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It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

* * * Elected Officers; Department Heads; Judicial Officers * * *

Sec. 1.  32 V.S.A. § 1003 is amended to read:

§ 1003.  SALARIES

(a)  Each elective officer of the executive department is entitled to an annual salary as follows:

                                                Annual Salary     Annual Salary     Annual Salary

                                                      as of                     as of                     as of

                                                     July 11,               July 10,                  July 9,

                                                      2004                      2005                   2006

   Governor                                  $133,166              $138,466             $143,977

   Lieutenant Governor                  56,527                     58,777                 61,116

   Secretary of State                         84,439                  87,800                 91,294

   State Treasurer                             84,439                  87,800                 91,294

   Auditor of Accounts                     84,439                  87,800                 91,294

   Attorney General                        101,086                 105,109              109,292

                                           Annual Salary

                                                 as of

                                            July 8, 2007

Governor                               $150,067

Lieutenant Governor                    63,701

Secretary of State                        95,156

State Treasurer                            95,156

Auditor of Accounts         95,156

Attorney General                       113,915

(b)  The governor may appoint each officer of the executive branch listed in this subsection at a starting salary ranging from the base salary stated for that position to a salary which does not exceed the maximum salary unless otherwise authorized by this subsection.  The maximum salary for each appointive officer shall be 50 percent above the base salary.  Annually, the governor may grant to each of those officers an annual salary adjustment subject to the maximum salary.  The annual salary adjustment granted to officers under this subsection shall not exceed the average of the total rate of adjustment available to classified employees under the collective bargaining agreement then in effect.  In addition to the annual salary adjustment specified in this subsection, the governor may grant a special salary increase subject to the maximum salary, or a bonus, to any officer listed in this subsection whose job duties have significantly increased, or whose contributions to the state in the preceding year are deemed especially significant.  Special salary increases or bonuses granted to any individual shall not exceed the average of the total rate of adjustment available to classified employees under the collective bargaining agreement then in effect.

(1)  Heads of the following departments, offices and agencies:

                                                                Base               Base                   Base

                                                    Salary            Salary     Salary

                                                                as of               as of                     as of

                                                                July 11,         July 10,                 July 9,

                                                                  2004             2005                   2006

            (A) Administration                        $80,525        $83,730              $87,062

            (B) Disabilities,                  68,286          78,276                81,391

                  aging, and

      independent living                      

            (C) Agriculture, food                       80,525         83,730                 87,062

                  and markets

            (D) Banking,

                   insurance, securities,

                   and health care             

                   administration                           75,280          78,276                 81,391

            (E) Buildings and                             75,280          78,276                 81,391

                     general services

            (F) Commerce and                          80,525          83,730                87,062

                    community development  

            (G) Corrections                                75,280           78,276              81,391

            (H) Defender general                      68,286           71,004                73,830

            (I) [Deleted.]

            (J) Economic                                   68,286          71,004         73,830


            (K) Education                                  75,280          78,276         81,391

            (L) Employment and                      75,280          78,276           81,391


            (M) Natural resources                    68,286          71,004          73,830

                   board chairperson

            (N) Environmental                         75,280          78,276           81,391


            (O) Finance and                              75,280          78,276         81,391


            (P) Fish and wildlife                         68,286          71,004         73,830

            (Q) Forests, parks                           68,286          71,004         73,830

                  and recreation

            (R) Health                                       75,280          78,276         81,391

            (S) Housing and                                68,286          71,004        73,830

                  community affairs

            (T) Human services                          80,525          83,730         87,062

            (U) Information and                         75,280          78,276         81,391


            (V) Labor and industry                 68,286          71,004            73,830

            (W) Libraries                                   68,286          71,004         73,830

            (X) Liquor control                           68,286          71,004         73,830

            (Y) Lottery                         68,286          71,004         73,830

            (Z) Military                          68,286          71,004         73,830

            (AA) Motor vehicles                     68,286          71,004            73,830

            (BB) Natural resources                 80,525          83,730            87,062

            (CC) Human Resources                75,280          78,276            81,391

            (DD) Children and                        75,280          78,276            81,391


            (EE) Public safety                            75,280          78,276         81,391

            (FF) Public service                          75,280          78,276         81,391

            (GG) [Deleted.]

            (HH) Taxes                                     75,280          78,276         81,391

            (II) Tourism and                              68,286          71,004         73,830


            (JJ) Transportation                           80,525          83,730         87,062

            (KK) Vermont health                     78,276         81,391


            (LL) Veterans’ home                       68,286          71,004         73,830

                                                                         Base Salary    

                                                                             as of               

             July 8, 2007   

(A)  Administration                               $90,745

(B)  Agriculture, food                    

                      and markets                                   90,745

(C)  Banking, insurance,

          securities, and health

          care administration                          84,834                           

(D)  Buildings and           

                      general services                             84,834

(E)  Children and families                        84,834

(F)  Commerce and                    

                    community development                   90,745

(G)  Corrections                                    84,834 

(H)  Defender general                             76,953          

(I)  Disabilities, aging, and

                     independent living                           84,834

(J)  Economic development                   76,953

(K)  Education                                       84,834

(L)  Environmental conservation             84,834

(M)  Finance and management               84,834

(N)  Fish and wildlife                  76,953      

(O)  Forests, parks and recreation          76,953

(P)  Health                                             84,834       

(Q)  Housing and community affairs    76,953

(R)  Human resources                             84,834         

(S)  Human services                               90,745     

(T)  Information and innovation                84,834

(U)  Labor                                              84,834       

(V)  Libraries                             76,953      

(W)  Liquor control                                76,953     

(X)  Lottery                                           76,953      

(Y)  Military                                           76,953      

(Z)  Motor vehicles                                76,953       

(AA)  Natural resources                          90,745

(BB)  Natural resources board

         chairperson                                   76,953            

(CC)  Public safety                                 84,834     

(DD)  Public service                               84,834     

(EE)  Taxes                                            84,834     

(FF)  Tourism and marketing      76,953

(GG)  Transportation                  90,745    

(HH)  Vermont health access      84,834

(II)  Veterans’ home                               76,953     

(2)  Directors of the following divisions, offices, and boards:

The secretary of administration may include the following positions director of the office of professional regulation in any pay plans which may be established under the authority of subsection 1020(c) of this title, provided the minimum hiring rate does not fall below that in this section a base salary, as of July 8, 2007, of $65,239.

                                                                Base             Base                 Base

                                                   Salary           Salary               Salary

                                                                 as of            as of                 as of

                                                               July 11,        July 10,  July 9,

                                                                2004            2005                2006


   Professional regulation                           $57,891         $60,195         $62,591

* * *

(c)  The annual salaries of the officers of the judicial branch named below shall be as follows:

                                                Annual Salary     Annual Salary   Annual Salary

                                                      as of                  as of                as of

                                                   July 11,           July 10,            July 9,

                                                     2004              2005                  2006

            (1) Chief justice of        $120,169           $124,952       $129,925

                  supreme court

            (2) Each associate          114,689            119,254          124,000


            (3) Administrative         114,689            119,254            124,000


            (4) Each superior           109,030           113,369            117,881


            (5) Each district             109,030            113,369           117,881


            (6) Each magistrate         82,207              85,479            88,881

            (7) Each judicial              82,207             85,479             88,881

                  bureau hearing


Annual Salary    

                                                                   as of                 

                                                             July 8, 2007 

            (1)  Chief justice of

      supreme court                                 $135,421

            (2)  Each associate justice                        129,245

            (3)  Administrative judge                          129,245

            (4)  Each superior judge                           122,867

            (5)  Each district judge                122,867

            (6)  Each magistrate                                  92,641             

            (7)  Each judicial bureau

       hearing officer                                    92,641

* * *

* * * Assistant Judges * * *

Sec. 2.  32 V.S.A. § 1141(a) is amended to read:

(a)  The compensation of each assistant judge of the superior court, which shall be paid by the state, shall be $126.04 a day as of July 11, 2004, $131.06 a day as of July 10, 2005, and $136.28 a day as of July 9, 2006 and $142.04 a day as of July 8, 2007 for time spent in the performance of official duties and necessary expenses as allowed to classified state employees.  Compensation under this section shall be based on a half-day minimum and hourly thereafter.

* * * Probate Judges * * *

Sec. 3.  32 V.S.A. § 1142(a) is amended to read:


(a)  The annual salaries of the judges of probate in the several probate districts, which shall be paid by the state in lieu of all fees or other compensation, shall be as follows:

                                    Annual Salary     Annual Salary Annual Salary

                                           as of                      as of                        as of

                                    July 11, 2004        July 10, 2005           July 9, 2006

   (1)  Addison               $52,641                   $54,736                  $56,914

   (2)  Bennington             45,753                     47,574                    49,467

   (3)  Caledonia             52,641                     54,736                     56,914                  

   (4)  Chittenden             81,108                     84,336                    87,693

   (5)  Essex                    25,603                     26,622                     27,682

   (6)  Fair Haven             38,684                     40,224                    41,825

   (7)  Franklin                52,641                     54,736                     56,914

   (8)  Grand Isle             25,603                     26,622                     27,682

   (9)  Hartford                52,641                     54,736                     56,914  

   (10) Lamoille              38,684                     40,224                      41,825

   (11) Manchester          38,684                     40,224                     41,825

   (12) Marlboro             45,753                      47,574                    49,467

   (13) Orange                45,753                       47,574                   49,467

   (14) Orleans               45,753                       47,574                    49,467

   (15) Rutland               67,315                       69,994                   72,780

   (16) Washington           67,315                      69,994                   72,780

   (17) Westminster        38,684                       40,224                    41,825

   (18) Windsor                45,753                      47,574                   49,467

                        Annual Salary

                                                                  as of       

                                                           July 8, 2007       

   (1)  Addison                                      $59,321

   (2)  Bennington                                    51,559 

   (3)  Caledonia                                     59,321          

   (4)  Chittenden                                    91,402 

   (5)  Essex                                            28,853                              

   (6)  Fair Haven                                    43,594

   (7)  Franklin                                        59,321               

   (8)  Grand Isle                                     28,853

   (9)  Hartford                           59,321             

   (10)  Lamoille                                      43,594                      

   (11)  Manchester                                 43,594  

   (12)  Marlboro                                    51,559           

   (13)  Orange                                       51,559               

   (14)  Orleans                           51,559              

   (15)  Rutland                           75,859              

   (16)  Washington                                 75,859  

   (17)  Westminster                                43,594       

   (18)  Windsor                                      51,559 

* * * County Clerks * * *

Sec. 4.  32 V.S.A. § 1181 is amended to read:


The annual salaries of the county clerks in the respective counties which shall be paid by the state in lieu of all fees or other compensation paid by the state, shall be as follows:

                                    Annual Salary      Annual Salary            Annual Salary

                                           as of                      as of                        as of

                                    July 11, 2004       July 10, 2005        July 9, 2006

   (1)  Addison County     $57,349                 $59,631                 $62,004

   (2)  Bennington County 57,349                  59,631                      62,004

   (3)  Caledonia County   57,349                   59,631                    62,004

   (4)  Chittenden County  69,384                   72,145                    75,016

   (5)  Essex County            31,164                    32,404                 33,694

   (6)  Franklin County       57,349                    59,631                  62,004

   (7)  Grand Isle County  31,164                    32,404                    33,694

   (8)  Lamoille County     57,349                    59,631                    62,004

   (9)  Orange County       57,349                    59,631                   62,004

   (10) Orleans County       57,349                    59,631                  62,004

   (11) Rutland County     63,821                    66,361                    69,002

   (12) Washington County 63,821                  66,361                    69,002

   (13) Windham County    57,349                   59,631       62,004

   (14) Windsor County      60,819                   63,240       65,757

            Annual Salary     

                   as of

                                                `           July 8, 2007      

   (1)  Addison County                          $64,627 

   (2)  Bennington County                       64,627

   (3)  Caledonia County                        64,627  

   (4)  Chittenden County                       78,189 

   (5)  Essex County                               35,119    

   (6)  Franklin County                           64,627    

   (7)  Grand Isle County                        35,119

   (8)  Lamoille County               64,627    

   (9)  Orange County                            64,627    

   (10)  Orleans County              64,627    

   (11)  Rutland County              71,921    

   (12)  Washington County                    71,921

   (13)  Windham County                       64,627   

   (14)  Windsor County                         68,539    

* * * Sheriffs * * *

Sec. 5.  32 V.S.A. § 1182(a) is amended to read:

(a)  The annual salaries of the sheriffs of all counties except Chittenden shall be $58,400.00 as of July 11, 2004, $60,724.00 as of July 10, 2005, and $63,141.00 as of July 9, 2006 and $65,812.00 as of July 8, 2007.  The annual salary of the sheriff of Chittenden County shall be $61,802.00 as of July 11, 2004, $64,262.00 as of July 10, 2005, and $66,820.00 as of July 9, 2006 $69,646.00 as of July 8, 2007.

* * * State’s Attorneys * * *

Sec. 6.  32 V.S.A. § 1183(a) is amended to read:

(a)  The annual salaries of state’s attorneys shall be:

                                    Annual Salary      Annual Salary            Annual Salary

                                           as of                      as of                        as of

                                    July 11, 2004         July 10, 2005          July 9, 2006

   (1) Addison County      $78,994                    $82,138                $85,407

   (2) Bennington County   78,994                   82,138                   85,407

   (3) Caledonia County     78,994                   82,138                   85,407

   (4) Chittenden County    82,587                   85,874                   89,292

   (5) Essex County              59,246                   61,604                   64,056

   (6) Franklin County        78,994                   82,138                   85,407

   (7) Grand Isle County     59,246                  61,604                   64,056

   (8) Lamoille County          78,994                  82,138                   85,407

   (9) Orange County           78,994                  82,138                   85,407

   (10) Orleans County         78,994                  82,138                   85,407

   (11) Rutland County       78,994                  82,138                   85,407

   (12) Washington County 78,994                  82,138                  85,407

   (13) Windham County    78,994                  82,138                   85,407

   (14) Windsor County      78,994                  82,138                   85,407

            Annual Salary     

                                                                  as of            

                                                            July 8, 2007        

   (1)  Addison County                   $89,020

   (2)  Bennington County                             89,020  

   (3)  Caledonia County                              89,020  

   (4)  Chittenden County                            93,069

   (5)  Essex County                                     66,766

   (6)  Franklin County                                 89,020      

   (7)  Grand Isle County                              66,766

   (8)  Lamoille County                    89,020      

   (9)  Orange County                                 89,020      

   (10)  Orleans County                    89,020   

   (11)  Rutland County                    89,020   

   (12)  Washington County                          89,020

   (13)  Windham County                           89,020

   (14)  Windsor County                              89,020  

* * * Sergeant at Arms/Legislative Pages * * *

Sec. 7.  2 V.S.A. § 63(a) is amended to read:

(a)  The base salary for the sergeant at arms shall be $37,869.00 as of July 11, 2004, $39,376.00 as of July 10, 2005, and $40,943.00 as of July 9, 2006 $42,675.00 as of July 8, 2007.

Sec. 8.  32 V.S.A. § 1053a is amended to read:


Legislative pages shall be entitled to a weekly compensation of $115.00 effective July 4, 2002, $120.00 effective July 10, 2005, and $125.00 effective July 9, 2006 $130.00 effective July 8, 2007, and a weekly expense allowance of $60.00 for those who commute and $95.00 for those who rent a room in the Montpelier area.  Pages will be paid in the same manner as members of the general assembly.

* * * Miscellaneous Provisions * * *


(a)  The one-year agreements between the state of Vermont and the Vermont state employees’ association for the judicial, defender general,

nonmanagement, supervisory, state police, and corrections bargaining units, for the period July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008, shall be funded by:

(1)  Amounts appropriated in other acts of the 2007 biennial session;

(2)  Amounts appropriated in the budget adjustment act of the 2007 adjourned session.

(3)  The following appropriated amounts:

(A)  From the transportation fund for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007, $1,210,258.00;

(B)  From special funds for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007,      $1,420,101.00;

(C)  From federal and other funds for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007, $4,537,792.00.

(b)  With due regard to the possible availability of other funds, for fiscal years 2008, the secretary of administration may transfer from the various appropriations and various funds and from the receipts of the liquor control board such sums as the secretary may determine to be necessary to carry out the purposes of this act to the various agencies supported by state funds.

(c)  This section shall include sufficient funding to ensure administration of exempt attorney pay plans, including deputy state’s attorneys and public defenders, subject to the approval of the secretary of administration.


For purposes of determining annual salary adjustments, special salary increases, and bonuses under subsections 1003(b) and 1020(b) of Title 32, “the total rate of adjustment available to classified employees under the collective bargaining agreement” shall be deemed to be 4.23 percent for fiscal year 2008.

Sec. 11.  Sec. 4 of No. 165 of the Acts of the 2005 Adj. Sess. (2006) is amended to read:



(a)  Members of the Vermont state retirement system who are “law enforcement officers,” as defined in subdivision 2358(c)(1) of Title 20, who participate in a group plan other than the group C plan shall have a one-time option to transfer to the group C plan.  Election to join the group C plan under this subsection shall be made by June 30, 2007 June 30, 2008 and shall be irrevocable.

(b)  The effective date of participation in a new group plan for those employees covered under this section and who elect to transfer on or before June 30, 2007 shall be July 1, 2007.  The effective date of participation in a new group plan for those employees covered under this section and who elect to transfer on or after July 1, 2007 and prior to July 1, 2008 shall be July 1, 2008.  All past service accrued through the date of transfer shall be calculated based upon the plan in which it was accrued, with all provisions and penalties, if applicable, applied.


(a)  A committee is created for the purpose of evaluating the postretirement cost of living adjustment and funding options for the group F plan of the Vermont state retirement system.  The committee shall be the chairs of the house and senate committees on government operations or their designees; the state treasurer or designee; the director of retirement, policy and outreach; the secretary of administration or designee; the commissioner of human resources or designee; the director and one staff member of the Vermont state employees’ association; the chair of the retirement board of the Vermont state retirement system; the court administrator or designee; and four members of the group F plan who are elected by the other members of the committee and who shall be reflective of the demographics of the group F plan.

(b)  The committee shall develop recommendations for amending subsection 470(b) of Title 3 to provide a full cost-of-living adjustment.  The committee shall report its recommendations to the general assembly by December 15, 2007.

(c)  Legislative members shall be entitled to per diems and reimbursement for travel‑related expenses pursuant to section 406 of Title 2.

Sec. 13.  3 V.S.A. § 455(a)(4) is amended to read:

(4)  “Average final compensation” shall mean, with respect to a group A and a group F member, the average annual earnable compensation of such a member during the three consecutive years of his or her creditable service affording the highest such average, or during all of the years in his or her creditable service if less than three years; and, with respect to a group C member, shall mean such compensation during the two such consecutive years, or during all of his or her creditable service if less than two years.  For purposes of determining average final compensation for group A, group C and group D members, a member who has accumulated unused sick leave at retirement shall be deemed to have worked the full normal working time for his or her position for 50 percent of such leave, at his or her full rate of compensation in effect at the date of his or her retirement.  For purposes of determining average final compensation for group F members, unused annual or sick leave, termination bonuses, and any other compensation for service not actually performed shall be excluded.  The average final compensation for a state’s attorney shall be determined by the state’s attorney’s highest annual compensation earned during his or her creditable service.

Sec. 14.  3 V.S.A. § 459(d)(5) is added to read:

(5)  Notwithstanding subdivisions (1) and (2) of this subsection, a state’s attorney who has completed 20 years of creditable service, of which 15 years has been as a state’s attorney, shall receive an early retirement allowance equal to the normal retirement allowance, at age 55, without reductions.


A state’s attorney who is a member of the defined contribution plan may, within 60 days of the effective date of this act, elect to become a member of the group F plan.  The state treasurer shall apply the funds accumulated in the employee’s defined contribution plan account toward purchasing retirement credit in the group F plan.

* * * Emergency Management * * *

Sec. 16.  20 V.S.A. § 30(a) is amended to read:

(a)  A state emergency response commission is created within the department of public safety.  The commission shall consist of 15 members, six ex officio members, including the commissioner of public safety, the secretary of natural resources, the secretary of transportation, the commissioner of health, the secretary of agriculture, food and markets, and the commissioner of labor, or their designees; and nine public members, including a representative from each of the following: local government, a local emergency planning committee, a regional planning commission, the fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical service, a hospital, and a representative of the Vermont Humane Federation and the Humane Society of the United States a transportation entity required under EPCRA to report chemicals to the state emergency response commission, and another entity required to report extremely hazardous substances under EPCRA.  The director of emergency management shall be the secretary of the commission without vote.

Sec. 17.  20 V.S.A. § 181 is amended to read:


Because of the existing possibility of attack upon a catastrophic incident in the United States of unprecedented size and destructiveness, and in order, in the event of such an attack a catastrophic incident, to assure continuity of government through legally constituted leadership, authority and responsibility in offices of the government of the state and its political subdivisions; to provide for the effective operation of governments during an emergency; and to facilitate the early resumption of functions temporarily suspended, it is found and declared to be necessary to provide for additional officers who can exercise the powers and discharge the duties of governor; to provide for emergency interim succession to offices of this state in the event the incumbents thereof, and their deputies, assistants or other subordinate officers authorized, pursuant to law, to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of such offices (hereinafter referred to as deputies) are unavailable to perform the duties and functions of such offices; and to provide for special emergency district judges who can exercise the powers and discharge the duties of such judges in the event regular judges are unavailable.

Sec. 18.  20 V.S.A. § 182 is amended to read:


Unless otherwise clearly required by the context, as used in this chapter:

(1)  The term “unavailable” means either that a vacancy in office exists and there is no deputy authorized to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office, or that the lawful incumbent of the office (including any deputy exercising the powers and discharging the duties of an office because of a vacancy) and his or her duly authorized deputy are absent or unable to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office.

* * *

(4)  The term “attack” means any attack or series of attacks by an enemy of the United States causing, or which may cause, substantial damage or injury to civilian property or persons in the United States in any manner by sabotage or by the use of bombs, missiles, shellfire, or atomic, radiological, chemical, bacteriological, or biological means or other weapons or processes.  The term “catastrophic incident” means any natural or manmade incident, including an incident of terrorism or a pandemic, which results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or any governmental entity.

* * *

Sec. 19.  20 V.S.A. § 184 is amended to read:


All state officers, subject to such exceptions and regulations as the governor (or other official authorized under the constitution and this chapter or other act to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office of, or to act as, governor) may issue, shall, within sixty 60 days after the approval of this chapter, and thereafter immediately after the date that they shall have been appointed and qualified, in addition to any deputy authorized pursuant to law, designate by title emergency interim successors and specify their order of succession.  The officer shall, each year, review and shall revise, as necessary, designations made pursuant to this chapter to insure their current status. Forthwith after such designations are made and after a revision thereof the officer shall file copies in the offices of both the governor and the secretary of state.  The officer shall designate a sufficient number of such emergency interim successors so that, including deputies, there will be not less than three five emergency interim successors.  In the event that any state officer (or his or her deputy) is unavailable, the said powers shall be exercised and said duties shall be discharged by his or her designated emergency interim successors in the order specified.  Such emergency interim successors shall exercise said powers and discharge said duties only until such time as the governor (or other official authorized under the constitution and this chapter or other act to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office of, or to act as, governor) shall, where a vacancy exists, appoint a successor to fill the vacancy or until a successor is otherwise appointed, or elected and qualified as provided by law; or an officer (or his or her deputy or a preceding named emergency interim successor) becomes available to resume the exercise of the powers and discharge the duties of his or her office.

Sec. 20.  20 V.S.A. § 189 is amended to read:


Officials authorized to act as governor pursuant to this chapter, emergency interim successors and special emergency judges shall be authorized to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of an office as herein authorized only in the event that an attack upon a catastrophic incident in the United States or Canada has occurred.  The governor by proclamation, or the general assembly by concurrent resolution, may at any time terminate the authority of said emergency interim successors and special emergency judges to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of office as herein provided, subject to the filling of any vacancy or subject to the respective officers and judges becoming available.

Sec. 21.  20 V.S.A. § 192 is amended to read:

§ 192.  DISPUTES

Any dispute concerning a question of fact arising under this chapter with respect to an office in the executive branch of the state government (except a dispute of fact relative to the office of governor) shall be adjudicated by the governor, (or other official authorized under the constitution and this chapter to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office of, or to act as, governor), and his or her decision shall be final.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont