The Vermont Legislature

Summary of the 2003 Acts and Resolves


  • House

  • Senate
    Table 1: Convert House Bill Number to Act Number

    Bill Number Act Number Title
    H.15 ACT NO. 1 Buel’s Gore; annual meeting
    H.19 ACT NO. 47 Attempting to elude a law enforcement officer
    H.28 ACT NO. 33 Missing persons; Amber alert program
    H.29 ACT NO. 21 Scholarships; national guard
    H.41 ACT NO. 4 Conduct of elections; assistant election officers; assistant town clerks
    H.44 ACT NO. 15 Fireworks; sparklers
    H.54 ACT NO. 22 Federal school meals program; vote to exempt from participation
    H.80 ACT NO. 23 Fish; Lake Champlain; reciprocal fishing license agreement
    H.83 ACT NO. 16 Fire drills; emergency preparedness drills
    H.96 ACT NO. 29 Annual report due date of the behavior health care task force
    H.100 ACT NO. 48 Petroleum cleanup fund
    H.112 ACT NO. 10 Hunting and fishing licenses; armed forces
    H.123 ACT NO. 11 Annuities; minimum nonforfeiture rate of interest
    H.125 ACT NO. 20 Charitable gifts of life insurance; bylaws of cooperative insurance corporations
    H.127 ACT NO. M-1 St. Albans, city of
    H.127 ACT NO. M-2 East Barre Fire District No. 1 merger
    H.128 ACT NO. 53 Health care facilities; planning and regulation
    H.138 ACT NO. M-4 Milton, village of; town of Milton
    H.141 ACT NO. 65 Higher education investment plan; tax credit
    H.147 ACT NO. 12 Bidding process; renewal procedure
    H.148 ACT NO. 44 Electronic transactions; digital signatures
    H.162 ACT NO. 61 Executive branch; judiciary; credit and debit card payments
    H.191 ACT NO. 49 Retirement age
    H.206 ACT NO. 54 Selling or dispensing illegal drugs
    H.210 ACT NO. M-3 North Troy, village of; village constable
    H.300 ACT NO. M-5 Milton Fire District No. 1, incorporation of
    H.301 ACT NO. M-9 St. George Fire District No. 1, incorporation of
    H.309 ACT NO. 13 Wastewater; unimproved lot buildout extension
    H.310 ACT NO. 30 Burial; veterans
    H.320 ACT NO. 17 Service dogs; training of service animals
    H.324 ACT NO. 35 In-transit registration plates
    H.349 ACT NO. 42 Commissioner; department; governor’s cabinet
    H.378 ACT NO. 25 Wine tasting
    H.427 ACT NO. 18 Medicare supplemental insurance
    H.433 ACT NO. M-6 Brattleboro, town of
    H.444 ACT NO. 5 Adjutant general; assistant adjutant general for joint operations
    H.449 ACT NO. 60 Regulation of certain professions
    H.450 ACT NO. 45 Agency of Human Services; restructuring
    H.452 ACT NO. 55 Captive insurance
    H.453 ACT NO. 62 Tort claims against municipal employees
    H.454 ACT NO. 56 Transportation capital construction program; project development plan
    H.456 ACT NO. 26 Operation of commercial motor vehicles
    H.457 ACT NO. 63 Bonding; school construction funding; technical education center construction funding; corrections
    H.458 ACT NO. 31 Department of information and innovation; chief information officer; technology advisory board
    H.460 ACT NO. 59 Implementing the federal Help America Vote Act
    H.463 ACT NO. M-7 Bennington, town of
    H.464 ACT NO. 66 Omnibus appropriations act; fiscal year 2004
    H.468 ACT NO. 27 Wholesaler dealer license; second class license; employees
    H.473 ACT NO. 50 Taxation of large electric generating plants
    H.474 ACT NO. M-8 Waterbury, village of
    H.476 ACT NO. 7 Farm loan payment guarantees; direct loans to farms
    H.477 ACT NO. 6 Superintendents; calculation of equalized yield amount; firearms in school; accounting procedures; reserve funds; union school districts; pupil residence; school registers; school budget; liability insurance; gores and unorganized towns; state advisory council on special education; changes in data submissions; annual audits; technical center course credits; adult diploma program
    H.478 ACT NO. 19 Budget adjustment, fiscal year 2003; multijurisdictional lottery game
    H.480 ACT NO. 68 Education finance; taxation

    Table 2: Convert Concurrent House Resolution Number to Act Number

    Bill Number Act Number Title
    H.C.R. 1 ACT NO. R-10 Gazzaniga, Zachary A., earning the rank of Eagle Scout,
    H.C.R. 2 ACT NO. R-11 Baldwin, Matthew, earning the rank of Eagle Scout,
    H.C.R. 3 ACT NO. R-12 Kent, Brian R., becoming an Eagle Scout,
    H.C.R. 4 ACT NO. R-13 Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers championship football team,
    H.C.R. 5 ACT NO. R-14 Barber, Coach Jayne, 300th career victory,
    H.C.R. 6 ACT NO. R-22 Lilac Ridge Farm, Sustainable Agricultural Farm of the Year,
    H.C.R. 7 ACT NO. R-23 Ahearn, John E.,
    H.C.R. 8 ACT NO. R-24 March of Dimes, Prematurity Campaign,
    H.C.R. 9 ACT NO. R-25 Teen Advocacy Day,
    H.C.R. 10 ACT NO. R-30 IBM Microelectronics Division, employees, prolific patent award winning technological advances,
    H.C.R. 11 ACT NO. R-31 Stone, Ruth, award winning poet,
    H.C.R. 12 ACT NO. R-20 Columbia Space Shuttle Astronauts,
    H.C.R. 13 ACT NO. R-32 Woodbury, Alan, Springfield Citizen of the Year,
    H.C.R. 14 ACT NO. R-33 Vallett, Paul, earning the rank of Eagle Scout,
    H.C.R. 15 ACT NO. R-34 Halperin, Trevor, earning the rank of Eagle Scout,
    H.C.R. 16 ACT NO. R-35 Dalton, Dr. Barbara J., 2002 Family Physician of the Year,
    H.C.R. 17 ACT NO. R-36 Green Mountain Council Boy Scout Eagle Class of 2002,
    H.C.R. 18 ACT NO. R-39 Maxham, Blanche E., centennial birthday,
    H.C.R. 19 ACT NO. R-40 Borofsky, Stanley and Donna,
    H.C.R. 20 ACT NO. R-41 Windham Foundation, 2003 Corporate Citizen of the Year,
    H.C.R. 21 ACT NO. R-42 Kimball Public Library, centennial anniversary,
    H.C.R. 22 ACT NO. R-43 Gifford Medical Center, centennial anniversary,
    H.C.R. 23 ACT NO. R-60 Worcester, town of,
    H.C.R. 24 ACT NO. R-53 Vermont Ice Storm football team, winning the 2002 New England Football League’s North Atlantic AA Conference Championship,
    H.C.R. 25 ACT NO. R-61 Whitney, Chief Paul, South Royalton Fire Department,
    H.C.R. 26 ACT NO. R-62 Harrington, Clifford B.,
    H.C.R. 27 ACT NO. R-63 Nelson, Miriam, Norton town clerk,
    H.C.R. 28 ACT NO. R-54 Black History Month, observance of,
    H.C.R. 29 ACT NO. R-57 Lawrence, John, Grand Isle County sheriff,
    H.C.R. 30 ACT NO. R-58 Liptak, Andrew, earning the rank of Eagle Scout,
    H.C.R. 31 ACT NO. R-59 Pickering, Harry J.,
    H.C.R. 32 ACT NO. R-55 Paley, Grace, Vermont State Poet,
    H.C.R. 33 ACT NO. R-64 Milne, Don, Barre Elk of the Year award,
    H.C.R. 34 ACT NO. R-66 Turnbull, Sheri,
    H.C.R. 35 ACT NO. R-67 Rowe, William J.,
    H.C.R. 36 ACT NO. R-68 General Assembly, inaugural session at Windsor, 225th anniversary,
    H.C.R. 37 ACT NO. R-69 Vermont Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill Ambassadors,
    H.C.R. 38 ACT NO. R-70 American Red Cross Month, chapters and volunteers,
    H.C.R. 39 ACT NO. R-71 Barberi, Chaz,
    H.C.R. 40 ACT NO. R-72 Betit, Joseph W.,
    H.C.R. 41 ACT NO. R-73 Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts, 50th anniversary,
    H.C.R. 42 ACT NO. R-74 Bourdeau, Stephanie,
    H.C.R. 43 ACT NO. R-75 Fay, Betty,
    H.C.R. 44 ACT NO. R-76 Bennington Firefighters, half-century active,
    H.C.R. 45 ACT NO. R-81 Sonnax, silver anniversary,
    H.C.R. 46 ACT NO. R-82 Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers championship girls’ basketball team,
    H.C.R. 47 ACT NO. R-83 Fair Haven Union High School Slaters, girls’ indoor track and field state championship title,
    H.C.R. 48 ACT NO. R-84 Landmark College, Beta Alpha Epsilon Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society,
    H.C.R. 49 ACT NO. R-85 Held, Julius S.,
    H.C.R. 50 ACT NO. R-86 Coppenrath, Taylor, America East Conference, Player of the Year,
    H.C.R. 51 ACT NO. R-87 Danville High School Indians, championship girls’ basketball team,
    H.C.R. 52 ACT NO. R-93 Bellows Free Academy-St. Albans Girls’ and Boys’ championship ice hockey team,
    H.C.R. 53 ACT NO. R-88 Athletic Training Month,
    H.C.R. 54 ACT NO. R-94 School bus drivers,
    H.C.R. 55 ACT NO. R-89 Carney, Dr. Jan,
    H.C.R. 56 ACT NO. R-95 Japanese exchange delegation, South Burlington High School, The International Experience,
    H.C.R. 57 ACT NO. R-90 Cabot High School Huskies boys’ basketball championship team,
    H.C.R. 58 ACT NO. R-91 United Academics-AAUP/AFT, collectively bargained contract,
    H.C.R. 59 ACT NO. R-96 Glines, Kermit C.,
    H.C.R. 60 ACT NO. R-97 U-32 High School, Raiders boys’ championship basketball team,
    H.C.R. 61 ACT NO. R-105 Renner, George and Helen,
    H.C.R. 62 ACT NO. R-111 Greene, Wallace M, Jr.,. retired U.S. Marine Corps Commandant General,
    H.C.R. 63 ACT NO. R-106 Essex High School Hornets championship cheerleading team,
    H.C.R. 64 ACT NO. R-107 Matteson, Marine Private First Class David,
    H.C.R. 65 ACT NO. R-109 Norwich University championship ice hockey team,
    H.C.R. 66 ACT NO. R-110 Varricchione, Phil, proprietorship of Longe’s Market,
    H.C.R. 67 ACT NO. R-108 South Londonderry Free Library, centennial anniversary,
    H.C.R. 68 ACT NO. R-117 National Tourism Week,
    H.C.R. 69 ACT NO. R-118 Vermont Prudential Spirit of Community Award winners,
    H.C.R. 70 ACT NO. R-127 Arsenault, Timothy,
    H.C.R. 71 ACT NO. R-119 Mountain Valley Medical Clinic,
    H.C.R. 72 ACT NO. R-120 Memorial Day, schools and veterans’ organizations,
    H.C.R. 73 ACT NO. R-128 Montpelier High School Solons girls’ basketball team,
    H.C.R. 74 ACT NO. R-121 Passumpsic Savings Bank,
    H.C.R. 75 ACT NO. R-122 Pinkham, Kreig,
    H.C.R. 76 ACT NO. R-123 Evarts, Terrance,
    H.C.R. 77 ACT NO. R-124 Burlington High School Seahorses championship boys’ basketball team,
    H.C.R. 78 ACT NO. R-125 Reed, Delma,
    H.C.R. 79 ACT NO. R-129 Hunter, Susan,
    H.C.R. 80 ACT NO. R-126 University of Vermont Catamounts women’s basketball team,
    H.C.R. 81 ACT NO. R-116 University of Vermont, Catamounts, America East championship men’s basketball team,
    H.C.R. 82 ACT NO. R-130 Vermont Standard newspaper,
    H.C.R. 83 ACT NO. R-132 Burlington High School Seahorses girls’ cross country championship team,
    H.C.R. 84 ACT NO. R-133 Arlington High School Eagles championship girls’ basketball team,
    H.C.R. 85 ACT NO. R-134 Arlington High School Eagles championship boys’ basketball team,
    H.C.R. 86 ACT NO. R-138 United Way Months in Vermont,
    H.C.R. 87 ACT NO. R-135 U-32 High School, Raiders championship football team,
    H.C.R. 88 ACT NO. R-136 University of Vermont Catamount ski team,
    H.C.R. 89 ACT NO. R-137 Beard, Hubert,
    H.C.R. 90 ACT NO. R-139 Halvorsen, Chief Warrant Officer Erik,
    H.C.R. 91 ACT NO. R-151 Girouard, Denis, outstanding law enforcement official,
    H.C.R. 92 ACT NO. R-147 Marinelli, Claudette L.,
    H.C.R. 93 ACT NO. R-148 Proctor Library in Weathersfield,
    H.C.R. 94 ACT NO. R-152 Northfield News,
    H.C.R. 95 ACT NO. R-149 Ford, Marjorie M.,
    H.C.R. 96 ACT NO. R-150 Ladd, Brigadier General David L.,
    H.C.R. 97 ACT NO. R-156 Harrington, Leo L.,
    H.C.R. 98 ACT NO. R-157 Vermont Mountaineers baseball team,
    H.C.R. 99 ACT NO. R-159 Woodstock Union High School, state championship forensics team,
    H.C.R. 100 ACT NO. R-160 Woodstock Union High School, wasps girls’ alpine skiing state championship team,
    H.C.R. 101 ACT NO. R-161 Woodstock Union High School, Wasps championship football team,
    H.C.R. 102 ACT NO. R-158 McShane, Norma, Shaftsbury principal,
    H.C.R. 103 ACT NO. R-162 Randolph Elementary School’s Designation Imagination team,
    H.C.R. 104 ACT NO. R-163 Barbieri, Chris,
    H.C.R. 105 ACT NO. R-164 Painted Theater Curtains,
    H.C.R. 106 ACT NO. R-175 Harwood Union High School Music Department,
    H.C.R. 107 ACT NO. R-176 Hulett, Benjamin W.,
    H.C.R. 108 ACT NO. R-177 Powers, Hiram, Vermont sculptor, bicentennial of his birth,
    H.C.R. 109 ACT NO. R-169 Hope, Bob, centennial birthday,
    H.C.R. 110 ACT NO. R-170 Iron Horse, Alpha Battery, U.S. Army, Artillery’s Task Force,
    H.C.R. 111 ACT NO. R-178 Beeman Elementary School,
    H.C.R. 112 ACT NO. R-171 Vermont Federal Credit Union,
    H.C.R. 113 ACT NO. R-179 Bennington Rural Fire Department, 50th anniversary,
    H.C.R. 114 ACT NO. R-172 Soldiers Memorial Building in Stowe, centennial anniversary,
    H.C.R. 115 ACT NO. R-180 Miss Vermont National Teen-Ager winners,
    H.C.R. 116 ACT NO. R-173 Vietnam Veterans of America, 25th anniversary,
    H.C.R. 117 ACT NO. R-181 Moyse, Louis,
    H.C.R. 118 ACT NO. R-174 Townshend, town of, 250th anniversary,
    H.C.R. 119 ACT NO. R-182 LaFontaine, Ernest, principal, Bennington Graded School,
    H.C.R. 120 ACT NO. R-190 Governor’s Institutes of Vermont, 20th anniversary,
    H.C.R. 121 ACT NO. R-191 Hall, Gail, one of top high school science teachers,
    H.C.R. 122 ACT NO. R-192 University of Vermont and Vermont Technical College, outstanding performance, Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge,
    H.C.R. 123 ACT NO. R-193 Allie the dog, heroic rescue,
    H.C.R. 124 ACT NO. R-194 Vermont Federation of Sportsmen,
    H.C.R. 125 ACT NO. R-197 Lloyd, Sam and Barbara,
    H.C.R. 126 ACT NO. R-195 Camp E-Wenakee and Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc., 25th and 35th anniversaries,
    H.C.R. 127 ACT NO. R-198 Champion Fire Company #5 of South Londonderry,
    H.C.R. 128 ACT NO. R-196 Moyse, Blanche Honegger,
    H.C.R. 129 ACT NO. R-210 Community High School of Vermont, individuals and organizations who developed housing alternatives,
    H.C.R. 131 ACT NO. R-211 Efficiency Vermont,
    H.C.R. 132 ACT NO. R-212 Motyka, Conrad “Connie,”
    H.C.R. 133 ACT NO. R-213 Cabot Hosiery Mills,
    H.C.R. 134 ACT NO. R-214 Clear Path International, humanitarian landmine removal, victim assistance programs,
    H.C.R. 135 ACT NO. R-215 Vermont All State Music Festival,
    H.C.R. 136 ACT NO. R-217 Vermont Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association’s Athletes of the Month,
    H.C.R. 137 ACT NO. R-218 Boule, Ernest,
    H.C.R. 138 ACT NO. R-219 Allen, Ray W.,
    H.C.R. 139 ACT NO. R-220 Rahr, David G.,
    H.C.R. 140 ACT NO. R-221 Haddad, Edward A., Jr.,
    H.C.R. 141 ACT NO. R-216 Davis, Marilyn,

    Table 3: Convert Joint House Resolution Number to Act Number

    Bill Number Act Number Title
    J.R.H. 1 NO. R-44 H.P. Hood Inc., and National Dairy Holdings, antitrust issues,
    J.R.H. 5 NO. R-26 Vermont Principals’ Association and the State Board of Education,
    J.R.H. 6 NO. R-27 Vermont-based television stations, home satellite delivery systems,
    J.R.H. 7 NO. R-28 Special education, federal expenditure for, increase,
    J.R.H. 9 NO. R-203 U.S.A. PATRIOT Act., revise executive orders and policies, amend provisions,
    J.R.H. 10 NO. R-56 Hunger Awareness Day,
    J.R.H. 11 NO. R-77 United States troops, combat in the Persian Gulf,
    J.R.H. 12 NO. R-92 Child Labor Awareness Day,
    J.R.H. 15 NO. R-131 Federal Government, economic impact of natural gas and gasoline prices,
    J.R.H. 16 NO. R-155 Boys’ State Program,
    J.R.H. 18 NO. R-184 Broadcast media ownership rules, urging Federal Communications Commission not to relax and to provide public comment period,
    J.R.H. 19 NO. R-185 Chittenden County circumferential highway, in support of,
    J.R.H. 20 NO. R-165 Public Service Recognition Week,
    J.R.H. 21 NO. R-189 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, appropriate sufficient funds,
    J.R.H. 22 NO. R-204 Taiwan’s contributions, improvement of world health, application for observer status, Work Health Organization,
    J.R.H. 23 NO. R-205 Elizabeth Mine, appropriate funds, superfund cleanup,
    J.R.H. 24 NO. R-206 United Nations International Day of Peace, Peace Day activities,
    J.R.H. 25 NO. R-207 No Child Left Behind Act, Vermont’s concern, unfunded mandates,

    Table 4: Convert Senate Bill Number to Act Number

    Bill Number Act Number Title
    S.2 ACT NO. 3 Secretary of state; archives; management
    S.11 ACT NO. 37 Organic foods; quarantines; food waste to swine; diseases; dairy animals; livestock products
    S.14 ACT NO. 2 Legislative committee on judicial rules
    S.15 ACT NO. 57 Restitution; commission on juvenile justice
    S.16 ACT NO. 58 Assistant judges hearing cases in small claims court; permanent guardianships for minors; magistrates hearing cases involving parent-child contact orders
    S.21 ACT NO. 9 Fuel gross receipts tax
    S.25 ACT NO. 28 Child passenger restraining system/safety belts
    S.57 ACT NO. 69 Utility companies; energy efficiency; renewable electric generation
    S.70 ACT NO. 8 Neighborhood electric vehicles
    S.85 ACT NO. 38 State employees; retirement board
    S.93 ACT NO. 43 Mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect
    S.120 ACT NO. 51 Home improvement fraud and charitable solicitations
    S.131 ACT NO. 24 Brewers of malt beverages/brewpubs
    S.144 ACT NO. 34 Anesthesiologist assistants; certification; board of medical practice
    S.149 ACT NO. 39 Vermont national guard; educational assistance
    S.159 ACT NO. 32 Birth information network
    S.168 ACT NO. 52 Minors
    S.170 ACT NO. 40 Statewide needs assessment of dialysis treatment; Department of Aging and Disabilities; study
    S.171 ACT NO. 41 Operation of vehicles; forfeiture proceedings
    S.173 ACT NO. 14 Tobacco; nonparticipating manufacturers; cigarette sales
    S.178 ACT NO. 67 Vermont Economic Development Authority; child care planning goal; Vermont Economic Progress Council; computer sales tax holiday; minimum wage
    S.185 ACT NO. 64 No Child Left Behind Act; school quality standards; homeless children; no child left behind oversight committee

    Table 5: Convert Senate Concurrent Resolution Number to Act Number

    Bill Number Act Number Title
    S.C.R.1 NO. R-9 Corner Medical Building fire, commending persons who assisted,
    S.C.R.2 NO. R-15 Young, Matthew, becoming an Eagle Scout,
    S.C.R.3 NO. R-18 Smith, Gordy, Johnson fire chief,
    S.C.R.4 NO. R-46 Terris, Dr. Milton,
    S.C.R.5 NO. R-47 Edmunds, George Franklin,
    S.C.R.6 NO. R-48 McCarthy, Janet,
    S.C.R.7 NO. R-49 Paine, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jefferey,
    S.C.R.8 NO. R-50 Northfield Savings Bank, 135th anniversary,
    S.C.R.9 NO. R-78 Hartford High School Hurricanes championship boys’ ice hockey team,
    S.C.R.10 NO. R-102 Middlebury Union High School Tigers championship football team,
    S.C.R.11 NO. R-103 Gibbard, Dr. Bruce A.,
    S.C.R.12 NO. R-99 Charleston, town of, bicentennial,
    S.C.R.13 NO. R-100 Combs, Matthew R., becoming an Eagle Scout,
    S.C.R.14 NO. R-101 Corey, Matthew L., becoming an Eagle Scout,
    S.C.R.15 NO. R-146 Evnin, Marine Corporal Mark,
    S.C.R.16 NO. R-113 Gibb, Arthur,
    S.C.R.17 NO. R-114 Vermont Tartan,
    S.C.R.18 NO. R-144 Bell, Donald G.,
    S.C.R.19 NO. R-141 Vermont Mutual Insurance Company,
    S.C.R.20 NO. R-143 Washington County early childhood community, Communities of Excellence Award,
    S.C.R.21 NO. R-142 Vermont Professional Loggers Appreciation Week,
    S.C.R.22 NO. R-140 Montpelier area fire departments,
    S.C.R.23 NO. R-153 Haskell Opera House; QNEX Productions,
    S.C.R.24 NO. R-167 Costello, Rear Admiral Barry, leadership role,
    S.C.R.25 NO. R-168 Old Man of the Mountain,
    S.C.R.26 NO. R-188 O’Neill, Bruce,
    S.C.R.27 NO. R-199 Foley, Gregory M., becoming an eagle scout,
    S.C.R.28 NO. R-200 Funny Cide, 2003 horse racing Triple Crown,
    S.C.R.29 NO. R-201 Mental Health Month in Lamoille County,
    S.C.R.30 NO. R-208 Collins, Susan M.,

    Table 6: Convert Senate Joint Resolution Number to Act Number

    Bill Number Act Number Title
    J.R.S. 1 NO. R-1 Joint Rules,
    J.R.S. 2 NO. R-2 Governor, farewell message, joint assembly,
    J.R.S. 3 NO. R-3 Committee appointed to canvass votes for state officers,
    J.R.S. 4 NO. R-4 Governor, inaugural message,
    J.R.S. 5 NO. R-6 Town Meeting adjournment,
    J.R.S. 6 NO. R-5 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 7 NO. R-7 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 8 NO. R-8 Budget message of the Governor, joint assembly,
    J.R.S. 10 NO. R-19 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 11 NO. R-16 Adjutant and Inspector General, Sergeant at Arms and trustees of the University of Vermont, election,
    J.R.S. 12 NO. R-17 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 14 NO. R-21 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 15 NO. R-29 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 16 NO. R-37 UVM trustees, plurality vote,
    J.R.S. 17 NO. R-45 GlaxoSmithKline corporation, resume prescription drug deliveries to Canadian-based mail-order pharmacies,
    J.R.S. 18 NO. R-38 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 19 NO. R-51 Joint Assembly, vote on the retention of three superior judges and one district judge,
    J.R.S. 20 NO. R-52 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 21 NO. R-79 Farm bill, regional equity,
    J.R.S. 22 NO. R-65 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 24 NO. R-80 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 26 NO. R-104 Bill of Rights Day, December 15,
    J.R.S. 27 NO. R-98 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 28 NO. R-112 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 29 NO. R-115 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 30 NO. R-145 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 31 NO. R-154 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 32 NO. R-166 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 33 NO. R-183 Help America Vote Act,
    J.R.S. 34 NO. R-186 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 35 NO. R-187 Ovarian cancer awareness,
    J.R.S. 36 NO. R-202 Weekend Adjournment,
    J.R.S. 37 NO. R-209 Final Adjournment,