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State of Vermont

House of Representatives

Montpelier, Vermont

Joint Concurrent House Resolution

H.C.R.  142

House concurrent resolution thanking the utility crews, municipal employees, community organizations, and volunteers who assisted Rutland County in its storm-recovery effort

Offered by:  Representatives McCormack of Rutland City, Acinapura of Brandon, Andrews of Rutland City, Baker of West Rutland, Chen of Mendon, Courcelle of Rutland City, Flory of Pittsford, Howard of Rutland City, Howrigan of Fairfield, Malcolm of Pawlet, Potter of Clarendon, Sunderland of Rutland Town and Trombley of Grand Isle

Offered by:  Senators Carris, Maynard and Mullin

Whereas, on Monday, April 16, 2007, Rutland County experienced a storm that one climatologist described as a “nor’hurricane,” combining the attributes of both a nor’easter, which it was officially, and a hurricane in recognition of its severity with measured wind speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour, and

Whereas, the storm, Rutland County’s worst since the 1938 hurricane, hit Rutland City especially hard, and

Whereas, more than 60,000 Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) customers lost power, including the utility’s own headquarters which then switched to its emergency generator, and

Whereas, no storm had ever caused more damage to the CVPS infrastructure in the company’s 77-year history, an estimated $3.5 million worth of damage to utility equipment alone, and

Whereas, CVPS marshaled the largest storm‑recovery effort in its history with 204 line and tree crews, consisting of nearly 300 line workers, 100 tree cutters, and hundreds of support staff, including dozens of personnel from utilities and other corporations on both sides of the international border, who rushed to Rutland County and other parts of the state to provide invaluable assistance to CVPS as it worked intensively to restore power, and

Whereas, despite the magnitude of the storm, the nature of the electrical disruption, and the duration of the outages, the repair and restoration work was completed without any significant injuries to workers or citizens, and

Whereas, those companies contributing to this gigantic power restoration project included utilities and other line crew providers, including:  the Burlington Electric Department, Green Mountain Power, the Ludlow Electric Light Department, Vermont Marble Company, Vermont Electric Cooperative, Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), Energy East-Rochester Gas and Electric (New York), Hydro One (Ontario), Thiro, U.S.A. Inc. (Connecticut),  Halpin Line Construction (Massachusetts), Charles Curtis Construction (Vermont), Bemis Line Construction (Vermont), Smith Construction (Vermont), Northline Utilities Company (New York), Three Phase Line Construction (New Hampshire), and Grattan Line Construction (Massachusetts); tree crews from Vaillancourt Tree Service (Vermont), Cummings & Son Land Clearing (Vermont), New England Tree Service (Vermont), Asplundh Tree Expert Company (Pennsylvania), New England Tree Service (Vermont), Davey Tree Expert Company (Ohio), Trees Incorporated (Vermont), and McLeod Brothers (New Hampshire); and traffic control support from three Vermont companies:  Hunter North Associates, Green Mountain Traffic Control, and ADA Mountain Traffic Control, and

Whereas, among the many outstanding companies that assisted CVPS was its hometown neighbor VELCO which helped to coordinate communications among utilities and public safety officials and facilitated helicopter flights to pinpoint system and community damage, and

     Whereas, VELCO’s essential role as Vermont’s electric power reliability resource was also exhibited when it provided a sizeable generator to assist Rutland City to pump water out of residents’ basements, and

     Whereas, the Rutland City police and fire departments, the American Red Cross, the Rutland Open Door Mission, and the Paramount Theatre, among others, provided invaluable assistance and support in the cleanup and recovery effort, and

Whereas, eighteen members of the Brandon Fire Department and their spouses, under the outstanding leadership of Chief Robert Kilpeck, fed, sheltered, and assisted hundreds of persons with the able assistance of the Brandon American Legion, and

Whereas, local media, including the Rutland Herald, WJJR, Cat Country, WEBK, and WSYB, provided a tremendous public service by informing the public of safety and storm restoration issues, and

Whereas, on Saturday, April 21, nearly 100 volunteers, including Mayor Christopher Louras and U.S. Representative Peter Welch, and members of the Castleton State student government, with special support from 40 employees of Casella Waste Systems, came out in a vibrant show of community support to lend a hand in the massive cleanup campaign, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly expresses its sincere appreciation to everyone, both professional and volunteer, who worked so diligently in the Rutland  County storm-recovery effort, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Bob Young at Central Vermont Public Service, to John Donleavy at Vermont Electric Power Company, to John Casella at Casella Waste Systems, to Rutland City Mayor Christopher Louras, to the American Red Cross in Rutland, to the Rutland Open Door Mission, to the Paramount Theatre, to the Castleton State College student government, and to all the Vermont and out-of-state companies that provided invaluable assistance in this historic storm‑recovery effort.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont