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NO. R-184.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2007 Woodstock Union High School Wasps girls’ Nordic and boys’ alpine state championship ski teams.


Offered by:  Representatives Clarkson of Woodstock, Chen of Mendon, Mitchell of Barnard and Sweaney of Windsor

Offered by:  Senators Campbell, McCormack and Nitka

Whereas, the 2006–2007 winter season was bereft of substantial amounts of snow until the Valentine’s Day’s blizzard, and

Whereas, despite the poor natural surface conditions, the Woodstock girls’ team improvised and discovered suitable substitutes until they were awarded with a natural snow course on the first day of the state championship tournament at Bolton Valley, and

Whereas, the first day of the state competition featured the skating technique in which the skiers do not apply grip wax to their skis and ski in motion similar to ice skating, and

Whereas, the morning competition consisted of individual racing in which Woodstock’s Nika Meyers led the Wasps with an 8th place finish, and the team’s overall results enabled Woodstock to enter the afternoon’s team relay with the overall lead, and

Whereas, the Wasps won first place in the team relays, and they departed Bolton Valley in high spirits anticipating the classical technique event, in which grip wax is applied to skis and racers ski on parallel tracks, at Prospect Mountain near Bennington, and

Whereas, Prospect Mountain proved an equally friendly skiing venue, and the team’s point advantage further increased after the Wasps’ strong performance in the  morning’s individual race, and

Whereas, in the tournament’s final event, the afternoon classical relay, Woodstock skied to the finish line with a comfortable lead, of over two minutes, and

Whereas, as a result of strong Nordic skiing skills and a true team effort under the leadership of Coach Robin Ellison, the Woodstock girls’ Nordic skiers, including Camille Anderson, Nika Meyers, Phebe Meyers, Kristin Hagenbarth, Monique Hanson, Zoe Isaacs, Hali Roy, Sarah Andrews, Erika Johnson, Meg Miller, and Melissa Werle, were able to capture the state title, and

Whereas, the boys’ alpine ski team, having won the southern district championship held at Bromley and Pico in late February, was excited at the prospect of proceeding on to the state championship conducted at the Pico ski resort, and

Whereas, at the state championship, the morning giant slalom racing concluded with Woodstock trailing Rutland High School by 12 points, and

Whereas, this temporary setback did not deter the boy Wasps from aspiring to win the state title, and

Whereas, Woodstock’s afternoon slalom runs were swift and steady as Sam Scheu captured the third individual ranking, and he assisted his teammates in more than overcoming their morning point deficit and winning the state championship 89 to 108, and

Whereas, the Wasp boy alpine skiers, including Sean Bjornsson, Michael Boisvert, Colton Blackman, Henry Farrand, Kyle Finneron, Jason Gravel, Chuck Harris, Matt Kempson, CJ Kimbell, Brogan McGrath, Benn Mapes, Nick Maura, Steve Pearson, and Sam Scheu, all deserve credit for the team’s fine performance as does coach Bill McCollom, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2007 Woodstock Union High School Wasps girls’ Nordic and boys’ alpine state championship ski teams, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Robin Ellison and Bill McCollom at Woodstock Union High School.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont