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Journal of the House



At nine o'clock and thirty minutes in the forenoon the Speaker called the House to order.

Devotional Exercises

Devotional exercises were conducted by Reverend Gill Ott of Trinity United Methodist Church, Montpelier.

Pages Honored

In appreciation of their many services to the members of the General Assembly, the Speaker recognized the following named Pages who are completing their service today and presented them with commemorative pins:

                             Page Kelsey Bean of Essex

                             Page James T. Donahue of Northfield

                             Page Evan Hollar of Montpelier

                             Page Alyssa Johnson-Kurts of Worcester/Middlesex

                             Page Theresa Kehne of Calais

                             Page Will Kunin of South Burlington

                             Page Sarah Levine of Westminster

                             Page Trisha Morley of Barton

                             Page George Parke of Stowe

                             Page Mikayla Peront of Bethel

Senate Bills Referred

Senate bills of the following titles were severally taken up, read the first time and referred as follows:

S. 241

Senate bill, entitled

An act relating to the special veteran and gold star registration plates;

To the committee on Transportation.

S. 313

Senate bill, entitled

An act relating to a license to store and ship wine;

To the committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs.

Joint Resolution Adopted in Concurrence

J.R.S. 52

Joint resolution, entitled

Joint resolution relating to weekend adjournment;

     By Senator Shumlin,

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That when the two Houses adjourn on Friday, February 15, 2008, it be to meet again no later than Tuesday, February 19, 2008.

Was taken up read and adopted in concurrence.

Joint Resolution Read Third Time and Adopted

J.R.H. 46

Joint resolution, entitled

Joint resolution advocating withdrawal of proposed U.S. Treasury regulation that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service issued on September 28, 2007 eliminating the deductibility of reserves of a captive insurance company participating in a consolidated federal income tax return;

Was taken up read the third time and adopted on the part of the House.


At nine o’clock  and fifty minutes in the forenoon, on motion of Rep. Komline of Dorset, the House adjourned until Tuesday, February 19, 2008, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the provisions of J.R.S. 52.

Concurrent Resolutions Adopted

     The following concurrent resolutions, having been placed on the Consent Calendar on the preceding legislative day, and no member having requested floor consideration  as provided by the Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives, are hereby adopted in concurrence.

H.C.R. 211

House concurrent resolution honoring Donna Hogan of Rutland for her leadership roles at the Vermont Grocers’ Association and in her community

H.C.R. 212

House concurrent resolution in memory of Benjamin T. Carr

S.C.R. 32. 

Senate concurrent resolution in memory of Daniel G. Bonfigli of Essex.

     [The full text of the concurrent resolutions appeared in the Senate and House Calendar Addendum on the preceding legislative day and will appear in the volume of the Public Acts and Resolves of the 2008, sixty-ninth  Adjourned session]


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont