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Available Open-source Projects

Convert TDF to Online Datagrid

This two-part app saves an Excel document as a TDF file (tab-delimited file), then calls a VB.NET program that converts it to JSON for online use in a datagrid.

The JSON format is specifically for use with the DataTables jQuery plugin, which provides a robust web datagrid for displaying data online.

Languages and Technologies: Visual Basic 2012, .NET Framework 4.5, Console Application & MS Excel, VBA

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Make Online Chart

This compact C++ program converts a CSV file to a JSON format compatible with the new Google Charts API.

Specifically, this script was designed and tested to make a column chart, but it should work for bar charts, line charts, and area charts, with minor changes if any.

Languages and Technologies: Visual C++ 2012, .NET Framework 4.5, CLR Console Application

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File and Web Scraper

This tool lets you "scrape" the contents of a web site, directly from the hard drive (on a server or client). It must be given a starting file, which must be HTML, or another web programming filetype that has static links. This file and web scraper will not work with server-side code that generates links, as it operates in the filesystem, not by scraping a website using HTTP.

The output of this tool is a JSON file, which contains the connections between "nodes" or pages. Each node has a value for the name of the current page, and an array of paths coming out from that page. For each path outward from a given node, the name, node and date of the pointed-to node is stored (the date is any text following the anchor tag). This creates a web of connections between the many links on the site.

Languages and Technologies: Visual Basic 2012, .NET Framework 4.5, Console Application

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Update RSS Feed

Allows users to add new items to an RSS feed without any required programming or XML editing skills.
This app has a simple user-interface centering around a form, where the title, link, and date of an RSS feed posting can be entered.
All entries are verified to fit the field format (date, hyperlink, etc), and XML entities are escaped to keep the RSS feed as a valid XML document.
This app has the added benefit of automatically uploading the RSS feed to your web server (you'll have to enter FTP connection details yourself in the source code).

Languages and Technologies: Visual Basic 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Forms

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