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NO. R-297.  Senate concurrent resolution congratulating Dente's Market in Barre City on its centennial anniversary.


     By Senators Doyle, Cummings, Illuzzi and Scott,

     By Representatives Koch, McDonald, McFaun, Monti and Valliere,

Whereas, a family business, especially a food market facing challenging economic competition from larger supermarkets, that celebrates its 100th birthday under the ownership of the founders’ descendants deserves a congratulatory salute, and

Whereas, the history of Dente’s Market in Barre City is the saga of a family grocery store that has thrived on North Main Street for a century, and

Whereas, in 1907, Basilio Dente and James Catterello formed a partnership and opened the Boston Fruit Store on North Main Street at the site that Coins and Hobbies now occupies, and within a few months, Basilio Dente had purchased his partner’s interest in the new store, and

Whereas, the business moved in about 1915 to 311 North Main Street, and in 1920 it was relocated to the Smith Block at 387 North Main Street, a structure Basilio and his wife, Mary, had purchased for this purpose, and

Whereas, from the Smith Block, with the assistance of their three sons—James, Nelson and Gino—Basilio and Mary Dente operated the market under the name M. Dente Grocery for approximately the next quarter of a century, and

Whereas, the market’s first generational leadership transfer occurred in the middle 1940s when James Dente assumed ownership of the store, although his father remained involved in the business until his passing in 1956, and

Whereas, James Dente and his wife, Clara, kept the market’s economic course on a steady path with the able help of their children, Thomas, Jack, Richard and Stephen, and

Whereas, in 1972, the family temporarily relocated the market to 355 North Main Street before purchasing a new home for the business, by then known as Dente’s Market, at 406 North Main Street, and

Whereas, from this location, Richard Dente and his wife, Lucille, along with their children, Christopher, Kevin and Karen, have continued the family’s tradition of selling high quality grocery items, and they appreciated the sage advice that James continued to offer prior to his death in 1998, and

Whereas, 2008 marks Dente’s Market’s 100th anniversary, truly a milestone in the commercial history of Barre City, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Dente’s Market in Barre City on its centennial anniversary, and be it further

ResolvedThat the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Dente’s Market in Barre City.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont