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Main Line 802-828-2295
Stephen Klein Chief Fiscal Officer 802-828-5769
Catherine Benham Associate Fiscal Officer/Chief Operating Officer: Institutions, Education, Information Technology 802-828-0111
Stephanie Barrett Associate Fiscal Officer: Senate Appropriations, Medicaid 802-828-5973
Maria Belliveau Associate Fiscal Officer: House Appropriations, Energy 802-828-5971
Joyce Manchester Senior Economist/Associate Fiscal Officer: Health Care Finance, Data and Economic Analysis 802-828-3099
Sorsha Anderson Staff Associate: House Ways and Means 802-828-5622
Rebecca Buck Staff Associate: Senate Appropriations, HR Administrator 802-828-5969
Graham Campbell Fiscal Analyst: Revenue, Tax 802-828-5768
Dan Dickerson Financial Manager/Fiscal Analyst: Revenue, Tax, Transportation 802-828-2472
Jeremy Fonte Systems Analyst: Webmaster, Office Finance 802-828-5968
Nolan Langweil Senior Fiscal Analyst: Health Care Finance 802-828-1043
Mark Perrault Senior Fiscal Analyst: Education Finance/Property Taxes 802-828-5972
Neil Schickner Senior Fiscal Analyst: Transportation 802-828-5977
Theresa Utton-Jerman Staff Associate: House Appropriations, Joint Fiscal Committee, Public Records Officer 802-828-5767
Chloe Wexler Legislative Fiscal Data Analyst: Property Tax Modeling 802-828-1488