The Vermont Legislature

Summary of the 2000 Acts and Resolves





ACT NO. 64 (H.255)
Union School District Board; Election of Directors

ACT NO. 65 (H.301)
Recovery for a Violation of State Antitrust Law

ACT NO. 66 (H.665)
Appropriations; Budget Adjustment Act; Fiscal Year 2000

ACT NO. 67 (H.177)
Telecommunications Service Providers

ACT NO. 68 (H.682)
Legislative Reapportionment Board; Proposal Deadlines

ACT NO. 69 (H.597)
Children; Baseball

ACT NO. 70 (H.727)
Hunting; Youth Hunting Day

ACT NO. 71 (H.768)
State Treasurer; Town Treasurer; Reporting Requirements

ACT NO. 72 (H.779)
Geographic Information System; Sunset Extension

ACT NO. 73 (H.786)
Election of Road Commissioners

ACT NO. 74 (H.234)
State Board of Education; Student Member

ACT NO. 75 (H.204)
Privatization; Standards

ACT NO. 76 (H.832)
Access Areas; Nonmotorized Vessels

ACT NO. 77 (H.620)
School Districts; Public Bidding Requirements

ACT NO. 78 (H.114)
Child Abuse Investigation Interviews of Other Children in the Same Home

ACT NO. 79 (H.362)
Health Care Ombudsman

ACT NO. 80 (H.712)
Captive Insurance Companies

ACT NO. 81 (H.772)
Hospital Budget Review Process

ACT NO. 82 (H.839)
Municipal Conflict of Interest Policies

ACT NO. 83 (H.601)
Municipal Planning; Municipal Land Use Permit

ACT NO. 84 (H.607)
Investments of Insurance Companies

ACT NO. 85 (H.844)
Workers' Compensation

ACT NO. 86 (H.596)
Conversion of Mutual Insurance Companies and Mutual Insurance Holding Companies

ACT NO. 87 (H.610)
Licensing and Continuing Education of Insurance Agents and Brokers

ACT NO. 88 (H.612)
Housing; Accessibility

ACT NO. 89 (H.662)
Tobacco; Sale of Asian or Southeast Asian Cigarettes, also known as Bidis

ACT NO. 90 (S.311)
Corrections; Interstate Compact for Supervision of Adult Offenders

ACT NO. 91 (H.847)
Civil Unions

ACT NO. 92 (H.12)
Electroconvulsive Therapy

ACT NO. 93 (H.156)

Act 250; Telecommunications Facilities; Facility Replacement

ACT NO. 94 (H.733)
Agriculture; Livestock Dealers

ACT NO. 95 (S.304)
Class 2 Town Highway Rehabilitation Program; Study Committee

ACT NO. 96 (S.325)

ACT NO. 97 (H.185)
Workers' Compensation; Vocational Rehabilitation; Lump Sum Payments

ACT NO. 98 (H.848)
Zoning of Licensed Family Child Care Homes

ACT NO. 99 (H.598)
State Song

ACT NO. 100 (H.849)
Agriculture; Penalties; Dairy Sheep, Nonpoint Source Water Pollution; and Large Farm Operations

ACT NO. 101 (H.748)
Tobacco; Gray Marketed Cigarettes

ACT NO. 102 (S.10)
Aggravated Operation of a Motor Vehicle Without Consent of Owner

ACT NO. 103 (S.234)
Unfair Labor Practices; Discrimination

ACT NO. 104 (H.474)
Assistive Technology Device Warranties

ACT NO. 105 (H.815)
Liability of Mortgagees for Failure to Discharge Mortgages

ACT NO. 106 (H.25)
Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9-Secured Transactions

ACT NO. 107 (H.187)

ACT NO. 108 (H.825)
Data Collection; Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; General State Support Grant

ACT NO. 109 (H.696)
Public and Water Supplies; Drinking; Water Emergency Use Fund

ACT NO. 110 (H.595)
School Buses; Commercial and Municipal Fleet Inspection Stations; Driver's Training School and Driving Instructor's License

ACT NO. 111 (H.730)
Alcoholic Beverages; Clubs; Catering

ACT NO. 112 (H.209)
Municipal Planning; Development Cabinet

ACT NO. 113 (H.270)
Disruptive Behavior in School; Truancy; Minimum School Age; Expulsion; Alternate Programs; Weapons in Schools; Services for Delinquent Youth; Restrictive Behavioral Intervention; Bomb Threats

ACT NO. 114 (H.316)

ACT NO. 115 (H.343)
Landlord -Tenant; Termination of Tenancy; Housing Registry

ACT NO. 116 (H.566)
Social Host Liability for Furnishing Alcohol to Minors

ACT NO. 117 (H.629)
Special Education; Educational Support System

ACT NO. 118 (H.711)
Independent Performance Assessment of Vermont’s Health Care System

ACT NO. 119 (H.837)
Livable Income, Employment Practices, Economic Development

ACT NO. 120 (S.76)
Hazing; Harassment

ACT NO. 121 (S.146)
Education; Independent School Finance Authority

ACT NO. 122 (S.226)
Sexual Exploitation of Children

ACT NO. 123 (S.303)
Treatment of Opiate Addiction

ACT NO. 124 (S.314)
Internet Crimes

ACT NO. 125 (H.192)
School Environmental Health

ACT NO. 126 (H.540)
Unemployment Compensation; Waiting Period, Holiday Deduction

ACT NO. 127 (H.564)
Corrections; Sentencing

ACT NO. 128 (H.623)
Petroleum Cleanup Fund; Underground Storage Tanks

ACT NO. 129 (H.628)
Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

ACT NO. 130 (H.636)
Tobacco; Nonparticipating Manufacturers

ACT NO. 131 (H.683)
Vermont Economic Development Authority

ACT NO. 132 (H.709)
Health; Psychological Trauma Victims Commission

ACT NO. 133 (H.738)
Professions and Occupations; Boxing; Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling; Midwifery; Electrology

ACT NO. 134 (H.807)
Secretary of State; Address Confidentiality Program; Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking

ACT NO. 135 (H.831)
Small Claims Courts; Fees

ACT NO. 136 (H. 283)
Heart Defibrillator Machines; Use with Appropriate Training

ACT NO. 137 (S.321)
Youthful Offenders

ACT NO. 138 (S.323)
Internal Security; Emergency Management; Interstate Compact

ACT NO. 139 (H.691)
Municipal Government; Unorganized Towns and Gores of Essex County

ACT NO. 140 (H.97)
Graduated Driver License Program

ACT NO. 141 (H.851)
Agriculture; Pesticide Advisory Council

ACT NO. 142 (S.320)
State Police; Promotions

ACT NO. 143 (S.113)
Electric Cooperatives

ACT NO. 144 (H.577)
Snowmobile Reciprocity; Antique Snowmobiles; Registration

ACT NO. 145 (H.838)
Personnel; Workforce Reports

ACT NO. 146 (H.841)
Administrative Procedure; Rule-Making

ACT NO. 147 (H.843)
Assisting Families to Attain Self-Sufficiency

ACT NO. 148 (H.850)
Capital Appropriations, Bonding and Other Enactments

ACT NO. 149 (S.214)
Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer

ACT NO. 150 (S.203)
Public High School Choice

ACT NO. 151 (S.200)
Public Safety; Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records

ACT NO. 152 (H. 842)
Omnibus Appropriations Act; Fiscal Year 2001; Tobacco Prevention

ACT NO. 153 (H.374)
The Modernization of the Laws Related to Banks and Banking

ACT NO. 154 (H. 188)
Diesel Fuel Tax; Trucks; Overlength

ACT NO. 155 (H.854)
Executive Fees

ACT NO. 156 (H.853)
Transportation Capital Program; Project Development Program

ACT NO. 157 (H.705)
Particular Proceedings of the Public Service Board and Net Metering

ACT NO. 158 (H.688)
State Employees; Teachers; Municipal Employees; Retirement Systems; Miscellaneous Adjustments

ACT NO. 159 (H.671)
Miscellaneous Tax Provisions; Vermont Economic Progress Council; Winooski Tax Increment Financing District

ACT NO. 160 (S.324)
Courts and Court Procedure; Criminal and Civil Procedures Involving Alcohol and Motor Vehicles

ACT NO. 161 (S.309)
Mobile Home Parks; Wastewater; Affordable Housing

ACT NO. 162 (S.291)
Guardianship; Minors

ACT NO. 163 (H.861)
Alcoholic Beverages; Minors



ACT NO. M-10 (H.646)
West Rutland and West Rutland Fire District #1; Merger

ACT NO. M-11 (H.584)
Village of Hyde Park

ACT NO. M-12 (H.857)
Town of Windsor

ACT NO. M-13 (H.860)
Charter; Essex Junction School District

ACT NO. M-14 (H.856)
City of Burlington



NO. R-167 (J.R.S. 66)
Provide for a Joint Assembly to receive a combined state-of-the-state and budget message from the Governor.

NO. R-168 (J.R.S. 68)
In memory of Robert Hadley Gibson, Secretary of the Vermont Senate.

NO. R-169 (J.R.S. 67)
Relating to town meeting adjournment.

NO. R-170 (J.R.S. 71)
Honoring Charles A. “Charlie” Bristow and Claudia Horack Bristow, Legislative Counselors Extraordinaire, on their retirement from the Legislative Council staff.

NO. R-171 (J.R.H. 131)
In memory of former Representative Arthur D. Pratt.

NO. R-172 (J.R.H. 132)
Honoring Charles Schulz, the father of the Peanuts comic strip.

NO. R-173 (J.R.H. 133)
Designating November 19, 2000 as Gold Star Mothers’ Recognition Day.

NO. R-174 (J.R.H. 134)
Congratulating the Grace Cottage Hospital on 50 years of medical service.

NO. R-175 (J.R.H. 135)
Authorizing the use of the State House by the Vermont Principals’ Association, the Vermont State Department of Education, and the Vermont State Board of Education.

NO. R-176 (J.R.H. 136)
Honoring the Americorps Program of National Service in Vermont.

NO. R-177 (J.R.H. 137)
In memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette.

NO. R-178 (J.R.H. 138)
In memory of David W. Curtis.

NO. R-179 (J.R.H. 139)
In memory of David Pearl Cilley.

NO. R-180 (J.R.H. 140)
In memory of James Goldstone, Cofounder and Chair of the Vermont Film Commission.

NO. R-181 (J.R.H. 142)
Designating January 29 as Thomas Paine Day.

NO. R-182 (J.R.H. 143)
Congratulating Matt Gissel on winning the 1999 National Monopoly Championship.

NO. R-183 (J.R.H. 144)
Extending best wishes for a speedy recovery to Robert Gensburg of St. Johnsbury.

NO. R-184 (J.R.H. 146)
In memory of George Hodge of Topsham.

NO. R-185 (J.R.H. 147)
Congratulating John Enola on 40 years as an outstanding faculty member of the Austine School for the deaf and hard of hearing.

NO. R-186 (J.R.H. 148)
Congratulating Dr. William Elwin “Bill” Hodgkin on his retirement from the practice of medicine.

NO. R-187 (J.R.H. 149)
Congratulating Dr. J. Edward Marceau on completing an outstanding 60-year career in dentistry.

NO. R-188 (J.R.H. 150)
Congratulating Bill Brigham on a quarter century of exemplary service as an Amtrak station agent.

NO. R-189 (J.R.S. 69)
In memory of former Senate President Pro Tempore Robert A. Bloomer.

NO. R-190 (J.R.S. 72)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-191 (J.R.H. 151)
Congratulating Charles I. Bunting on the conclusion of his tenure as Chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges.

NO. R-192 (J.R.H. 152)
Congratulating Cornelius “Con” Hogan on his outstanding service as Secretary of the Agency of Human Services.

NO. R-193 (J.R.H. 153)
Congratulating the Montpelier High School Solons 1999 Division IV Football Champions.

NO. R-194 (J.R.H. 154)
Honoring the round table of Unity, Inc.’s outstanding efforts to foster improved racial and ethnic harmony and understanding in southern Vermont.

NO. R-195 (J.R.H. 155)
Recognizing the posthumous awarding of the 2000 Gail Lobenstine Humanitarian award to the late Edgar Sather.

NO. R-196 (J.R.H. 156)
In memory of former Representative Keith W. Stafford of Georgia.

NO. R-197 (J.R.S. 74)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-198 (J.R.H. 158)
Wishing farewell to, and congratulating, Representative Matthew Bailey Dunne of Hartland on his departure for Washington D.C. to become director of Americorps Vista.

NO. R-199 (J.R.H. 159)
Congratulating the Windsor High School Yellow Jackets 1999 Division III Championship Football Team.

NO. R-200 (J.R.H. 160)
Congratulating the Windsor High School 1999 Boys’ and Girls’ Division III Championship Track Teams.

NO. R-201 (J.R.H. 161)
Requesting that the President and Congress increase the funds allocated to the U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service for Conservation Technical Assistance in Vermont.

NO. R-202 (J.R.H. 157)
Honoring the Leland and Gray Union High School and Middle School’s Journey East: A Sino-American Cultural Exchange.

NO. R-203 (J.R.S. 75)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-204 (J.R.H. 162)
Authorizing the use of the State House by the Green Mountain Boys’ State Program.

NO. R-205 (J.R.H. 163)
Congratulating Tim Comolli on being named national technology teacher of the year.

NO. R-206 (J.R.S. 76)
Providing for a joint assembly for the election of two legislative trustees of the Vermont State Colleges Corporation.

NO. R-207 (J.R.S. 77)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-208 (J.R.H. 164)
Thanking private landowners for hosting snowmobile trails.

NO. R-209 (J.R.H. 166)
In memory of Sumner Williams.

NO. R-210 (J.R.H. 169)
Honoring Professor Allison Stanger of Middlebury College.

NO. R-211 (J.R.H. 170)
Welcoming the visiting students and faculty from the affiliated high school of South China Normal University.

NO. R-212 (J.R.H. 171)
Congratulating Carlton “Pudge” Fisk on his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

NO. R-213 (J.R.H. 172)
Relating to a joint VT-NH legislative resolution on Connecticut River Cooperation.

NO. R-214 (J.R.H. 173)
In memory of former Representative Merritt L. Thomas.

NO. R-215 (J.R.H. 174)
In memory of Howard Shortsleeve, Jr.

NO. R-216 (J.R.H. 175)
Authorizing the Vermont Association of Education Office Professionals to hold its 2000 annual meeting in the State House.

NO. R-217 (J.R.S. 79)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-218 (J.R.S. 78)
Relating to the need for national leadership to address the high cost of medically necessary prescription drugs.

NO. R-219 (J.R.S. 80)
Relating to federal preemption of Vermont’s consumer protection standards and regulation of health insurance.

NO. R-220 (J.R.H. 167)
Relating to New England Legislative Leaders conference on prescription drug pricing.

NO. R-221 (J.R.H. 176)
In memory of retired Bennington Police Officer Henry “Hank” Haverkoch.

NO. R-222 (J.R.S. 81)
Relating to establishing a procedure for the conduct of elections by plurality vote by the general assembly 2000.

NO. R-223 (J.R.H. 177)
Commemorating the Middlebury College Bicentennial.

NO. R-224 (J.R.H. 179)
Relating to the importance of breastfeeding.

NO. R-225 (J.R.H. 180)
Honoring Mark and Gail Horne for being chosen “Grocers of the Year”.

NO. R-226 (J.R.H. 184)
Honoring Diane Wolk on the completion of her tenure on the State Board of Education.

NO. R-227 (J.R.H. 185)
Celebrating University of Vermont (UVM) students volunteering in the community.

NO. R-228 (J.R.S. 82)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-229 (J.R.H. 168)
Urging President Clinton to take immediate action to alleviate the severe burden that the sudden sharp escalation in fuel prices has placed on Vermonters.

NO. R-230 (J.R.H. 181)
Urging Congress to increase the federal expenditure for special education to 40 percent.

NO. R-231 (J.R.H. 182)
Honoring Ernest Lee Earle for his many years of public service in the town of Eden.

NO. R-232 (J.R.H. 183)
Congratulating Gloria M. Tansey on her retirement as Windsor Town Clerk.

NO. R-233 (J.R.H. 186)
Honoring the Green Mountain Council Eagle Scout Class of 1999.

NO. R-234 (J.R.S. 85)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-235 (J.R.S. 84)
Relating to the education of family members about breast cancer.

NO. R-236 (J.R.S. 83)
Urging the Vermont Congressional Delegation to encourage the U.S. Postal Service to reestablish a post office in the town of Berlin.

NO. R-237 (J.R.S. 86)
Honoring Ted Friedman on his many outstanding accomplishments as a local and regional public official.

NO. R-238 (J.R.S. 87)
To celebrate the 90th birthday of the Green Mountain Club and the birth of the Long Trail.

NO. R-239 (J.R.S. 89)
Congratulating Jo Ann Troiano on her extraordinary 25 years’ tenure as executive director of the Montpelier Housing Authority.

NO. R-240 (J.R.S. 90)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-241 (J.R.H. 188)
Honoring Olga M. Hallock of Huntington on her retirement as town clerk and treasurer.

NO. R-242 (J.R.H. 189)
In memory of Stephen James.

NO. R-243 (J.R.H. 190)
Designating the week of March 13, 2000 as teach census week.

NO. R-244 (J.R.H. 191)
Designating September 15, 2000 as legislators back to school day.

NO. R-245 (J.R.S. 88)
Honoring Ruth Finn on her retirement as Barre Town Clerk and Treasurer.

NO. R-246 (J.R.H. 192)
In memory of Roberta R. Haynes.

NO. R-247 (J.R.H. 193)
In memory of former Representative Homer Delmar Perkins.

NO. R-248 (J.R.H. 194)
Congratulating former Representative Kermit W. Richardson on his reelection as National Master of the National Grange.

NO. R-249 (J.R.H. 195)
In honor of retiring Bridport Town Clerk Clifford J. Huestis.

NO. R-250 (J.R.H. 196)
Congratulating the recipients of the year 2000 local storekeepers award.

NO. R-251 (J.R.H. 197)
Honoring the contributions of Welsh-Americans to the state of Vermont.

NO. R-252 (J.R.S. 91)
Designating May 2000 as Osteoporosis Awareness Month.

NO. R-253 (J.R.H. 199)
In memory of Arthur Joseph “Art” Beauregard of Mount Tabor.

NO. R-254 (J.R.H. 200)
Congratulating David Bradshaw for 21 years of exemplary service on the Chelsea School Board.

NO. R-255 (J.R.H. 201)
Honoring the public service commitment of the men and women of the Vermont National Guard on the occasion of Muster 2000.

NO. R-256 (J.R.H. 202)
Congratulating the 2000 Colchester High School Lakers Division II Championship Ice Hockey Team.

NO. R-257 (J.R.H. 203)
Honoring the dedicated volunteers on the Windham County Reparative Justice Panels.

NO. R-258 (J.R.S. 94)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-259 (J.R.S. 92)
Congratulating retiring Town Clerk Rachel Westover on completing 32 years of outstanding municipal public service in Newport Town.

NO. R-260 (J.R.H. 204)
In memory of former Representative, Senator and Commissioner of Social Welfare John J. Wackerman.

NO. R-261 (J.R.H. 205)
Urging Congress to fully subsidize all absentee ballot postal costs.

NO. R-262 (J.R.H. 210)
Honoring the continuing good works of the American Red Cross during Red Cross month.

NO. R-263 (J.R.H. 207)
Honoring the Year 2000 Vermont Recipients of the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

NO. R-264 (J.R.H. 208)
In memory of former Representative James Dalton Andrews of Vershire.

NO. R-265 (J.R.S. 95)
Designating the week of April 10, 2000 as higher education week.

NO. R-266 (J.R.S. 96)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-267 (J.R.H. 209)
Congratulating the Hazen Union High School 2000 Division III boys’ basketball team.

NO. R-268 (J.R.H. 211)
Honoring Vermont’s registered nurses.

NO. R-269 (J.R.H. 212)
Supporting the policy goals of crime victims week.

NO. R-270 (J.R.H. 213)
Congratulating the Danville High School 2000 Division IV Championship Girls’ Basketball Team.

NO. R-271 (J.R.S. 99)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-272 (J.R.H. 214)
Congratulating the Norwich University Cadets 2000 Division III National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Ice Hockey Champions.

NO. R-273 (J.R.H. 215)
Congratulating the Colchester High School Lakers Girls Nordic Ski Team 2000 State Champions.

NO. R-274 (J.R.H. 216)
In memory of former Representative Giles Dewey.

NO. R-275 (J.R.H. 217)
Congratulating Ruth Hurlburt on her centennial birthday.

NO. R-276 (J.R.S. 97)
Congratulating Rabbi Solomon and Mrs. Marilyn Goldberg on the 40th Anniversary of their spiritual and community leadership of the Rutland Jewish Center.

NO. R-277 (J.R.S. 100)
Congratulating Donald M. Walker on receiving the Montpelier Rotary Club’s 2000 distinguished citizen of the year award.

NO. R-278 (J.R.S. 101)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-279 (J.R.H. 226)
Congratulating the Woodstock Union High School State championship athletic teams.

NO. R-280 (J.R.H. 229)
Honoring the Vermont Historical Society’s Exhibit “Baseball in Vermont: An Enduring Love of the Game”.

NO. R-281 (J.R.H. 218)
Honoring Miriam E. Nelson on 51 years as Norton Town Clerk and Treasurer.

NO. R-282 (J.R.H. 219)
Congratulating Chantal McKeage and Marissa Domanico on scoring over 1,000 points as members of the Canaan Eagles girls’ basketball team.

NO. R-283 (J.R.H. 220)
Congratulating the Rice Memorial High School 2000 Division I Championship Girls’ Basketball Team.

NO. R-284 (J.R.H. 221)
Congratulating the Rice Memorial High School 2000 Division I Championship Boys’ Basketball Team.

NO. R-285 (J.R.H. 222)
Congratulating Josie McQueen on her election as President of Police Chiefs’ Spouses.

NO. R-286 (J.R.H. 223)
Honoring Rosemary Finley on 17 years of service as Rutland City Clerk.

NO. R-287 (J.R.H. 224)
In memory of David B. “Bucky” Mattison.

NO. R-288 (J.R.H. 227)
Congratulating the Middlebury College Panthers Women’s Ice Hockey team on winning the Inaugural American Women’s Collegiate Hockey Association Division III National Championship.

NO. R-289 (J.R.H. 228)
Congratulating the Pea Picker Musicians of Bethel on their 35th anniversary.

NO. R-290 (J.R.S. 102)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-291 (J.R.H. 230)
Congratulating the 2000 America East Champion University of Vermont Catamount Women’s Basketball Team.

NO. R-292 (J.R.H. 231)
Congratulating the 1999 Mount St. Joseph Academy Division I Football and Debating Champions.

NO. R-293 (J.R.H. 232)
In memory of Brigadier General Robert Gray Maskiell of the Vermont Army National Guard.

NO. R-294 (J.R.S. 103)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-295 (J.R.H. 233)
Honoring Carroll Ketchum for his private and public sector contributions to the town of Bethel.

NO. R-296 (J.R.H. 234)
Honoring the Windsor County Youth Court on its receipt of the 2000 Vermont NEA Human and Civil Rights Award.

NO. R-297 (J.R.H. 235)
Congratulating the Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers 2000 Division II Championship Boys’ Basketball Team.

NO. R-298 (J.R.H. 236)
Congratulating the Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers on winning the 2000 Division II Girls’ Basketball Championship.

NO. R-299 (J.R.H. 237)
Honoring Becky Cassidy on the occasion of her retirement from 15 years of service to First Night Burlington.

NO. R-300 (J.R.H. 239)
Designating renewable energy awareness week.

NO. R-301 (J.R.H. 240)
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Merck Forest and Farmland Foundation.

NO. R-302 (J.R.H. 241)
In memory of Robert S. Franzoni.

NO. R-303 (J.R.H. 242)
Congratulating the First Congregational Church of Newfane on the occasion of the church’s 225th annual meeting.

NO. R-304 (J.R.H. 243)
In memory of Violet Carr.

NO. R-305 (J.R.S. 104)
Urging the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of the Interior to permanently protect the civil war site Hamilton’s Thicket near Fredericksburg, Virginia through its purchase by the Federal Government and addition to the existing Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.

NO. R-306 (J.R.H. 244)
In memory of Coach Stephen Philip Zemianek, Jr. of Mount Anthony Union High School.

NO. R-307 (J.R.H. 245)
Honoring the U.S. Navy Submarine Force on the occasion of its centennial anniversary.

NO. R-308 (J.R.H. 246)
Urging the annual ringing of bells on July 4.

NO. R-309 (J.R.H. 247)
Relating to family week.

NO. R-310 (J.R.H. 248)
Honoring Claire Oglesby for her exemplary career as a primary school teacher who instills in her students an appreciation for cultural diversity.

NO. R-311 (J.R.S. 106)
Resolution relating to Weekend Adjournment.

NO. R-312 (J.R.H. 251)
Designating the months of September, October and November 2000 as United Way months in Vermont.

NO. R-313 (J.R.H. 252)
Supporting the outstanding and educationally significant work of the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont and thanking their host institutions.

NO. R-314 (J.R.H. 253)
Congratulating Green Up 2000 poster contest winner Philip Bell of Montpelier.

NO. R-315 (J.R.H. 249)
In memory of Fred H. Stacy of Shaftsbury.

NO. R-316 (J.R.H. 250)
Congratulating the Pownal Valley 4-H sharpshooters.

NO. R-317 (J.R.H. 254)
Congratulating the 1999 Brattleboro Union High School Colonels Division I Baseball Champions and the 1999 American Legion Post 5 Vermont State Champions.

NO. R-318 (J.R.H. 256)
Congratulating William and Phyllis Tabor on their 50th wedding anniversary and on their career as superb oxen exhibitors.

NO. R-319 (J.R.H. 258)
Designating September 24 as juvenile diabetes awareness day.

NO. R-320 (J.R.H. 259)
Designating March 16, 2001 as Liberty Day.

NO. R-321 (J.R.H. 260)
Congratulating Richard Goodro on his distinguished municipal public service career in the town of Middlebury.

NO. R-322 (J.R.H. 261)
In memory of Giovanni “John” Zampieri.

NO. R-323 (J.R.H. 262)
In memory of former Commissioner of Fish and Game, Edward F. Kehoe.

NO. R-324 (J.R.S. 108)
Designating December 15 of each year as Bill of Rights Day.

NO. R-325 (J.R.H. 257)
Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam era.

NO. R-326 (J.R.H. 263)
Congratulating the Burlington Seahorses 1999 Division II Football Champions.

NO. R-327 (J.R.H. 264)
Commending the staff of the Sergeant at Arms and the Legislative Council for their extraordinary work performance during the 2000 legislative session.

NO. R-328 (J.R.H. 265)
In memory of Harold B. Bensen.

NO. R-329 (J.R.H. 266)
Congratulating Representative Marion Milne on her designation as the Women’s Caucus’ 2000 Woman Legislator of the Year.

NO. R-330 (J.R.H. 267)
Congratulating the Town of Halifax on the occasion of its 250th Anniversary.

NO. R-331 (J.R.H. 268)
Congratulating Mark Rodgers on being named as the recipient of the 1999 National Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder award.

NO. R-332 (J.R.H. 269)
Honoring the First USA-National Karate Federation (NKF) New England Junior Olympics.

NO. R-333 (J.R.S. 98)
Urging the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Congress to reconsider federal policies that restrict the cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp and related products.

NO. R-334 (J.R.H. 270)
Honoring Richard Brown for his community service in Bellows Falls.

NO. R-335 (J.R.H. 271)
In honor of Larry W. Messier for his career accomplishments as a public educator.

NO. R-336 (J.R.H. 272)
Congratulating the winners of the 2000 Miss Vermont National Teen Contest.

NO. R-337 (J.R.H. 273)
Honoring Peter Picard for his teaching and coaching accomplishments in the Winooski School District.

NO. R-338 (J.R.H. 274)
Honoring Vaughn T. Collins for his service as executive director of the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

NO. R-339 (J.R.H. 275)
Congratulating Maria Rinaldi of Winooski on her academic and personal achievements.

NO. R-340 (J.R.H. 276)
Congratulating the staff of the Essex IBM plant on its designation as an internationally leading semiconductor manufacturing facility.

NO. R-341 (J.R.S. 111)
Commemorating Equal Pay Day.

NO. R-342 (J.R.S. 107)
Urging the other 49 states to follow Vermont’s example and contribute three dollars to the National World War II Memorial for each of its veterans of that conflict.

NO. R-343 (J.R.S. 109)
Congratulating the St. Johnsbury Academy Team on winning third place at the 2000 National Finals Competition of “We the People…The Citizen and the Constitution”.

NO. R-344 (J.R.S. 110)
Congratulating the Willey’s Store in Greensboro on its centennial anniversary.

NO. R-345 (J.R.S. 113)
Final Adjournment of the General Assembly, May 31, 2000

NO. R-345 (J.R.S. 113)
Relating to Final Adjournment of the General Assembly in 2000, May 31, 2000.

NO. R-346 (J.R.H. 278)
Relating to Legislative Compensation for the 2000 Legislative Session after May 13, 2000.

NO. R-347 (J.R.S. 112)
Relating to Final Adjournment of the General Assembly.