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State of Vermont

House of Representatives

Montpelier, Vermont

Joint Concurrent House Resolution

H.C.R.  159

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2004 Lamoille Union High School Lancers Division II championship girls’ soccer team

Offered by:  Representatives Nease of Johnson, Martin of Wolcott and Westman of Cambridge

Whereas, the Lamoille Union High School girls’ soccer team commenced the 2004 season as the defending Division II champions, and

Whereas, in 2004, the Lancers once again, despite a ninth‑seeded ranking for playoff competition purposes, proved to be a durable and determined squad as they advanced to the championship game against the seventh‑seeded Montpelier High School Solons, and

Whereas, while midway into the first half, Montpelier scored the opening goal, the Lancers were hardly deterred from their championship objective, and

Whereas, later in the opening half, Lucy Higgins kicked the ball, which she had received on a throw-in from teammate Nakysha LaBrie, past the goal line to place Lamoille on the scoreboard, and

Whereas, shortly before the game’s midpoint, Mikal-Lyn Miglinas scored a second Lamoille goal to give the Lancers a 2-1 halftime lead, and

Whereas, with 16:47 remaining in the second half, the Solons tied the score, but neither team could kick the ball past the goal line for the balance of regulation play, and

Whereas, for a period of 60 minutes, an outstanding display of defensive  skill, including the attentiveness of Lamoille goalie Mackenzie Pratt, forced the game into four overtime periods, and

Whereas, in the midst of the fourth overtime period, Lucy Higgins again demonstrated her ability on the field as she scored the decisive goal, enabling the Lancers to win their second consecutive Division II title by a score of 3-2, and

Whereas, Kala Brgant, Grainne Dunne, Eliza Giroux, Krystin Harper, Lucy Higgins, Tara Higgins, Braelyn Ingvoldstad, Kathryn Johnson, Nakysha LaBrie, Michelle Langmaid, Mikal-Lyn Miglinas, Mackenzie Pratt, Katelin Richardson, Anna Schulz, Rebecca Stoecklein, and Rebecca Tisbert are proud of their athletic accomplishments and 3.7 team academic average, and

Whereas, head coach Dean LaBrie and assistant coaches Bob Richardson and Tony Dunne are to be commended for their outstanding efforts throughout the 2004 soccer season, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2004 Lamoille Union High School Lancers Division II championship girls’ soccer team, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Dean LaBrie at Lamoille Union High School.




Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont