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NO. R-288.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers on its 40th anniversary.


Offered by:  Representatives Obuchowski of Rockingham, Manwaring of Wilmington, Milkey of Brattleboro, Moran of Wardsboro, Partridge of Windham, Peaslee of Guildhall, Shaw of Derby and Westman of Cambridge

Whereas, the welcoming environment and accessibility of trails that snowmobilers find in this state are attributed in large measure to the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, popularly known as VAST, through the organization’s trail development and maintenance and related activities, and

Whereas, in the 1960s, snowmobiling enthusiasts recognized that a statewide governance structure, supported with a system of local clubs, was needed to address an increasingly negative image of snowmobilers, and

Whereas, as an initial step toward improving the status of snowmobiling, Burlington area snowmobilers held an informal meeting in December 1966 at the South Burlington home of William and Miriam Oakes, and

Whereas, following this initial gathering, a formal organizational meeting was convened at the Grandview Motel in Colchester on January 26, 1967 at which the name Vermont Association of Snowtravelers (VAST) was selected, a VAST logo was approved, Marilyn Currier was appointed temporary secretary, and Miriam Oakes temporary treasurer, and

Whereas, the first VAST public announcement began with the phrase “Why VAST? With every privilege comes a responsibility.  Why not VAST?” and the organization issued its first newsletter on January 30, 1967, and

Whereas, at a statewide meeting held in late 1967, William Flynn of Newport was elected as the first president of VAST, in 1973 Carmi Duso became the organization’s first executive director, and today, the governance of VAST consists of 14 directors who each represents the snowmobiling clubs in his or her respective county, and

Whereas, the TMA (Trail Maintenance Assessment) pass that all snowmobilers who use VAST trails must purchase annually funds VAST trail maintenance and administrative activities, and

Whereas, VAST was the first snowmobile association that operated with no state financing or personnel support and that created a trails system with its own trails coordinator, and

Whereas, VAST, which in 2008 consists of approximately 140 local snowmobiling clubs, recently observed its 40th anniversary, and 80 percent of its statewide trails system exists due to the generous permission of private landowners, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers on its 40th anniversary, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Vermont Association of Snowtravelers Executive Director Bryant Watson in Berlin.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont