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State of Vermont

House of Representatives

Montpelier, Vermont

Joint House Resolution

J.R.H.  26

Joint resolution urging Congress to enact H.R. 676, the National Health Insurance Act (or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act)

Offered by:  Representatives Obuchowski of Rockingham, Pearson of Burlington, McFaun of Barre Town, Ancel of Calais, Anderson of Montpelier, Andrews of Rutland City, Aswad of Burlington, Atkins of Winooski, Audette of S. Burlington, Barnard of Richmond, Bissonnette of Winooski, Botzow of Pownal, Bray of New Haven, Browning of Arlington, Chen of Mendon, Cheney of Norwich, Clark of Vergennes, Clarkson of Woodstock, Condon of Colchester, Consejo of Sheldon, Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford, Corcoran of Bennington, Courcelle of Rutland City, Davis of Washington, Deen of Westminster, Devereux of Mount Holly, Donovan of Burlington, Dostis of Waterbury, Edwards of Brattleboro, Emmons of Springfield, Evans of Essex, Fallar of Tinmouth, Fisher of Lincoln, Fitzgerald of St. Albans City, Frank of Underhill, French of Randolph, Gilbert of Fairfax, Godin of Milton, Grad of Moretown, Haas of Rochester, Head of S. Burlington, Heath of Westford, Hosford of Waitsfield, Howard of Rutland City, Hunt of Essex, Hutchinson of Randolph, Jerman of Essex, Jewett of Ripton, Johnson of South Hero, Keenan of St. Albans City, Keogh of Burlington, Kitzmiller of Montpelier, Klein of East Montpelier, Larson of Burlington, Lenes of Shelburne, Leriche of Hardwick, Lippert of Hinesburg, Lorber of Burlington, Maier of Middlebury, Malcolm of Pawlet, Manwaring of Wilmington, Marcotte of Coventry, Marek of Newfane, Martin of Springfield, Martin of Wolcott, Masland of Thetford, McCormack of Rutland City, McCullough of Williston, Milkey of Brattleboro, Miller of Shaftsbury, Minter of Waterbury, Mitchell of Barnard, Monti of Barre City, Moran of Wardsboro, Morley of Barton, Mrowicki of Putney, Nease of Johnson, Nuovo of Middlebury, O'Donnell of Vernon, Ojibway of Hartford, Orr of Charlotte, Partridge of Windham, Pellett of Chester, Peltz of Woodbury, Perry of Richford, Pillsbury of Brattleboro, Potter of Clarendon, Pugh of S. Burlington, Randall of Troy, Rodgers of Glover, Shand of Weathersfield, Sharpe of Bristol, Smith of Morristown, Spengler of Colchester, Stevens of Shoreham, Sweaney of Windsor, Trombley of Grand Isle, Westman of Cambridge, Weston of Burlington, Wheeler of Derby, Zenie of Colchester and Zuckerman of Burlington

Whereas, every person in Vermont and in the United States deserves access to affordable, quality health care, and



Whereas, there is a growing crisis in health care in the United States of America, manifested in rising health care costs, increased premiums, increased out-of-pocket spending, and decreased international business competitiveness, and

Whereas, approximately 61,000 Vermonters lacked health insurance as of 2005, and

Whereas, consumer health care insurance costs have grown considerably since 2000, and these expanded costs have resulted in higher school and municipal budgets which increase the property tax burden placed on all Vermonters, and

Whereas, the establishment of new small businesses can be a major force contributing to an improved Vermont economy, and health care concerns should not be a barrier to this important economic stimulus, and

Whereas, many individuals are dissuaded from establishing their own business enterprises because they fear that leaving their current job will mean a loss of health insurance coverage, and

Whereas, those insured are all too often underinsured, and

Whereas, one-half of all personal bankruptcies are due to illnesses or medical bills, and

Whereas, the increasing expense of Medicaid and the rising costs of insuring public sector employees can best be met by creating a national publicly funded health insurance program, and

Whereas, the complex bureaucracy arising from our fragmented, for-profit, multi-payer system of health care financing consumes approximately 30 percent of U.S. health care spending while Medicare has a three-percent overhead, and

Whereas, U.S. Representative John Conyers has introduced H.R.676, the United States National Health Insurance Act (or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act), and

Whereas, this act would provide a universal and comprehensive system of high quality national health insurance, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly urges Congress to enact H.R.676, the United States National Health Insurance Act (or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act), and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the members of the Vermont Congressional Delegation.




____________________________              Attested to:

Gaye R. Symington

Speaker of the House


____________________________              ____________________________

Brian E. Dubie                                             Donald G. Milne

President of the Senate                               Clerk, House of Representatives



Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont