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State of Vermont

House of Representatives

Montpelier, Vermont

Joint House Resolution

J.R.H.  15

Joint resolution requesting Congress to commence impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States

Offered by:  Representatives Pillsbury of Brattleboro, Zuckerman of Burlington, Aswad of Burlington, Davis of Washington, Donovan of Burlington, Edwards of Brattleboro, French of Randolph, Haas of Rochester, Hutchinson of Randolph, Leriche of Hardwick, Marek of Newfane, Masland of Thetford, McCullough of Williston, Mitchell of Barnard, Mrowicki of Putney, Nuovo of Middlebury, Pearson of Burlington, Randall of Troy, Rodgers of Glover and Sharpe of Bristol

Whereas, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath and duty to execute faithfully the office of President, and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution, has violated federal law and subverted the United States Constitution by undermining the rights and protections of our citizens and by impairing the administration of justice by:

(1)        Repeatedly and intentionally violating the Constitution and laws of the United States, particularly the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the 1949 Geneva Conventions, the Convention Against Torture (CAT), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), all of which are parts of the supreme law of the land under Article VI of the Constitution, and

(2)        Appending "signing statements" to legislation asserting his purported right to ignore laws as he alone sees fit, and

Whereas, George W. Bush has acted to strip Americans of their constitutional rights by ordering indefinite detention without access to legal counsel, without charge, or opportunity to appear before a judge to challenge their detention based solely on a discretionary designation by the President as "enemy combatants," all in derogation and subversion of the law, and

Whereas, on numerous occasions, George W. Bush has:

(1)  Ordered the National Security Agency (NSA) to intercept and record telephone and other communications without warrants required by FISA and the Constitution, and

(2)  Designated American citizens as "enemy combatants" in violation of due process guarantees and Presidential authority, and

Whereas, George W. Bush has abused his power by allowing, encouraging, and condoning crimes of torture, failing to prosecute senior officials responsible for torture, and refusing to accept and obey statutory bans on cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, and

Whereas, George W. Bush has violated his oath of office by invading Iraq illegally without just cause or reason, in contravention of his constitutional obligation that the laws be executed faithfully, and

Whereas, by making war on Iraq, based on intentionally misleading or recklessly false information, George W. Bush has committed criminal fraud against the United States and has subverted the Constitution and its guarantee of republican government and the separation of powers by undercutting the rightful authority of Congress to declare war, oversee foreign affairs, and make appropriations, and

Whereas, in all of this, George W. Bush has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States, and

Whereas, George W. Bush, by such misconduct, warrants impeachment and trial and removal from office, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly finds the existence of good cause for the submission of these impeachment charges to the United States House of Representatives under Section 603 of the Manual of the Rules of the United States House of Representatives as grounds for the impeachment, trial, and removal of George W. Bush as President of the United States, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Clerk of the United States House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary, to Representatives John Conyers and Lamar Smith, the chair and ranking member, respectively, of the Committee and to the members of the Vermont Congressional Delegation.




____________________________              Attested to:

Gaye R. Symington

Speaker of the House


____________________________              ____________________________

Brian E. Dubie                                             Donald G. Milne

President of the Senate                               Clerk, House of Representatives



Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont