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House Calendar



House Convenes at 9:00 AM


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(See Addendum to Senate Calendar)

H.C.R.   7  Congratulating David Ball on Football Career                                 9

H.C.R.   8  Congratulating Vergennes UHS Girls’ Soccer Team                       9

H.C.R.   9  Congratulating Danville Boys’ Soccer Team                                    9

H.C.R.  10  Congratulating Danville Baseball Team                                           9

H.C.R.  11  Congratulating Pierce-Lawton Post 37 Baseball Team                   9

H.C.R.  12  Congratulating Bellows Falls UHS Track and Field Team  10

H.C.R.  13  Congratulating VT Attractions Assn. 50th Anniversary                    10

H.C.R.  14  Congratulating McGirr’s Nursing Home on 40th Anniversary          10

H.C.R.  15  Honoring Jeff Benay for Service on Native American Affairs          10








Concurrent Resolutions for Notice Under Joint Rule 16

     The following concurrent resolutions have been introduced for approval by the House and Senate and have been printed in the Senate Addendum to Thursday’s calendar. These will be adopted automatically unless a member requests floor consideration before the end of the session of the next legislative day.  Requests for floor consideration should be communicated to the Clerk of the House or to a member of his staff.

(For text of Resolutions, see Addendum to Senate Notice Calendar for Thursday, January 11, 2007)

H.C.R.  7

House concurrent resolution congratulating David Ball of Orange on his extraordinary college football career

H.C.R.  8

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Vergennes Union High School Commodores 2006 Division II championship girls’ soccer team

H.C.R.  9

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2006 Danville School Indians Division IV championship boys’ soccer team

H.C.R.  10

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2006 Danville Indians Division IV championship baseball team

H.C.R.  11

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Pierce-Lawton Post 37 baseball team on winning the 2006 American Legion’s Vermont state championship

H.C.R.  12

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2006 Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers Division II track and field championship team


H.C.R.  13

House concurrent resolution congratulating the Vermont Attractions Association on its 50th anniversary

H.C.R.  14

House concurrent resolution congratulating McGirr’s Nursing home on its 40th anniversary

H.C.R.  15

House concurrent resolution honoring Jeff Benay for his service as chair of the governor’s advisory commission on Native American affairs


     Tuesday, January 23, 2007   2:00  PM   Governor’s Budget message



Wednesday, January 17, 3:30 to 5:00 – Room 11

Thursday, January 18, 3:30 to 5:00 – Room 11

Friday, January 19, 1:30 to 3:00 – Room 11

     Subject:  Sexual Harassment Training Sessions

Participants:  All Members of the House and staff. [Participants are asked to sign up for one of these three sessions with Alexandra Maclean, Assistant to the Speaker. The sessions are most effective with no more than 50 participants in each.]

Presenter:  Susan M. Sussman, Esq., employment law consultant


Computer Training – Room 10

     Wednesday, 1/10 12:00-1:30 Word Basics

     Wednesday, 1/10 4:00-5:30 GroupWise

     Thursday, 1/11 12:00-1:30 GroupWise

     Thursday, 1/11 4:00-5:30 Excel Basics

     Friday, 1/12 12:00-1:30 GroupWise

     Tuesday, 1/16 12:00-1:30 GroupWise

     Tuesday, 1/16 4:00-5:30 Word Basics

     Wednesday, 1/17 12:00-1:30 Word Basics

     Wednesday, 1/17 4:00-5:30 GroupWise

     Thursday, 1/18 12:00-1:30 Excel Basics

     Thursday, 1/18 4:00-5:30 Excel Basics


     Subject:  State House computer system training                

     Participants:  Any member of the House or Senate 

     Presenters:  Panurgy and the Legislative Information Technology staff.

     Many of the classes are filling up, so you should act quickly if you are interested.  Please contact Marty O’Connor at 828-0248, email at



Thursday, January 25, 2007 – Room 11 – 6:30 – 8:00 PM  - Prekindergarten Education Study Committee  - Public comment on their final report.


To:    All Committee Chairs, Clerks and Committee Members

From:  Office of the Clerk of the House Donald G. Milne

Date:   January 12, 2007


     To facilitate preparation of the daily House Calendar and its subsequent timely transmission to the printer, it is important when a committee has taken final action on bill, or wishes to have an amendment printed in the Calendar, including any amendments individual members wish to have printed in the calendar, it should be reported to the Clerk's Office as soon as possible - namely to Jean, the Calendar Secretary.  When final committee action has been taken on a bill, please bring the original bill and any amendments thereto directly to the Clerk's Office - do not wait for the entire meeting to be finished.

     A "Committee Report" form will be provided in the Clerk's office for the reporter to sign and note the committee vote thereon.  If there is an amendment to be offered to the bill the amendment shall be signed by the reporter along with the committee vote. 


     It is important that all reports and/or amendments, along with the original bill, be in the office no later than 4:00 P.M.   Our assistant Clerks will check your committee rooms between 3:30 and 3:45 P.M. each day Tuesday through Thursday to see if you have any bills to report and/or if it will be necessary to allow an extra reasonable length of time for you to complete the business at hand.  On Fridays, it would be appreciated if you could advise the Assistant Clerks at noontime how long you expect to be meeting that afternoon.

     Your cooperation in this matter will aid the preparation of the House Calendar for its ubiquitous return from the printer the next morning.

     Thank you.


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The Vermont General Assembly
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Montpelier, Vermont