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All Legislative Briefing - December 1, 2015

All Legislative Briefing - Preliminary Agenda November 2015
Video - All Legislative Briefing December 2015
Revenue Update - Tom Kavet, Legislative Economist
Budget Overview - Legislative Perspective - Stephen Klein, Joint Fiscal Office
Federal Funding Update - Marcia Howard, Federal Funds Information for the States
Current Education Challenges - Rebecca Holcombe, Agency of Education
Vermont Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

Information Technology Briefing - November 16, 2015

Information Technology Briefing - Agenda November 2015
Video - Information Technology Briefing November 2015
2015 IT Legislative Actions - JFO
IT Governance - What's New? - Mechling
State Information Technology and the Foreces of Change - Robinson
DII Project Management: Process and New Forms
DII - Commissioner's Perspective
Judiciary - CMS Update

All Legislative Briefing - November 19, 2014

Legislative Briefing Videos November 2014
Legislative Briefing Agenda November 2014
Economic and Revenue Review November 20, 2014
Revenue Update November 19, 2014
FY2015 Budget Adjustment and FY2016 Budget Gap November 2014
Program Budgeting November 2014
FY2016 Budget Context November 2014
Vermont Health Care Overview and Update November 2014
GMCB - Payment Reform Update November 2014
Round One and Two Grant November 2014
VT Health Care Innovation Project November 2014
Current Education Challenges November 2014

All Legislative Briefing - November 20, 2013

Legislative Briefing Agenda November 2013
Revenue Update November 2013
Review of FY2014 Budget Adj. and Program Budgeting November 2013
FY2015 Budget Context November 2013
Federal Funding Update November 2013
Retirement Issues November 2013

All Legislative Briefing - November 28, 2012

Legislative Briefing Agenda November 2012
Health Care November 2012
Mental Health November 2012
Irene Recovery November 2012
Reconstruction Projects November 2012
Revenue Update November 2012
FY13 BAA and FY14 Budget Gap November 2012
FY14 Budget Context November 2012

All Legislative Briefing - November 10, 2011

Legislative Briefing Agenda
I Am Vermont Strong - Irene Recovery Update
Preliminary Irene Damage
Economic and Revenue Review
FY 2012 & FY 2013 Budget Context updated 11-30-2011
The Green Mountain Care Board
Vermont Health Reform Implementation
Potential Key Health and Human Services Issues
Vermont's Energy Future

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