The Vermont Legislature

Summary of the 2001 Acts and Resolves



2001 ACTS


2001 ACTS:



Fertilizer and Lime; Dairy; Dog Licenses; State Agencies to Purchase Vermont Products
ACT NO. 39 (H.490)


Hours of Sale
ACT NO. 20 (H.150)
Vinous Beverages; Wine Tasting Permit
ACT NO. 9 (H.23)
Winery Sales to First Class Licensees
ACT NO. 25 (H.90)


Budget Adjustment Act; Fiscal Year 2001
ACT NO. 11 (H.223)
Capital Appropriations; Bonding and Other Enactments; Corrections
ACT NO. 61 (H.473)
Legislature; 2001 Session
ACT NO. 24 (S.203)
Omnibus Appropriations Act; Fiscal Year 2002
ACT NO. 63 (H.485)


Regulation of the Provision of Money Services
ACT NO. 55 (S.200)


Apprenticeship Program; Employer Fees
ACT NO. 50 (H.198)
Consumer Fraud; Children’s Product Safety
ACT NO. 42 (S.43)


Act 250; Recorded Hearing Pilot Project
ACT NO. 40 (H.475)
Job Start Loans
ACT NO. 45 (H.278)
Petroleum Cleanup Fund
ACT NO. 59 (H.271)
Public Water Supply
ACT NO. 15 (H.347)
Redevelopment of Contaminated Properties; Solid Waste
ACT NO. 14 (H.307)
Vermont World Trade Office
ACT NO. 21 (H.207)


Electronic Appointment of Proxies
ACT NO. 26 (H.202)


Exemption from Execution of Self-Directed Retirement Accounts
ACT NO. 13 (H.41)
Windsor County Youth Court; Assistant Judges Hearing Cases in Small Claims Court; Magistrates Hearing Case Involving Parent-Child Contact Orders
ACT NO. 70 (S.77)


Regulated Drugs
ACT NO. 52 (H.214)
Unlawfully Sheltering or Aiding a Runaway Child; Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor
ACT NO. 41 (S.9)
Sex Offenders
ACT NO. 49 (H.144)


American Sign Language; Foreign Language Credit
ACT NO. 16 (S.25)
Designation of Independent or Public Secondary or Elementary School; St. George
ACT NO. 22 (S.165)
Higher Education Endowment Trust Fund; Commission on Higher Education Funding; Vermont Higher Education Savings Plan; Vermont Student Assistance Council
ACT NO. 58 (H.176)
Human Services; Special Education; Payment for Services
ACT NO. 34 (H.499)
Postsecondary Approval
ACT NO. 19 (S.86)
Property Tax Exemption for Whey Processing Fixtures
ACT NO. 53 (H.486)
Technical Education; Governance
ACT NO. 33 (H.495)
Union School Boards; Proportional Representation
ACT NO. 31 (H.314)
Updating of Statutes
ACT NO. 8 (S.88)


Checklists and Voter Registration applications and Affidavits; Motor Voter Registration
ACT NO. 7 (H.472)


Clarification of and Minor Alterations to the Elections Laws
ACT NO. 5 (H.308)
Early Voter Absentee Ballots
ACT NO. 6 (H.471)
Executive Fees
ACT NO. 65 (H.496)
Secretary of State; Address Confidentiality Program
ACT NO. 28 (H.476)
State Employees; Criminal Actions; Reimbursement
ACT NO. 72 (S.148)
State Employees; Retirees; Medical Insurance
ACT NO. 27 (H.288)
State Employees; Teachers; Municipal Employees; Retirement
ACT NO. 29 (H.494)


Youth Hunting Weekends; Deer; Turkey
ACT NO. 4 (H.65)


ACT NO. 48 (H.138)


Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients
ACT NO. 10 (H.255)
Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
ACT NO. 32 (H.417)
Vermont Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
ACT NO. 17 (S.61)


Affordable Housing Development
ACT NO. 62 (H.483)
Guardianship Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
ACT NO. 43 (S.122)


Special Education; Payment for Services
ACT NO. 34 (H.499)


Charitable Gift Annuities
ACT NO. 37 (S.60)
Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
ACT NO. 32 (H.417)
Health Insurance; Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients
ACT NO. 10 (H.255)
Insurance Trade Practices
ACT NO. 23 (S.187)
Intermunicipal Insurance Agreements
ACT NO. 2 (H.281)
Regulation of Insurance
ACT NO. 71 (S.139)
Vermont Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
ACT NO. 17 (S.61)


Child Labor
ACT NO. 68 (S.14)
Elevator Safety
ACT NO. 60 (H.473)
Labor Law; Wage Board
ACT NO. 47 (H.124)
Quarterly Wage Information; Holiday Pay; Unemployment Compensation
ACT NO. 56 (S.202)


Appropriations; 2001 Session
ACT NO. 24 (S.203)
Legislative Apportionment Board; Reporting Deadlines
ACT NO. 36 (H.503)
Preparation and Publication of the Vermont Statutes Annotated
ACT NO. 30 (H.498)


Historic Preservation; Director; Position and Functions
ACT NO. 35 (H.464)


Colored Light Permits; Alteration of Odometers; Registration of Snowmobile; All-Terrain Vehicles and Motorboats; Transfer of Motor Vehicles Registration
ACT NO. 69 (S.64)
Rear-View Mirrors; Motor Homes and Trailer Coaches
ACT NO. 18 (S.63)
Department of Motor Vehicles; Polygraph Examinations; Issuance of Traffic Complaints by Enforcement Officers
ACT NO. 38 (S.66)


City of Barre
ACT NO. M-4 (H.69)
City of Burlington
ACT NO. M-6 (H.273)
City of Rutland and Town of Rutland; Alteration of Town Line
ACT NO. M-9 (H.497)
Collector of Delinquent Taxes; Term of Office
ACT NO. 3 (H.242)
Grand Isle Consolidated Water District and Grand Isle Fire Districts; Merger
ACT NO. M-3 (H.327)
Permit Moratorium During Bylaw Amendment
ACT NO. 44 (S.144)
Town of Barre
ACT NO. M-2 (H.100)
Town of Barre School District
ACT NO. M-8 (H.317)
Town of Milton
ACT NO. M-1 (H.50)
Town of Stowe; Charter Amendments
ACT NO. M-7 (H.487)
Village of Alburg
ACT NO. M-10 (H.507)
Village of Morrisville
ACT NO. M-5 (H.32)


Underground Utility Damage Protection System; Digsafe
ACT NO. 51 (H.229)


Property Tax Exemption for Whey Processing Fixtures
ACT NO. 53 (H.486)
State Treasurer; Unclaimed Property
ACT NO. 12 (H.269)
Brattleboro Retreat; Release of State Lien; Authority to Sell
ACT NO. 1 (H.80)


Sheriffs; Mandatory Retirement
ACT NO. 57 (H.53)


Pay Act
ACT NO. 66 (H.506)
Property Tax Exemption for Whey Processing Fixtures
ACT NO. 53(H.486)
Sales Tax Exemption for Mobility Devices
ACT NO. 54 (S.30)
Vermont Income Tax
ACT NO. 67 (H.508)


Capital Construction Program; Project Development Plan
ACT NO. 64 (H.488)


Revised Article 9
ACT NO. 46 (H.119)



Boys’ State Program,
NO. R-50 (J.R.H. 38)
State Board of Education and Vermont Principals’ Association, joint use
NO. R-96 (J.R.H. 67)
Vermont Principals’ Association and State Board of Education, joint use
NO. R-96 (J.R.H. 67)
Adams, Shirley,
NO. R-108 (J.R.S. 44)
Aiken, Caroline, G.,
NO. R-75 (J.R.H. 53)
American Cancer Society, Public Education and Medical Research Programs
NO. R-101 (J.R.H. 72)
American Red Cross Month, recognizing, Vermont American Red Cross Chapters and Volunteers, honoring,
NO. R-82 (J.R.H. 58)
Amsden, Lyman,
NO. R-187 (J.R.S. 77)
Austin, III, William M. “Bill”,
NO. R-196 (J.R.H. 138)
Bauer, Joan,
NO. R-173 (J.R.H. 115)
Beckwith, Sr., Claude R.,
NO. R-77 (J.R.H. 55)
Behan, Christine “Chrissy”,
NO. R-126 (J.R.H. 90)
Bellows Falls Union High School Division II 2001 Girls Track and Field Team,
NO. R-206 (J.R.H. 152)
Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers Cheerleading Champions,
NO. R-92 (J.R.H. 63)
Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers 2001 Division II Championship Girls’ Basketball Team,
NO. R-97 (J.R.H. 68)
Bennington United States Postal Service Employees,
NO. R-74 (J.R.H. 52)
Bever, Fred,
NO. R-52 (J.R.S. 28)
Bigelow, Christopher,
NO. R-121 (J.R.S. 51)
Bittermann, Kim,
NO. R-42 (J.R.H. 30)
Blanchard, William,
NO. R-18 (J.R.H. 12)
Bloom, Dr. William H., Honorary Native Vermonter
NO. R-6 (J.R.S. 6)
Borge, Victor,
NO. R-9 (J.R.H. 2)
Boright, Al, performing arts career,
NO. R-108 (J.R.S. 44)
Boquet, Jenny,
NO. R-188 (J.R.S. 78)
Bosnia-Herzegovian Youth Leadership Delegation,
NO. R-28 (J.R.H. 25)
Bouvier, Andrew,
NO. R-134 (J.R.H. 98)
Branon, Father Philip,
NO. R-141 (J.R.H. 105)
Brattleboro Union High School Students, Founded Child Labor Education and
Action Project,
NO. R-180 (J.R.H. 135)
Bubat, Anja,
NO. R-192 (J.R.H. 149)
Burlington High School Seahorses’ 2001 Division I Championship Boys’ Basketball Team,
NO. R-98 (J.R.H. 69)
Burlington Police Department,
NO. R-207 (J.R.H. 154)
Burnham, Marguerite,
NO. R-179 (J.R.H. 134)
Caldbeck, Ryan M,
NO. R-177 (J.R.H. 132)
Caldbeck, Justin H.,
NO. R-177 (J.R.H. 132)
Camp Abnaki Day, Centennial Anniversary,
NO. R-95 (J.R.H. 66)
Captive Insurance Domicile, Vermont,
NO. R-198 (J.R.H. 140)
Caracciola, Joseph and Anna,
NO. R-54 (J.R.H. 40)
Casanova, Polly and Patsy,
NO. R-135 (J.R.H. 99)
Center for Research on Vermont,
NO. R-78 (J.R.H. 56)
Cheng, Professor Barbara Davis,
NO. R-109 (J.R.S. 47)
Clark, Wilson “Bill”,
NO. R-45 (J.R.H. 33)
Colchester High School Lakers’ Girls’ Cross-Country Ski Team,
NO. R-149 (J.R.H. 110)
Cole, Chris,
NO. R-208 (J.R.H. 157)
Coolidge, John,
NO. R-155 (J.R.H. 116)
Corcoran, Catherine C.,
NO. R-67 (J.R.H. 45)
Costello, Bartley,
NO. R-22 (J.R.H. 4)
Cowart, Meredith,
NO. R-169 (J.R.H. 127)
Crooks, Professor George,
NO. R-127 (J.R.H. 91)
Crossing Guards, Vermont’s School,
NO. R-168 (J.R.H. 126)
Crowley, Judge Thomas M.,
NO. R-118 (J.R.H. 92)
Cutting, Andrew T., Rank of Eagle Scout,
NO. R-60 (J.R.S. 31)
Daley, John, J., Former Lt. Governor,
NO. R-31 (J.R.S. 14)
Dandeneau, Margaret M.,
NO. R-30 (J.R.S. 12)
Danville High School Divisions IV Championship Girls’ Basketball Team,
NO. R-104 (J.R.H. 75)
Diamond, Morton “Lucky” and Louise,
NO. R-16 (J.R.H. 10)
Drew, Lenny, Montpelier High School Coach,
NO. R-72 (J.R.H. 50)
Dunbar, George A.,
NO. R-138 (J.R.H. 105)
Durgin, Maud-Ann,
NO. R-23 (J.R.H. 15)
Essex American Legion Baseball Team 2000 State Championship,
NO. R-116 (J.R.H. 84)
Essex High School Hornets Division I Cheerleading Team,
NO. R-93 (J.R.H. 64)
Farrington, Leo,
NO. R-48 (J.R.H. 36)
Filiault, Travis, Rank of Eagle Scout,
NO. R-86 (J.R.S. 38)
Fire and Rescue Departments and Ambulance Service, Westminster Freight Train Derailment,
NO. R-139 (J.R.H. 103)
Forman, Michele,
NO. R-165 (J.R.H. 122)
Friedman, Veronica “Ronnie”,
NO. R-94 (J.R.S. 43)
Gardner, Roy A.,
NO. R-84 (J.R.H. 61)
Gibson, Robert H., River Garden in Brattleboro,
NO. R-8 (J.R.H. 1)
Goldberg, Molly,
NO. R-182 (J.R.S. 70)
Good-Samson, Lorraine B.,
NO. R-130 (J.R.H. 94)
Grace, Rollin “Jack”,
NO. R-162 (J.R.H. 119)
Graf, Robert,
NO. R-24 (J.R.H. 19)
Grafton, The Old Tavern,
NO. R-13 (J.R.H. 7)
Green Street School,
NO. R-14 (J.R.H. 8)
Griffin, Theodore H.,
NO. R-55 (J.R.H. 41)
Harrington, Robert P. “Bob”,
NO. R-202 (J.R.H. 146)
Hartwell, John,
NO. R-204 (J.R.H. 148)
Harvey, Norman P.,
NO. R-35 (J.R.H. 24)
Harvie, Kaitlin,
NO. R-169 (J.R.H. 127)
Hearst, William Randolph,
NO. R-172 (J.R.H. 114)
Highway Crews, State and Local, Extraordinary Emergency Service
NO. R-99 (J.R.H. 70)
Hill, Katie,
NO. R-197 (J.R.H. 139)
Hiser, Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick),
NO. R-46 (J.R.H. 34)
Hitchcock, Livy,
NO. R-153 (J.R.S. 61)
Hodge, Evan E.,
NO. R-61 (J.R.S. 32)
Home Health and Hospice, Central Vermont, 90th Anniversary,
NO. R-150 (J.R.H. 111)
Horton, Edward. E., Jr.,
NO. R-12 (J.R.H. 6)
Hubbardton, Center Grange 290,
NO. R-167 (J.R.H. 125)
Hunger Awareness Day,
NO. R-73 (J.R.H. 51)
Hunt, Richard “Dick” and Frances “Fran”,
NO. R-125 (J.R.H. 89)
Institute for Sustainable Communities,
NO. R-71 (J.R.H. 49)
J.C. Penney Life Insurance Company,
NO. R-25 (J.R.H. 20)
Juneteenth Day,
NO. R-193 (J.R.H. 155)
Kapusta, Kevin Michael,
NO. R-113 (J.R.H. 80)
Kent, Brian,
NO. R-106 (J.R.H. 78)
Ketchum, Donald,
NO. R-176 (J.R.H. 131)
Keyser, F. Ray,
NO. R-88 (J.R.S. 40)
Kitzmiller, Karen,
NO. R-195 (J.R.H. 137)
Knoll Motel,
NO. R-37 (J.R.S. 19)
Lamonda, James,
NO. R-91 (J.R.H. 62)
Langdon, Maren,
NO. R-169 (J.R.H. 127)
Larose, Roy,
NO. R-65 (J.R.H. 43)
Lathrop, Richard “Dick”,
NO. R-65 (J.R.H. 43)
Laurin, Scott D.,
NO. R-51 (J.R.S. 24)
Lawrence, Harry U.,
NO. R-41 (J.R.H. 29)
Leahy, Senator Patrick, Federal Community Oriented Policing Services Program,
NO. R-144 (J.R.H. 58)
Marshall, George S.,
NO. R-145 (J.R.S. 59)
McCardell, John, 2000 Vermonter of the Year,
NO. R-68 (J.R.H. 46)
Miglierini, Aldo E.,
NO. R-56 (J.R.S. 26)
Mikell, Judge William E.,
NO. R-85 (J.R.S. 36)
Miracle Workers “Millennium Miracles of the Year 2000”Award Recipients,
NO. R-203 (J.R.H. 147)
Miss Vermont National Teen Contest,
NO. R-178 (J.R.H. 133)
Moats, David,
NO. R-77 (J.R.H. 55)
Monroe, Charles and Evelyn,
NO. R-201 (J.R.H. 145)
Montpelier High School Solons Division II Lacrosse Championship,
NO. R-17 (J.R.H. 11)
Mount Abraham Division II Championship Field Hockey Team,
NO. R-119 (J.R.S. 49)
Mount Abraham Union High School Eagles Division IV Football Team,
NO. R-120 (J.R.S. 50)
Mount Independence, Revolutionary War Fortification 225th Anniversary,
NO. R-186 (J.R.S. 76)
Morse, William H.,
NO. R-49 (J.R.H. 37)
“Mr. Maple”, Wilson “Bill” Clark,
NO. R-45 (J.R.H. 33)
Mt. Anthony Union High School Patriots’ Girls’ Basketball Team,
NO. R-117 (J.R.H. 88)
Mt. Anthony Union High School Patriots’ 2001 Division I Wrestling Team,
NO. R-124 (J.R.H. 87)
Murphy, Christopher,
NO. R-182 (J.R.S. 70)
National Day of Prayer,
NO. R-151 (J.R.H. 117)
Neiman, Thomas A.,
NO. R-199 (J.R.H. 141)
Newton School,
NO. R-14 (J.R.H. 8)
Nichol, Lucy,
NO. R-43 (J.R.H. 31)
Normandy Invasion,
NO. R-194 (J.R.H. 156)
North Country Union High School Falcons Division II Hockey Team,
NO. R-115 (J.R.H. 83)
Orciari, Tony,
NO. R-164 (J.R.H. 121)
Payne, Reide B.,
NO. R-132 (J.R.H. 96)
Picard, Margaret A.,
NO. R-189 (J.R.S. 74)
Poultney High School Blue Devils’ Division III Championship Boys’ Basketball Team,
NO. R-148 (J.R.H. 109)
Prehemo, Henry,
NO. R-114 (J.R.H. 81)
Ramaley, Judith, President of the University of Vermont,
NO. R-66 (J.R.H. 44)
Richards, Aly,
NO. R-205 (J.R.H. 151)
Robinson, Aundrie,
NO. R-15 (J.R.H. 9)
Ross, James, Jr.,
NO. R-36 (J.R.H. 26)
Rouelle, Jay,
NO. R-34 (J.R.S. 18)
Rowe, Mary W.,
NO. R-142 (J.R.S. 55)
Rutland High School Raiders 2000 Division I Championship Football Team,
NO. R-19 (J.R.S. 8)
Ryan, Thomas C.,
NO. R-10 (J.R.H. 3)
Skaskiw, Lauren,
NO. R-80 (J.R.S. 33)
Smith, Donald Ladd,
NO. R-87 (J.R.S. 39)
South Burlington High School,
NO. R-14 (J.R.H. 8)
Stacy, Frances,
NO. R-76 (J.R.H. 54)
State House Cafeteria Staff,
NO. R-209 (J.R.S. 80)
Sullivan Family Members of Bennington,
NO. R-27 (J.R.H. 23)
Teens and Teen Advocacy Day,
NO. R-123 (J.R.S. 54)
The Wall That Heals Days,
NO. R-70 (J.R.H. 48)
U-32 Raiders’ 2000 Division IV Championship Football Team,
NO. R-29 (J.R.H. 21)
University of Vermont,
NO. R-26 (J.R.H. 22)
U.S.S. Montpelier Historic Video,
NO. R-190 (J.R.S. 79)
Vergennes Union High School Commodores Division II Champion Boys’ Basketball Team,
NO. R-146 (J.R.H. 106)
Vermont’s Captive Insurance Domicile,
NO. R-198 (J.R.H. 140)
Vermont Eagle Scout Class of 2000,
NO. R-53 (J.R.H. 39)
Vermont National Guard’s Management, 43rd Conseil International du Sport Militaire,
NO. R-105 (J.R.H. 77)
Vermont National Guard’s Role in Macedonia,
NO. R-163 (J.R.H. 120)
Vermont’s Registered Nurses,
NO. R-159 (J.R.S. 63)
Veterans’ Day Parade Day,
NO. R-100 (J.R.H. 71)
Vinton, Kyle,
NO. R-156 (J.R.H. 118)
Waterbury Congregational Church,
NO. R-170 (J.R.S. 65)
NO. R-160 (J.R.S. 64)
Webster, Donald E.,
NO. R-83 (J.R.H. 59)
Welsh-Americans, Contributions of,
NO. R-79 (J.R.H. 57)
Whitcomb High School Hornets 2000 Division IV Championship Soccer Team,
NO. R-64 (J.R.H. 42)
Whitcomb, Roger A.,
NO. R-200 (J.R.H. 143)
Williams, Michael Shawn,
NO. R-103 (J.R.H. 74)
Woodstock Union High School Division III Championship Football and Field Hockey Teams,
NO. R-166 (J.R.H. 123)
Women in Construction Week,
NO. R-81 (J.R.S. 37)
Zakarpatia, Ukraine,
NO. R-181 (J.R.H. 136)
Zingale, Tony,
NO. R-185 (J.R.S. 72)


Budget Message of the Governor, Joint Assembly,
NO. R-4 (J.R.S. 4)
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, February 14,
NO. R-44 (J.R.H. 32)
Dairy products and the Dairy Industry, Benefits of,
NO. R-69 (J.R.H. 47)
East-West Highway, Maine-Nova Scotia Border to the Windsor, Ontario-Buffalo, NewYork Region, Economic Benefits,
NO. R-154 (J.R.H. 86)
Election of a Sergeant-At-Arms, an Adjutant and Inspector General, and Three Trustees of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College,
NO. R-39 (J.R.S. 22)
Election of UVM Trustees by Plurality Vote by the General Assembly in 2001,
NO. R-38 (J.R.S. 21)
Gasoline Prices, Federal Government Review Economic Impact
NO. R-175 (J.R.H. 130)
Final Adjournment of General Assembly,
NO. R-210 (J.R.S. 81)
Inaugural Message of the Governor, Joint Assembly,
NO. R-3, (J.R.S. 3)
Intercity Passenger Rail, Long-Term Bonds to Provide Capital
NO. R-158 (J.R.S. 46)
It’s My Fight Too Month, March,
NO. R-63 (J.R.S. 35)
Joint Assembly, Receive the Report of the Committee Appointed to Canvass Votes for State Officers,
NO. R-2 (J.R.S. 2)
Joint Assembly, Extension of the Deadline for the Convening of, Vote on the Retention of Superior Court Judges and District Court Judges,
NO. R-57 (J.R.S. 27)
Joint Assembly, Vote on the Retention of Three Superior Judges and Five District Judges,
NO. R-59 (J.R.S. 30)
Joint Rules,
NO. R-1 (J.R.S. 1)
Loggers, Vermont Professional, Appreciation Week,
NO. R-147 (J.R.H. 108)
Nursing Assistant Recognition Day,
NO. R-136 (J.R.H. 100)
Out-of-School Programs, Committee to Study,
NO. R-191 (J.R.S. 75)
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, September 2001,
NO. R-32 (J.R.S. 17)
Purple Heart Stamp, Issuance of,
NO. R-111 (J.R.H. 79)
Ring Bells on July 4,
NO. R-102 (J.R.H. 73)
Special Education, Increase the Federal Expenditure,
NO. R-157 (J.R.S. 45)
Teen Advocacy Day,
NO. R-131 (J.R.H. 95)
Town Meeting Adjournment,
NO. R-20 (J.R.S. 11)
United Way Months in Vermont,
NO. R-137 (J.R.H. 101)
University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm Day,
NO. R-112 (J.R.H. 82)
Weekend Adjournment
NO. R-5 (J.R.S. 5)
NO. R-7 (J.R.S. 7)
NO. R-21 (J.R.S. 13)
NO. R-33 (J.R.S. 20)
NO. R-40 (J.R.S. 23)
NO. R-47 (J.R.S. 25)
NO. R-58 (J.R.S. 29)
NO. R-62 (J.R.S. 34)
NO. R-89 (J.R.S. 41)
NO. R-90 (J.R.S. 42)
NO. R-107 (J.R.H. 85)
NO. R-110 (J.R.S. 48)
NO. R-122 (J.R.S. 53)
NO. R-128 (J.R.S. 57)
NO. R-143 (J.R.S. 60)
NO. R-152 ( J.R.S. 62)
NO. R-161 (J.R.S. 66)
NO. R-171 (J.R.S. 68)
NO. R-184 (J.R.S. 71)
Windham Meeting House Day, July 8, 2002,
NO. R-11 (J.R.H. 5)
Workforce Investment Act Partners,
NO. R-133 (J.R.H. 97)
World No Tobacco Day,
NO. R-183 (J.R.S. 69)
World War II Memorial, Speedy Resolution of Siting Problems,
NO. R-174 (J.R.H. 128)


Barney, Jason, engagement,
H.R. 11
Call, Jason,
H.R. 25
Caulfield, Laura,
H.R. 21
Chaplin, Roswell “Chappy”,
H.R. 19
Craven, Taylor Young,
H.R. 23
Crime Victims,
H.R. 20
Crime Victims, concerns of,
S.R. 9
Equal Pay Day,
H.R. 15
Equal Pay Day,
S.R. 8
Hatch, Army National Guard Lt. Colonel,
H.R. 17
Herreid, Benjamin,
H.R. 24
House Organization and Informing Senate,
H.R. 2
House Organization and Informing Governor,
H.R. 3
House Rules,
H.R. 1
Hoy, John C.,
H.R. 22
Hoy, John C.,
S.R. 12
Juvenile Justice System and Services, At-Risk Youth,
S.R. 11
Lupus, Vermonters to learn more,
H.R. 13
Lupus, Vermonters to learn more,
S.R. 7
Lymphedema D-Day,
H.R. 10
Manosh, gardner Graham, Sheriff,
H.R. 6
Manosh, Gardner Graham, Sheriff,
S.R. 5
National Home Education Week and Honoring Homeschooling,
H.R. 5
Reapportionment Committee,
S.R. 4
Roe vs. Wade,
H.R. 8
Roe vs. Wade,
S.R. 6
Senate Organization, appointment of a committee,
S.R. 2
Senator Organization, informing House,
S.R. 3
Senate Rules,
S.R. 1
Valente, Tony,
H.R. 27
Vermont State Income Tax, decoupling from Federal Income Tax,
H.R. 29
Windsor High School Yellow Jackets Track and Field Teams,
H.R. 26
Youth Civic Education Program, establishing Richard A. Snelling Center,
S.R. 10