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NO. R-311.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School on its 75th anniversary.


Offered by:  Representatives Chen of Mendon, Acinapura of Brandon, Baker of West Rutland, Canfield of Fair Haven, Courcelle of Rutland City, Fallar of Tinmouth, Helm of Castleton, Howard of Rutland City, Malcolm of Pawlet, McCormack of Rutland City and McNeil of Rutland Town

Offered by:  Senator Carris of Rutland District and Senator Mullin of Rutland District

Whereas, the events that led to the establishment of the Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School in Chittenden originated with the career of a successful electrical engineering entrepreneur, William Barstow, who was once associated with Thomas Edison, and

Whereas, in 1901, William Barstow began his own consulting business

specializing in electric power projects, and his work with the Chittenden Dam brought him to this Rutland County community, and

Whereas, William Barstow became enamored with the area’s scenic views, and he and his wife Francoise (Duclos) purchased property in the town, and

Whereas, their son, Frederic Duclos Barstow, needed a quiet home after his World War I military service, and he operated a silver fox farm in Chittenden until his death in 1931 from pneumonia while traveling in the Pacific, and

Whereas, his parents, long committed to quality education and seeking to honor Frederic’s memory and his personal commitment to quality education, built the Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School in Chittenden that was dedicated on July 1, 1933, and

Whereas, William and Francoise Barstow donated the school to the town of Chittenden, and funds to sustain its operation, in accordance with their wishes, with the condition that should the town be unable to maintain the school, the building would be transferred to Middlebury College, and

Whereas, in 1937, classrooms and other facilities were added to the structure and a major addition was opened in 1939, and

Whereas, with the town in danger of losing the school, in 1949 Raymond Dropp, the school’s superintendent, and Mrs. Barstow arranged for Pittsford and Mendon to send their students to the school, and although Pittsford ended its participation in this agreement in 1981, Mendon’s students continue to attend, and

Whereas, a new middle school wing was added in 1965 and a major renovation was completed in 2002 that included a new gymnasium, classrooms, and offices while retaining the school’s architectural character, and further campus improvements have continued to be implemented, and

Whereas, the Barstow Foundation, dating to the school’s opening in 1933, continues to provide financial support, as do the two municipalities’ citizens, and together they have developed a school that offers students a high-quality education, and

Whereas, 2008 marks the Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School’s 75th anniversary, and a commemorative celebration will be held on May 2, 2008, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School on its 75th anniversary, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School in Chittenden.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont