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Introduced by Representatives Adams of Hartland, Komline of Dorset, Acinapura of Brandon, Ainsworth of Royalton, Baker of West Rutland, Bostic of St. Johnsbury, Branagan of Georgia, Brennan of Colchester, Canfield of Fair Haven, Clark of St. Johnsbury, Clerkin of Hartford, Devereux of Mount Holly, Donaghy of Poultney, Donahue of Northfield, Errecart of Shelburne, Evans of Essex, Flory of Pittsford, Helm of Castleton, Hube of Londonderry, Hudson of Lyndon, Johnson of Canaan, Kilmartin of Newport City, Koch of Barre Town, Krawczyk of Bennington, Larocque of Barnet, Larrabee of Danville, LaVoie of Swanton, Lawrence of Lyndon, Livingston of Manchester, Marcotte of Coventry, McAllister of Highgate, McFaun of Barre Town, Morley of Barton, Morrissey of Bennington, Myers of Essex, O’Donnell of Vernon, Pearson of Burlington, Peaslee of Guildhall, Scheuermann of Stowe, Shaw of Derby, Sunderland of Rutland Town, Turner of Milton, Valliere of Barre City, Westman of Cambridge, Wheeler of Derby, Winters of Williamstown and Wright of Burlington

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Subject:  Taxation; education finance; task force

Statement of purpose:  This bill proposes to create a task force to analyze Vermont’s education funding system, and with public input, to propose a new system.


It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

Sec. 1.  EDUCATION FINANCE TASK FORCE                      

(a)  There is created an education finance task force, to examine the current education funding system and, with public input, to recommend a better system for providing for our children’s education.

(b)  Task force members shall be: 

(1)  one member each from the house committees on appropriations, education, and ways and means to be appointed by the speaker of the house; one member each from the senate committees on appropriations, education, and finance to be appointed by the president pro tempore;

(2)  one representative of the Vermont school boards association, one representative of the Vermont league of cities and towns, one representative of the Vermont National Education Association, and one representative of the administration; all to be appointed by the governor.

(c)  The task force shall:

(1)  Conduct a thorough, nonpartisan analysis of the problems and advantages of the existing education funding system; and as a part of this analysis, evaluate previous education funding studies by, or reported to, the general assembly.

(2)  Study ways to restrain rising school costs without jeopardizing the quality of our children’s education.

(3)  Recommend how to develop a new system that is fair, understandable, affordable, sustainable, and predictable, and which meets constitutional guidelines as articulated by the Vermont supreme court.

(d)  In its deliberations, the task force shall invite the testimony of qualified witnesses and comments from members of the public, and shall have the assistance of the legislative council and joint fiscal staff.

(e)  Legislative members shall be reimbursed for services, meals and travel  for attendance at the legislative per diem rate under 2 V.S.A. § 406. 

(f)  The task force shall report its findings to the general assembly by December 1, 2007.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont