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Journal of the Senate


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Senate was called to order by the President.

Devotional Exercises

Devotional exercises were conducted by the Reverend Terry Dorsett of Barre.

Pledge of Allegiance

The President then led the members of the Senate in the pledge of allegiance.

Committee Bill Introduced

Senate committee bill of the following title was introduced, read the first time, and, under the rule, placed on the Calendar for notice tomorrow:

S. 83.

By the Committee on Government Operations,

An act relating to delinquent tax penalties.

Bills Introduced

Senate bills of the following titles were severally introduced, read the first time and referred:

S. 84.

By Senators Cummings and Condos,

An act relating to prompt payment of electronic prescription drug claims.

To the Committee on Health and Welfare.

S. 85.

By Senators Coppenrath, Campbell, Collins, Condos, Illuzzi, Kitchel, Maynard, Miller, Mulling and Scott,

An act relating to mass media activity disclosure.

To the Committee on Government Operations.

S. 86.

By Senators Coppenrath, Starr, Condos, Doyle, Kittell, McCormack, Mullin and Racine,

An act relating to a statewide secondary student assessment program.

To the Committee on Education.

S. 87.

By Senators Cummings and MacDonald,

An act relating to giving consumers notice of the right to buy prescriptions from retail pharmacies for the same co-pay as from mail-order pharmacies.

To the Committee on Health and Welfare.

S. 88.

By Senators Coppenrath and MacDonald,

An act relating to lifetime revocation of a hunting license of a person convicted of manslaughter by the careless and reckless use of a firearm.

To the Committee on Judiciary.

S. 89.

By Senator Nitka,

An act relating to permitting payment of rent into court pursuant to a commercial lease.

To the Committee on Judiciary.

Rules Suspended; Committee Relieved of Further Consideration; Bill Committed

H. 213.

On motion of Senator Kittell, the rules were suspended, and H. 213 was taken up for immediate consideration, for the purpose of relieving the Committee on Agriculture from further consideration of the bill. Thereupon, on motion of Senator Kittell, the Committee on Agriculture was relieved of House bill entitled:

An act relating to interim assistance to the dairy industry and the development of long-term goals for a viable agricultural sector.

and the bill was committed to the Committee on Appropriations.

Rules Suspended; Third Reading Ordered

S.R. 11.

Appearing on the Calendar for notice, on motion of Senator Shumlin, the rules were suspended and Senate resolution entitled:

Senate resolution calling for the orderly withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq to commence immediately.

Was taken up for immediate consideration.

Senator Miller, for the Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs, to which the resolution was referred, reported that the resolution be adopted.

Thereupon, the resolution was read the second time by title only pursuant to Rule 43, and third reading of the resolution was ordered on a roll call, Yeas 24, Nays 5.

Senator Campbell having demanded the yeas and nays, they were taken and are as follows:

Roll Call

Those Senators who voted in the affirmative were: Ayer, Bartlett, Campbell, Carris, Collins, Condos, Cummings, Flanagan, Giard, Hartwell, Illuzzi, Kitchel, Kittell, Lyons, MacDonald, Mazza, Miller, Nitka, Racine, Sears, Shumlin, Snelling, Starr, White.

Those Senators who voted in the negative were: Coppenrath, Doyle, Maynard, Mullin, Scott.

The Senator absent and not voting was: McCormack.


On motion of Senator Shumlin, the Senate adjourned until one o’clock and thirty minutes in the afternoon on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
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