, No. R-217 (H.C.R.130)

Kinsey, Robert E., No. R-148 (H.C.R.93)

Kinzinger, Albert "Al," citizen of the year, No. R-189 (S.C.R.31)

Lamoille Union High School Lancers, championship girls' soccer team, No. R-259 (H.C.R.159)

Larrow, Alexandra M., academic and extracurricular accomplishments, No. R-245 (H.C.R.150)

Lawson, William, his designation, No. R-229 (H.C.R.143)

Leavitt, Edwin, exemplary career, No. R-240 (S.C.R.38)

Lillie, Margaret Elizabeth, No. R-127 (H.C.R.80)

Lincoln, William, career accomplishments, No. R-232 (H.C.R.146)

Logger education, Professionalism Training Program, No. R-183 (J.R.H.36)

Lost Boys of Sudan and Sudanese families, Sudanese Peace Accord, No. R-67 (H.C.R.38)

Mackellar, Rev. James, 50th anniversary, No. R-219 (H.C.R.133)

Malley, J. Wallace, exemplary public service, No. R-252 (S.C.R.42)

March of Dimes, Prenatal Care and Smoking Cessation Programs, No. R-51 (H.C.R.31)

Marcotte, Roderick C., in memory, No. R-48 (H.C.R.28)

Maynard, Judith, Vermont's 2004 National Distinguished Principal, No. R-14 (S.C.R.7)

McCormack, Curt and Nicole Dewing, extending best wishes, No. R-250 (S.C.R.40)

Middlebury, College graduates, Peace Corps., No. R-191 (H.C.R.116)

Milne, Don, honoring, leadership, No. R-208 (S.C.R.34)

Mitteer, Amanda, 2005 Miss Vermont, No. R-132 (H.C.R.85)

Montagne, Francis "Frank," Vermont League of Cities and Towns' Lifetime

Achievement award, No. R-103 (S.C.R.18)

Montpelier High School championship boys' basketball team, No. R-108 (H.C.R.66)

Montpelier Lodge of Elks #924, centennial anniversary, No. R-144 (S.C.R.27)

Montpelier, Vermont's state capital, 200th anniversary, No. R-239 (S.C.R.37)

Morgan, Horse museum, No. R-63 (H.C.R.36)

Morrissey, Gerald "Gerry" P., in memory, No. R-77 (H.C.R.48)

Morse, Elliot, No. R-99 (H.C.R.63)

Morse, Stephan, Vermont Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year, No. R-20 (H.C.R.5)

Moses, Frances J., in memory, No. R-91 (H.C.R.58)

Mount Abraham Eagles championship boys' football team, NO. 112 (H.C.R.70) 75

Mount Abraham Eagles championship boys' soccer team, No. R-114 (H.C.R.72)

Mount Abraham division II field hockey team, No. R-113 (H.C.R.71)

Mount Mansfield Union High School boys' alpine skiing state championship ski team, No. R-131 (H.C.R.84)

Mount Mansfield Union High School division I boys' basketball team, No. R-130 (H.C.R.83)

Mount Mansfield Union High School girls' alpine skiing state championship, No. R-129 (H.C.R.82)

Mount Snow Ski Resort, 50th anniversary, No. R-49 (H.C.R.29)

New England Patriots, wishing success, No. R-66 (H.C.R.35)

Newhouse, Christopher, becoming Eagle Scout, No. R-209 (S.C.R.35)

Noonan, Anne, honoring, No. R-194 (H.C.R.119)

North Hero Volunteer Fire Department, Keep Going award, No. R-134 (H.C.R.87)

Nutbrown, Joshua and Justin, Allison Hanson, in memory, No. R-268 (H.C.R.168)

Nye, Eric Hale, in memory, No. R-90 (H.C.R.57)

O'Daniel, Susan, music educator of the year, No. R-97 (H.C.R.61)

O'Donnell, Deacon Richard, ordination, No. R-220 (H.C.R.134)

Open Government Sunshine Week, No. R-107 (J.R.H.26)

Oxbow Union High School championship baseball team, No. R-78 (H.C.R.49)

Page, Evelyn (Smith), former Holland Town Clerk, No. R-37 (S.C.R.9)

Parks Place Community Resources Center, tenth anniversary, No. R-181 (H.C.R.114)

Partridge, Jr., Benjamin, U.S. Naval Captain, in memory, No. R-223 (H.C.R.137)

People's Health and Wellness Clinic, tenth anniversary, No. R-154 (S.C.R.29)

Perrin, Noel, in memory, No. R-118 (H.C.R.76)

Perry, Alice T., outstanding nursing service, No. R-28 (H.C.R.13)

Plumley, Frank, extraordinary public service, No. R-133 (H.C.R.86)

Price, Debora, outstanding educational leadership, No. R-273 (H.C.R.173)

Prindle, Hazel, outstanding civic and community service, No. R-260 (H.C.R.160)

Project Citizen winners, No. R-255 (H.C.R.155)

Promchan, Suvannee and Linda Wheatley, excursion to Thailand, No. R-254 (H.C.R.154)

Purcell, Joh, becoming eagle scout, No. R-43 (H.C.R.26)

Quelch, Leslie, in memory, No. R-16 (H.C.R.1)

Recycle North Youthbuild, honoring, No. R-195 (H.C.R.120)

Rice Memorial High School, championship football team, No. R-12 (S.C.R.5)

Rich, Albert, in memory, No. R-92 (H.C.R.59)

Richards, Douglas, in memory, No. R-32 (H.C.R.17)

Rockingham-Based Enterprises, Vermont Business Magazine, fastest growing companies, No. R-26 (H.C.R.11)

Rosen, Gary, honoring, No. R-169 (H.C.R. 101)

Rotary International, centennial anniversary, No. R-82 (S.C.R.14)

Rowley, William Reginald, in memory, No. R-202 (H.C.R.127)

Rutland High School boys' snowboarding state championship team, No. R-141 (S.C.R.24)

Rutland High School championship girls' basketball team, No. R-140 (S.C.R.23)

Rutland High School championship football team, No. R-139 (S.C.R.22)

Rutland Hometown Heroes, No. R-184 (H.C.R.112)

Sabre, task force members, 1st Tank 172 Armored Battalion, No. R-44 (H.C.R.27)

Saint Michael's College, centennial anniversary, No. R-71 (H.C.R.42)

Sanderson Farm, bicentennial anniversary, No. R-30 (H.C.R.15)

Saxtons River Babe Ruth Baseball Team, No. R-22 (H.C.R.7)

Saxton River Village, centennial anniversary, No. R-197 (H.C.R.122)

Secretary of State-Vermont Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations centennial awards, No. R-86 (H.C.R.52)

September 11, "Take a Friend to Lunch Day," No. R-46 (J.R.H.10)

Sharrow, Harvey, No. R-277 (H.C.R.177)

Sheehan, Kevin F., Vermont National Guard Sergeant, in memory, No. R-38 (H.C.R.21)

Shimabukuro, Tomomi, basketball player of the year, No. R-272 (H.C.R.172)

Smead Woodcraft, 50th anniversary, No. R-23 (H.C.R.8)

Social work month, No. R-106 (J.R.H.23)

Sonnax Industries, Inc., exporter of the year, No. R-267 (H.C.R.167)

South Burlington High School, championship football team, No. R-13 (S.C.R.6)

South Royalton Royals division III championship boys' basketball team No. R-115 (H.C.R.73)

Social work month, No. R-106 (J.R.H.23)

Special education, increase federal expenditure, No. R-47 (J.R.H.11)

St. Johnsbury town band, 175th anniversary, No. R-168 (H.C.R.100)

Stafford, Robert T., United State Navy Memorial, No. R-271 (H.C.R.171)

Sterling, town of, commemorating, No. R-261 (H.C.R.161)

Sterner, Arlo K., outstanding service, firefighter, No. R-125 (H.C.R.78)

Stevens, Robert F., outstanding career, No. R-281 (H.C.R.181)

Stowe Weekend of Hope, fifth anniversary, No. R-227 (H.C.R.141)

Strong, Sgt. Jesse, in memory, No. R-70 (H.C.R.41)

Sudanese Peace Accord, "Lost Boys of Sudan," No. R-67 (H.C.R.38)

Sulek, Ellen, presidential award winner, No. R-175 (H.C.R.107)

Sullivan, F. Ann, community service award, No. R-200 (H.C.R.125)

Supervised Visitation Organizations, honoring, No. R-221 (H.C.R.135)

Suskin, Jim, honoring, No. R-110 (H.C.R.68)

Swan, Abigail, State Boys and Girls Clubs Youth of the Year, No. R-257 (H.C.R.157)

Sweeney, Ashley, 2004 Miss Vermont National teenager, No. R-76 (H.C.R.47)

Tinmouth, volunteer junior firefighters, No. R-215 (H.C.R.98)

Tracy, Richard "Dick", in memory, No. R-39 (H.C.R.22)

Tucker, Brock Alan, becoming eagle scout, No. R-276 (H.C.R.176)

Two-Year College All Vermont Academic team, No. R-163 (H.C.R.88)

U-32 Drama Club, award winning production, No. R-201 (H.C.R.126)

University of Vermont Catamounts America East Conference championship

basketball team, No. R-173 (H.C.R.105)

University of Vermont College Graduates, Peace Corps, No. R-191 (H.C.R.116)

University of Vermont Elsa Ski team, No. R-182 (H.C.R.115)

Vermont Arts Council, 40th anniversary, No. R-263 (H.C.R.163)

Vermont Community Development week, No. R-158 (J.R.H.32)

Vermont New England Square and Round Dance Committee, No. R-165 (H.C.R.96)

Vermont Girls on the Run, fifth anniversary, No. R-233 (H.C.R.147)

Vermont History and Independence month, No. R-105 (J.R.H.3)

Vermont Loggers Association, No. R-57 (S.C.R.11)

Vermont National Guard's HQ STARC VT ARNG FW 10, No. R-117 (H.C.R.75)

Vermont National Guard 1st Battalion, 86th Field Artillery Regiment, welcoming home, No. R-185 (H.C.R.60)

Vermont Prudential Spirit of Community award winners, No. R-83 (S.C.R.15)

Vermont's School Bus Drivers, No. R-109 (H.C.R.67)

Vermont Specialty Food Association, No. R-89 (H.C.R.55)

Vermont Tree Steward award, No. R-67 (S.C.R.12)

Veterans of Foreign War (V.F.W.) Post 8702, Community Service award winner, No. R-24 (H.C.R.9)

Vietnam Era Wartime Veterans' Benefits, 30th anniversary, No. R-213 (J.R.H.44)

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1, 25th anniversary, No. R-41 (H.C.R.24)

Volunteer Long-term Care Ombudsmen Program, 10th anniversary, No. R-172 (H.C.R.104)

Voss, Michael S., Staff Sgt., in memory, No. R-62 (H.C.R.34)

Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, centennial anniversary, No. R-151 (S.C.R.28)

Weaver, Walter, winning poster contest, No. R-270 (H.C.R.170)

Weiss, Liron, lifesaving assistance, No. R-216 (H.C.R.129)

Wells, Dale, citizen of the year, No. R-155 (S.C.R.30)

West, Paul, 50th anniversary, No. R-87 (H.C.R.53)

West, Ronald W., No. R-122 (S.C.R.20)

Windham Congregational Church, 200th anniversary, No. R-228 (H.C.R.142)

Windsor High School, championship boys' cross country team, No. R-33 (H.C.R.18)

Windsor Veterans' Memorial, No. R-246 (H.C.R.151)

Woodbury College, 30th anniversary, No. R-251 (S.C.R.41)

Yoder, Robert D., in memory, No. R-282 (H.C.R.182)

Zecchinelli, Karen and Brian, Vermont champions of small business, No. R-104 (S.C.R.19)



Adjutant and Inspector General, election of, No. R-59 (J.R.S.12)

Budget message of the Governor, joint assembly, No. R-4 (J.R.S.5)

China (Taiwan) Republic of, application of status, No. R-237 (J.R.S.35)

Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Awareness Day, No. R-214 (J.R.H.45)

Colon Cancer month, No. R-136 (J.R.H.29)

Committee appointed to canvass votes for state officers, joint assembly, No. R-2 (J.R.S.2)

Connecticut River Byway, national scenic byway, No. R-186 (J.R.H.4)

Federal Programs, urging not to reduce funding, No. R-156 (J.R.H.24)

Final adjournment, general assembly, No. R-286 (J.R.S.41)

Foreign Trade Zone, support of, No. R-137 (J.R.S.21)

Forests, Parks and Recreation, sell designated state lands, No. R-283 (J.R.H.40)

Franklin Foods Inc., electric rate reduction, No. R-249 (J.R.S.39)

Inaugural message of the Governor, joint assembly, No. R-3 (J.R.S.3)

Joint assembly, retention of justices and judges, No. R-94 (J.R.S.17)

Joint Rules, No. R-1 (J.R.S.1)

Land Grant College Program, Vermont's Agriculture and Rural Economic, reject reductions, No. R-135 (J.R.H.28)

Mercury Manometer Removal and Replacement Program, No. R-211 (J.R.H.41)

Milk Income Contract Program, No. R-54 (J.R.H.12)

MTBE, federal policy, No. R-248 (J.R.S.36)

National Guard deployment, urging Department of Defense not to extend

maximum length, No. R-80 (J.R.H.13)

National Tourism Week, No. R-212 (J.R.H.42)

Nurses' Day at the state house, No. R-150 (J.R.H.30)

Poland, eligible nation for the United States Visa Waiver Program, No. R-45 (J.R.H.9)

Public Service Recognition Week, No. R-188 (J.R.H.39)

Rachel Carson day, No. R-242 (J.R.S.38)

Reach Out Now Teach-In Week, No. R-187 (J.R.H.38)

Sergeant At Arms, election of, No. R-59 (J.R.S.12)

Town meeting adjournment, No. R-6 (J.R.S.4)

University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, election of three trustees, No. R-59 (J.R.S.12)

UVM trustees, plurality vote, No. R-60 (J.R.S.13)

Vermont's Agriculture and Rural Economic Development, Land Grant College Program, reject reductions, No. R-135 (J.R.H.28)

Vermont cultural heritage, No. R-284 (J.R.H.49)

Wood products, value-added, No. R-285 (J.R.H.50)

Weekend adjournment, No. R-5 (J.R.S.6), No. R-7 (J.R.S.7), No. R-36 (J.R.S.8), No. R-58 (J.R.S.11), No. R-55 (J.R.S.10), No. R-79 (J.R.S.16), No. R-61 (J.R.S.140), No. R-96 (J.R.S.18), No. R-119 (J.R.S.19), No. R-120 (J.R.S.20), No. R-121 (J.R.S.220), No. R-138 (J.R.S.25), No. R-152 (J.R.S.27), No. R-162 (J.R.S.29), No. R-153 (J.R.S.28), No. R-190 (J.R.S.31), No. R-204 (J.R.S.32), No. R-207 (J.R.S.33), No. R-238 (J.R.S.37)


Final adjournment, No. R-2 (J.R.S.1)

Vermont State Colleges, No. R-1 (J.R.H.1)


Senate, organization of, inform the governor, S.R.2

Senate, organization of, informing the house, S.R.3

Senate, rules of, S.R.1

Thomas W. Torti Guard House, designation, S.R.4


Branagan, Carolyn, Maple Queen, H.R.9

Brazilian state legislators, welcoming, H.R.8

Health care, standing committee on, H.R.4

House committee records, H.R.11

House, organization of, informing governor, H.R.3

House, organization of, informing senate, H.R.2

House rules, H.R.1

Roe v. Wade, 32nd anniversary, H.R.7

Seibert, Representative Ann, leadership, H.R.12

Taiwan-United States free trade agreement, H.R.6

Third parties, recognition of, H.R.10

Yang, Juo-tung, welcoming, H.R.5