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NO. R-131.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the Brattleboro Community High School of Vermont’s 2007 Division II Brattleboro Recreation League championship men’s basketball team.


Offered by:  Representatives Moran of Wardsboro, Deen of Westminster, Edwards of Brattleboro, Hube of Londonderry, Manwaring of Wilmington, Marek of Newfane, Milkey of Brattleboro, Mrowicki of Putney, Obuchowski of Rockingham, O’Donnell of Vernon, Partridge of Windham and Pillsbury of Brattleboro

Whereas, for the past five years, the Brattleboro Community High School of Vermont (CHSVT), a secondary school that enables young offenders and other students in need of an alternative educational setting to earn a high school diploma, has fielded a team in the Brattleboro Men’s Recreation League, and

Whereas, in 2006–2007, the CHSVT squad was comprised of talented players who dribbled, passed, and shot their way into the league’s championship contest against the first-place BVT Ballers, and

Whereas, the first half was not a thrilling experience as CHSVT’s starting shooting guard sustained a major injury requiring seven stitches, and the midgame buzzer sounded with the team facing a 15-point deficit, and

Whereas, having reached the league’s decisive basketball game that would decide the annual champion, CHSVT was determined to renew its effort and approach the second half with a more effective strategy, and

Whereas, two steps that proved successful were to switch from a man‑to‑man defense to a two-three zone, and offensively to adopt a more effective passing and shooting strategy, and

Whereas, despite the team’s point guard sustaining an unfortunate tooth injury, the second half proved much more successful for CHVST as it decreased the BVT lead and ultimately won the game by an exciting three‑point margin 64–61, and

Whereas, the roster of great players who secured the championship title included Jeff Anderson, Leron Bedward, Zane Bullins, Norman Hardy, Jason Heath, Bernard Jacobs, Roger Jacobs, Craig Olson, Kenneth Turner, Dana Waterman, and Alex Wright who played their best under the expert coaching of Pete Schor, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives

That the General Assembly congratulates the Brattleboro Community High School of Vermont’s 2007 Division II Brattleboro Recreation League championship men’s basketball team, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Pete Schor in Brattleboro.


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont