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Journal of the House



At ten o'clock in the forenoon the Speaker called the House to order.

Devotional Exercises

Devotional exercises were conducted by Rep. David Sharpe of Bristol.

Pledge of Allegiance

Page Evan Hollar of Montpelier led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance.

House Bills Introduced

House bills of the following titles were severally introduced.  Pending first reading of the bills, on motion of Rep. Komline of Dorset, the rules were suspended and the bills were read the first time by number and referred as follows:

H. 604

By Reps. Davis of Washington, Helm of Castleton, Botzow of Pownal, Mitchell of Barnard and Sharpe of Bristol,

An act to relating to exempting biodiesel fuel produced by an individual for personal use from the motor fuel tax;

To the committee on Ways and Means.

H. 605

By Rep. Chen of Mendon,

An act relating to homestead declaration checkoff;

To the committee on Ways and Means.

H. 606

By Rep. Chen of Mendon,

An act relating to property tax adjustment ineligibility;

To the committee on Ways and Means


H. 607

By Rep. Nuovo of Middlebury,

An act relating to municipal authority to set speed limits on state and town highways;

To the committee on Transportation.

H. 608

By Rep. Chen of Mendon,

An act relating to clarifying that some homeworkers are independent contractors;

To the committee on Commerce.

H. 609

By Reps. Mrowicki of Putney, Edwards of Brattleboro, Frank of Underhill, French of Randolph, Haas of Rochester, Orr of Charlotte and Pugh of South Burlington,

An act relating to evacuation of children and the elderly;

To the committee on Government Operations.

H. 610

By Reps. Branagan of Georgia and Barnard of Richmond,

An act relating to hunting and fishing licenses for members of the United States military and the Vermont National Guard;

To the committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources.

H. 611

By Rep. Pillsbury of Brattleboro,

An act relating to making the impersonation of a security guard a criminal offense.

To the committee on Judiciary.

House Concurrent Resolution Referred to Committee

H.C.R. 170

Rep. Obuchowski of Rockingham offered a concurrent resolution, entitled

House concurrent resolution urging the states of Vermont and New Hampshire to work cooperatively to establish a New England regional presidential primary;

Whereas, for many decades, the state of New Hampshire, pursuant to section 653 of the New Hampshire Statutes, has conducted the nation’s first presidential primary at least seven days prior to any other similar primary, and

Whereas, the New Hampshire statute also provides for that election to be held on the second Tuesday in March unless the New Hampshire secretary of state determines that an earlier date is required to meet the specific timing requirements of the law, and

Whereas, because of the acceleration of the presidential primary schedule, the New Hampshire primary has been scheduled earlier and earlier, and the 2008 date was January 8, and

Whereas, this rescheduling, necessitated by other states’ decisions to schedule their presidential primaries in late January and early February, has forced an earlier initiation of intensive campaigning and clustered primaries across the country on a few dates in February and the beginning of March, and

Whereas, this truncated primary schedule poses logistical challenges for candidates, and

Whereas, the states’ leapfrogging each other has now caused intraparty disputes between national and state political parties, with the national party committees voting to deny more than one state’s delegates due to violations of the national parties’ primary scheduling rules, and

Whereas, scholars and political activists have examined the establishment of regional primaries as an alternative to the states’ increasing proclivity to leapfrog each other when scheduling their presidential primaries in order to claim the earliest possible date and the attendant publicity and perceived political influence, and

Whereas, were a New England regional primary established, it could set a precedent for other regions to establish primaries based on a more logically staggered schedule and end the unprecedented competition between the states that has occurred this presidential primary election season, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly invites the New Hampshire General Court to work cooperatively to establish the framework for a regional New England presidential primary, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to New Hampshire Speaker of the House Terie Norelli, New Hampshire Senate President Sylvia Larsen, and New Hampshire Secretary of State William M. Gardner.

Was taken up and, in the Speaker’s discretion, treated as a bill and referred to the committee on Government Operations.

Bill Amended; Third Reading Ordered

H. 550

Rep. Manwaring of Wilmington, for the committee on Government Operations, to which had been referred House bill, entitled

An act relating to approval of amendment to the charter of the city of South Burlington regarding voter approval of city and school district budgets;

Reported in favor of its passage when amended by striking Sec. 3 in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof a new Sec. 3 as to read as follows:


This act shall take effect upon passage.

The bill, having appeared on the Calendar one day for notice, was taken up, read the second time, report of the committee on Government Operations agreed to and third reading ordered.


At ten o’clock and twenty-five minutes in the forenoon, on motion of Rep. Komline of Dorset, the House adjourned until tomorrow at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Concurrent Resolutions Adopted

     The following concurrent resolutions, having been placed on the Consent Calendar on the preceding legislative day, and no member having requested floor consideration  as provided by the Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives, are hereby adopted in concurrence.

H.C.R. 164

House concurrent resolution congratulating Gladys Walker on her 100th birthday

H.C.R. 165

House concurrent resolution honoring Janet Leonard for her 30 years of dedicated service to the Vermont General Assembly

H.C.R. 166

House concurrent resolution recognizing the academic achievements of the Addison Central Supervisory Union’s Essential Early Education and Early Education Initiative Programs

H.C.R. 167

House concurrent resolution congratulating Becky Auger on being named the 2008 Vermont-NEA Education Support Professional of the Year

H.C.R. 168

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Burtland Farm in Georgia as a recipient of a 2006 Lake Champlain Farm Award

H.C.R. 169

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2007 Bellows Free Academy Bullets 2007 Division III championship boys’ cross-country team

H.C.R. 171

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Jelly Bean Tree crafts cooperative on its 30th anniversary

H.C.R. 172

House concurrent resolution congratulating Vermont Business Magazine 5x5x5 Award winners Chamberlain Machine, Inc. and Chroma Technology Corporation of Bellows Falls

H.C.R. 173

House concurrent resolution congratulating Mary Lou Smith on her designation as the 2007 Vermont Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year

H.C.R. 174

House concurrent resolution congratulating the town of Brookline on the completion of its municipal office building addition

H.C.R. 175

House concurrent resolution honoring Douglas MacPhee, the voice of Bellows Falls Union High School football

S.C.R. 25. 

     Senate concurrent resolution congratulating Bernie Gonyaw on his retirement as the press foreman at the Newport Express.

     [The full text of the concurrent resolutions appeared in the Senate and House Calendar Addendum on the preceding legislative day and will appear in the volume of the Public Acts and Resolves of the 2008, sixty-ninth  Adjourned session]


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
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