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House Calendar



House Convenes at 9:30 AM


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Favorable with Amendment

H. 550  Charter Amendment City of South Burlington.......................................   7



(See Addendum to House and Senate Calendar)

H.C.R. 164  Congratulating Gladys Walker on 100th Birthday........................... 7 

H.C.R. 165  Honoring Janet Leonard for 30 Years of Service..........................   7

H.C.R. 166  Achievements of Addison Union’s Early Education  Programs........ 7

H.C.R. 167  Congratulating Becky Auger VT-NEA Support Person.................. 8

H.C.R. 168  Burtland Farm in Georgia Lake Champlain Farm Award................ 8

H.C.R. 169  BFA Bullets Division III Championship Cross-Country Team......... 8

H.C.R. 170  Urging VT & NH to Establish Presidential Primary......................... 8

H.C.R. 171  Congratulating Jelly Bean Tree Crafts 30th Anniversary.................. 8

H.C.R. 172  Congratulating VT Business Magazine 5x5x5 Award...................... 8

H.C.R. 173  Congratulating Mary Lou Smith Phys Ed Teacher of Year.............. 8

H.C.R. 174  Congratulating Brookline for Municipal Office Addition.................. 8

H.C.R. 175  Honoring Douglas MacPhee Bellows Falls Football Voice.............. 8

S.C.R.  25  Congratulating Bernie Gonyaw Retiring from Newport Express........ 8







Favorable with Amendment

H. 550

     An act relating to approval of amendment to the charter of the city of South Burlington regarding voter approval of city and school district budgets.

Rep. Manwaring of Wilmington, for the Committee on Government Operations, recommends the bill be amended as follows by striking Sec. 3 in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof a new Sec. 3 as follows:


This act shall take effect upon passage.


(Committee vote: 11-0-0)


Concurrent Resolutions for Notice Under Joint Rule 16

     The following concurrent resolutions have been introduced for approval by the House and Senate and have been printed in the Senate and House Addendum to today’s calendars. These will be adopted automatically unless a member requests floor consideration before the end of the session of the next legislative day.  Requests for floor consideration should be communicated to the Clerk of the House or to a member of his staff.

(For text of Resolutions, see Addendum to House Notice Calendar for Friday, January 11, 2008)

H.C.R. 164

House concurrent resolution congratulating Gladys Walker on her 100th birthday

H.C.R. 165

House concurrent resolution honoring Janet Leonard for her 30 years of dedicated service to the Vermont General Assembly

H.C.R. 166

House concurrent resolution recognizing the academic achievements of the Addison Central Supervisory Union’s Essential Early Education and Early Education Initiative Programs



H.C.R. 167

House concurrent resolution congratulating Becky Auger on being named the 2008 Vermont-NEA Education Support Professional of the Year

H.C.R. 168

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Burtland Farm in Georgia as a recipient of a 2006 Lake Champlain Farm Award

H.C.R. 169

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2007 Bellows Free Academy Bullets 2007 Division III championship boys’ cross-country team

H.C.R. 170

House concurrent resolution urging the states of Vermont and New Hampshire to work cooperatively to establish a New England regional presidential primary

H.C.R. 171

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Jelly Bean Tree crafts cooperative on its 30th anniversary

H.C.R. 172

House concurrent resolution congratulating Vermont Business Magazine 5x5x5 Award winners Chamberlain Machine, Inc. and Chroma Technology Corporation of Bellows Falls

H.C.R. 173

House concurrent resolution congratulating Mary Lou Smith on her designation as the 2007 Vermont Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year

H.C.R. 174

House concurrent resolution congratulating the town of Brookline on the completion of its municipal office building addition

H.C.R. 175

House concurrent resolution honoring Douglas MacPhee, the voice of Bellows Falls Union High School football

S.C.R. 25. 

     Senate concurrent resolution congratulating Bernie Gonyaw on his retirement as the press foreman at the Newport Express.




Wednesday, January 23, 2008 – 6:00 – 8:00 PM;  Room 11 – Senate Committee on Judiciary – S. 238 Regulating Drugs: Marijuana; S. 250 Drug Trafficking

Joint Public Hearing on Fiscal Year 2009 budget

Vermont Interactive Television

Appropriations Committees


Monday, February 11, 2008, 4:30-7:00 p.m. – The House and Senate Appropriations Committees will hold a joint public hearing on Vermont Interactive Television (V.I.T.) to give Vermonters throughout the state an opportunity to express their views about the State budget for fiscal year 2009.   All V.I.T. sites will be available for the hearing:  Bennington, Brattleboro, Castleton, Johnson, Lyndonville, Middlebury, Montpelier, Newport, Randolph Center, Rutland, Springfield, St. Albans, Waterbury, White River Junction and Williston.  V.I.T.’s web site at has an up-to-date location listing, including driving directions, addresses and telephone numbers.


For information about the format of this event, interested parties may call the House Appropriations Committee office at 802-828-2251. 



Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 2 PM – Governor’s Budget Message


Deadline for Introducing Bills

     Pursuant to Rule 40(b) of the Rules and Orders of the Vermont House of Representatives, during the second year of the biennium, except with the prior consent of the Committee on Rules, no member may introduce a bill into the House drafted in standard form after the last day of January or submit any requests to the legislative Council that a bill be drafted in this form later than the fifteenth day of January.   


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