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Journal of the Senate


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Senate was called to order by the President pro tempore.

Devotional Exercises

Devotional exercises were conducted by Chaplain Miriam Buchanan of Berlin.

Message from the House No. 30

     A message was received from the House of Representatives by Ms. Wrask, its Second Assistant Clerk, as follows:

Mr. President:

I am directed to inform the Senate the Governor has informed the House of Representatives that on the eighth day of March, 2007, he approved and signed bills originating in the House of the following titles:

H. 128.  An act relating to approval of an amendment to the charter of the town of Bradford.

H. 131.  An act relating to approval of an amendment to the charter of the village of North Troy.

Bill Introduced

Senate bill of the following title was introduced, read the first time and referred:

S. 180.

By Senator White,

An act relating to size of accessory dwelling units.

To the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

Bill Referred to Committee on Finance

S. 170.

Senate Committee bill of the following title, appearing on the Calendar for notice, and affecting the revenue of the state, under the rule was referred to the Committee on Finance:

An act relating to rights of family members, funeral directors and crematory operators concerning the disposition of bodily remains and funeral goods and services.

Consideration Postponed

S. 116.

Senate bill entitled:

An act relating to miscellaneous election law amendments.

Was taken up.

Thereupon, without objection consideration of the bill was postponed until the next legislative day.

Bills Passed

Senate bills of the following titles were severally read the third time and passed:

S. 128.

An act relating to eliminating certain sunsets on forensic examinations at designated hospitals.

S. 167.

An act relating to voter registration.

Joint Resolution Adopted on the Part of the Senate

J.R.S. 22.

Joint Senate resolution entitled:

     Joint resolution urging Congress to enact S. 340 the “Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits, and Security Act of 2007” (the AgJOBS Act of 2007).

Having been placed on the Calendar for action, was taken up and adopted on the part of the Senate.


On motion of Senator Mazza, the Senate adjourned until eleven o’clock and thirty minutes in the morning.


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont