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Introduced by Representative Brennan of Colchester

Referred to Committee on


Subject:  Professions and occupations; taxidermists; registration

Statement of purpose:  This bill proposes to establish a system for registering taxidermists.


It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

Sec. 1.  26 V.S.A. chapter 95 is added to read:


§ 4901.  Definitions

As used in this chapter:

 (1)  “Director” means the director of the office of professional regulation.

(2)  “Disciplinary action” means any action taken by an administrative law officer established under subsection 129(j) of Title 3 against a registered taxidermist or an applicant.  It includes all sanctions of any kind, including the denial of registration, the issuance of warnings, reprimands, conditions, suspensions or revocations of registration. 

(3)  “Taxidermist” means a person who prepares, stuffs, or mounts the skins of animals for display or exhibition.

§ 4902.  Prohibition; penalty

(a)  No person shall use in connection with the person’s name any letters, words, or insignia indicating or implying that the person is a registered taxidermist unless the person is registered in accordance with this chapter.

(b)  No person shall provide services as a taxidermist as defined by this chapter unless the person is registered in accordance with this chapter.

(c)  A person who violates this section shall be fined not more than $1,000.00 for each occurrence. 

§ 4903.  Director; duties

(a)  The director shall have the following duties:

(1)  provide general information to applicants for registering as taxidermists;

(2)  explain appeal procedures to registered taxidermists and applicants, and complaint procedures to the public;

(3)  administer fees established by law;

(4)  receive applications for registration, issue registrations to applicants qualified under this chapter, deny or renew registrations, and issue, revoke, suspend, condition, and reinstate registrations as ordered by an administrative law officer;

(5)  refer complaints and disciplinary matters to an administrative law officer.

(b)  The director, after consultation with the advisor appointees, may adopt rules necessary to perform the director’s duties under this chapter. 

§ 4904.  Advisor appointees

(a)  The secretary of state shall appoint two registered taxidermists for five‑year terms to serve as advisors in matters relating to taxidermists.  One of the initial appointments may be for less than a five-year term.  Appointees shall not have less than three years’ experience as a taxidermist immediately preceding appointment and shall be actively engaged in practice as a taxidermist in Vermont during incumbency.

(b)  The director shall seek the advice of the taxidermist advisors in carrying out the provisions of this chapter.  The advisors shall be entitled to compensation and necessary expenses in the amount provided in section 1010 of Title 32 for attendance at any meeting called by the director for this purpose. 

§ 4905.  Application

(a)  A person who desires to be registered as a taxidermist shall apply to the director, in writing, on a form furnished by the director, accompanied by payment of the required fee.  As a prerequisite to registration, an applicant for registration as a taxidermist shall have completed a course of instruction at a taxidermy school approved by the director with course requirements consisting of at least 40 clock hours.

(b)  The director shall registered otherwise qualified applicants who have obtained a registration in another jurisdiction which has registration requirements substantially equivalent to those in this state. 

§ 4906.  Renewals

(a)  Registrations shall be renewed every two years upon payment of the required fee.

(b)  Biennially, the director shall forward a renewal form to each registration holder.  Upon receipt of the completed form and the renewal fee, the director shall issue a new registration.

(c)  Any application for reinstatement of a registration which has lapsed shall be accompanied by the renewal fee and the late renewal penalty.  A person shall not be required to pay renewal fees for years during which the registration was lapsed.

§ 4907.  Unprofessional conduct

(a)  The term “unprofessional conduct” means any of the conduct listed in section 129a of Title 3, whether committed by a registered taxidermist or an applicant.

(b)  After hearing, and upon a finding of unprofessional conduct, an administrative law officer may take disciplinary action against a registered taxidermist or applicant. 

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont