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thursday, january 27, 2005

Concurrent Resolutions for Notice under Joint Rule 16

     The following joint concurrent resolutions have been introduced for approval by the Senate and House and will be adopted automatically unless a Senator or Representative requests floor consideration before the end of the session of the next legislative day.  Requests for floor consideration in either chamber should be communicated to the Secretary’s office and/or the House Clerk’s office, respectively.

By Senators Illuzzi, Ayer, Campbell, Cummings, Flanagan, Giard, Leddy and Sears,

     By Representatives Clark of Vergennes, Houston of Ferrisburgh and Hunt of Essex,

S.C.R. 10

Senate concurrent resolution in memory of Ray E. Davison of Vergennes.

Whereas, Ray Davison was a dedicated public servant whose fields of endeavor included public education, municipal administration, and firefighting, and

Whereas, he grew up in the village of Orleans and graduated from the former Orleans High School before earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont, and

Whereas, Ray Davison later earned a second degree at St. Michael’s College, and

Whereas, for 35 years, he was employed as a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator in one of four different school districts, and

Whereas, his administrative versatility and expertise were put to good use during his tenure as the Vergennes city manager, and

Whereas, Ray Davison dedicated countless hours over the course of his life to serving as a firefighter and teaching others this much‑needed skill, and

Whereas, he had served as 1st Deputy Chief of the Vergennes Fire Department, and in 1995, the department dedicated engine 318 in his honor in recognition of his four decades of service to the department, and

Whereas, a recognized expert on firefighting techniques, Ray Davison was a respected instructor for the state fire service training course and lectured throughout New England and in Canada, and

Whereas, he was a life member of the Vergennes Fire Department, Addison County Fire Department, and Vermont State Firefighters Association, and

Whereas, he had also operated the R.E. Davison Company, his own fire and rescue equipment sales concern, and

Whereas, aside from all his other activities, Ray Davison belonged to various fraternal and professional organizations and was a member of the Congregational Church of Vergennes, and

Whereas, his many civic roles in Vergennes and the state will long be remembered, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its condolences to the family of Ray E. Davison, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to his niece, Mrs. Joyce Adams, in Yalaha, Florida; to the Vermont State Firefighters Association; and to the Vermont Fire Service Training Council.

By Representatives Audette of South Burlington, Head of South Burlington, Kupersmith of South Burlington, Pugh of South Burlington, Cross of Winooski, Hunt of Essex, Jerman of Essex and Keogh of Burlington

By Senators Condos, Leddy and Lyons

H.C.R. 28

House concurrent resolution in memory of Roderick C. Marcotte of South Burlington.

Whereas, after graduating from Cathedral High School, Rick Marcotte embarked on a short but successful career as a sports reporter and editor at the former Burlington Daily News and the Vermont Sunday News, and

Whereas, while an undergraduate at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, he served as the college’s sports information director and found time to write articles for the Buffalo Courier-Express newspaper, and

Whereas, upon earning his college degree, Rick Marcotte returned to his native Vermont, and began a 34‑year career in public education, teaching, coaching advising and administering at both primary and secondary schools, and

Whereas, he earned a master’s degree at St. Michael’s College and later a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Rollins College, and

Whereas, starting in 1971, Rick Marcotte began a 15‑year tenure as principal of South Burlington’s Central School, then served for seven years in the same position at the city’s Chamberlin School, and

Whereas, in 1969, the South Burlington Jaycees chapter presented him its Outstanding Young Educator Award, and in 1992, the United States Department of Education honored the Chamberlin School as one of the 200 best elementary schools in the United States, and

Whereas, Rick Marcotte coached the inaugural Champlain Valley Union High School varsity basketball team to an amazing 17-4 record despite the lack of a home court, served as an amateur boxing official, and for six years promoted St. Michael’s College’s athletic teams in his role as Sports Information Director, and

Whereas, after his official retirement in 1994, Rick Marcotte taught as an adjunct professor of education at St. Michael’s College, and served as principal, on two occasions, at his first alma mater, St. Francis Xavier School in Winooski, and

Whereas, in recognition of his many accomplishments as an educator, the University of Vermont awarded him an honorary doctor of laws degree, and

Whereas, his death leaves his wife, Velma, children, Mary Beth and George, and numerous acquaintances without a special husband, father, and friend, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its sympathy to the family of the late Roderick Marcotte and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Velma Marcotte in South Burlington.

By Representatives Hube of Londonderry, Bartlett of Dover and Rusten of Halifax

By Senator Gander of Windham District and Senator White of Windham District

H.C.R. 29

House concurrent resolution honoring the Mount Snow ski resort in Dover on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Whereas, in the decade following World War II, alpine or downhill skiing emerged as an extremely popular winter sport and an important contributor to Vermont’s economic vitality, and

Whereas, an increased number of skiers prompted the establishment of new ski resorts offering a broad range of ancillary services, and

Whereas, one of the truly innovative ski resorts that was established during this decade is Mount Snow in Dover which opened its slopes to the public for the first time on December 12, 1954, and

Whereas, Walter Schoenknecht, the founder of Mount Snow, surveyed the slopes around Mount Pisgah and decided the mountain was prime territory for a downhill skiing facility, and

Whereas, over the years, he pioneered many unique features that were copied at other resorts, including an indoor skating rink and an outdoor swimming pool, and

Whereas, the resort’s Snow Lake Lodge featured a ski lift that ascended the mountain directly from the hotel to the summit, and

Whereas, a major addition to the Mount Snow trail system occurred in 1963 with the opening of North Face’s expert runs, and

Whereas, an unusual event in the resort’s already colorful history occurred that same year when Walter Schoenknecht applied, albeit unsuccessfully, to the former United States Atomic Energy Commission for a permit to conduct an underground nuclear explosion to create a ski bowl, and

Whereas, Fountain Mountain, the glacial wonder which for a decade starting in 1965 was created by an artificial geyser pumped from Snow Lake, will make special return appearances during the 50th anniversary season, and

Whereas, in 1977, the Killington Ski Area purchased Mount Snow, and today it is under the ownership of the American Ski Company, and

Whereas, in recent years, Carinthia Mountain and Mount Haystack have been added to the Mount Snow trail network, and

Whereas, on the weekend of December 10-11, 2004, a series of celebratory events inaugurated Mount Snow’s season-long 50th anniversary celebration, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Mount Snow ski resort in Dover on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Stan Hansen, the president of Mount Snow ski resort in Dover.

By Representatives Morrissey of Bennington, Corcoran of Bennington, Krawczyk of Bennington and Mook of Bennington

By Senators Sears and Shepard

H.C.R. 30

House concurrent resolution honoring retiring and former justices of the peace serving the town of Bennington.

Whereas, the citizens of Bennington respect the office of justice of the peace, and

Whereas, Bennington’s electorate has always selected justice of the peace candidates based on their ability to serve and not on their party affiliation, and

Whereas, the justices of the peace, along with the selectboard members, the town clerk, and the assistant town clerk comprise the membership of the Bennington Board of Civil Authority, and

Whereas, the Bennington Board of Civil Authority’s members have always conducted their business, including reviewing tax appeals, sitting as the board of abatement, and acting as election officials in a nonpartisan manner, and

Whereas, in recent decades, a number of outstanding individuals have served as Bennington justices of the peace, including Joseph F. Carroll Sr., first elected in 1964 and who served for many years as chair of the board of civil authority; John R. Stone Jr., first elected in 1972; Mary Ann Pembroke, first elected in 1998; Barbara Bluto, first elected in 1996; Dorothy Carroll, first elected in 2000; John Page, first elected in 1994, all of whom have decided not to seek reelection in 2004; Anthony Pello, first elected in 1970, and Lucy Pello LeRay, first elected in 1974, both of whom retired from their roles as justices of the peace in 2003, and the late Paul Bohne Jr. who served from 1998 until his death in early 2005, and

Whereas, the citizens of Bennington have been extraordinarily fortunate to have such outstanding individuals serving the town as justices of the peace and members of the Board of Civil Authority, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is pleased to honor all of the retiring and former Bennington justices of the peace, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to each individual listed in this resolution and to the family of the late Paul Bohne Jr.

By Representative Grad of Moretown

H.C.R. 31

House concurrent resolution honoring the prenatal care and smoking cessation programs of the March of Dimes.

Whereas, in 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt established the March of Dimes with a special mission to improve the health of babies through the prevention of birth defects and infant mortality, and

Whereas, one of the primary projects of the March of Dimes is to improve access and delivery of prenatal care for pregnant women and to encourage smoking cessation for pregnant women, and

Whereas, prenatal care includes screening and treatment for medical conditions and identification and intervention for behavioral risk factors associated with poor birth outcomes (e.g., smoking, poor nutrition), and

Whereas, more than 10 percent of pregnant women in Vermont do not receive adequate prenatal care, and

Whereas, pregnant women without health insurance are less likely to obtain early prenatal care, which can contribute to poor birth outcomes, and 

Whereas, single Vermont women under age 30, with less than a high school education and limited access to health care, are more likely to smoke while pregnant, and

Whereas, smoking before or during pregnancy can lead to many undesirable outcomes, including placental complications, preterm delivery, low birth‑weight babies, still birth, SIDS, and prenatal death, and

Whereas, smoking increases the risk of intrauterine fetal death by 40 percent during the third trimester, and

Whereas, the single most important preventable risk factor for low birth weight is smoking during pregnancy, and

Whereas, women are more motivated to stop smoking when they are pregnant or planning to become pregnant than during any other time in their lives, and

Whereas, unfortunately, despite the enormous incentives for pregnant women to quit smoking, 20 percent of Vermont births in the year 2002 were to women who smoked while pregnant, and

Whereas, the March of Dimes is educating women regarding the critical importance, both for them and their unborn children, to access prenatal care and quit smoking when they become pregnant, and

Whereas, the General Assembly is very supportive of this vital public health educational campaign, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly honors the prenatal care and smoking cessation programs supported by the March of Dimes, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Vermont Chapter of the March of Dimes in Barre.

By Representative Hunt of Essex, Bostic of St. Johnsbury, Evans of Essex, Heath of Westford, Jerman of Essex and Myers of Essex

By Senators Condos, Leddy and Mazza

H.C.R. 32

House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2004 state champion Essex Junction Little League All-Stars.

Whereas, annually, many youngsters from across the state don their gloves and pick up their bats to play Little League baseball, and

Whereas, the 2004 Essex Junction All-Stars was a team consisting of superb young ball players who compiled a perfect 8-0 district tournament record, and

Whereas, the squad captured the state Little League championship title by defeating Lyndon 8-1 and then twice topping the Burlington American team 7‑2 and 3-0, and

Whereas, these outstanding young athletes, ages 11 and 12, then traveled to Bristol, Connecticut, for the New England Little League Tournament, and

Whereas, although the Vermont youngsters lost their opening games, 5-3 to their counterparts from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and 6-1 to Berlin, Connecticut, they remained determined to demonstrate their proficiency on the baseball diamond, and

Whereas, the team proceeded to shut out their third opponents, from Biddeford, Maine, 4-0, and

Whereas, in their next encounter, the Vermont boys ended the undefeated streak of the Lincoln, Rhode Island, team by a convincing 6-3 margin, and

Whereas, in the semifinal regional game, better described as a slugfest, Essex Junction initially held a seemingly insurmountable eight‑run lead, but it ultimately succumbed again to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this time by a score of 11-9, and

Whereas, although the team did not win the regional championship, the Essex Junction Little League All-Stars, including Aymeric Claude, Alex Corredera, Bryce Currier, Ben Ferris, Alex Godin, Alex Herko, Derek Kaigle, Jake Orr, Matt Overton, Adam Picard, Zac Poland, and David Valley, can all be very proud of their achievements during the 2004 season, and

Whereas, team manager Tom Valley and coaches Bill Currier, Ed Poland, and Scott Godin were superb teachers and mentors, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2004 state champion Essex Junction Little League All-Stars, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Tom Valley in Essex Junction.

By Representatives Smith of New Haven, Adams of Hartland, Allaire of Rutland City, Allard of St. Albans Town, Ancel of Calais, Aswad of Burlington, Atkins of Winooski, Audette of S. Burlington, Baker of West Rutland, Barnard of Richmond, Bartlett of Dover, Bohi of Hartford, Bostic of St. Johnsbury, Botzow of Pownal, Branagan of Georgia, Brennan of Colchester, Brooks of Montpelier, Canfield of Fair Haven, Chen of Mendon, Clark of St. Johnsbury, Clark of Vergennes, Clarkson of Woodstock, Condon of Colchester, Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford, Corcoran of Bennington, Cross of Winooski, Darrow of Dummerston, Deen of Westminster, DePoy of Rutland City, Donaghy of Poultney, Donahue of Northfield, Donovan of Burlington, Dostis of Waterbury, Dowland of Holland, Dunsmore of Georgia, Edwards of Brattleboro, Emmons of Springfield, Endres of Milton, Errecart of Shelburne, Evans of Essex, Fallar of Tinmouth, Fisher of Lincoln, Flory of Pittsford, Frank of Underhill, French of Randolph, Gervais of Enosburg, Grad of Moretown, Green of Berlin, Haas of Rochester, Head of S. Burlington, Heath of Westford, Helm of Castleton, Hosford of Waitsfield, Houston of Ferrisburgh, Howard of Rutland City, Howrigan of Fairfield, Hube of Londonderry, Hudson of Lyndon, Hunt of Essex, Hutchinson of Randolph, Jerman of Essex, Jewett of Ripton, Johnson of South Hero, Johnson of Canaan, Kainen of Hartford, Keenan of St. Albans City, Kennedy of Chelsea, Keogh of Burlington, Kilmartin of Newport City, Kiss of Burlington, Kitzmiller of Montpelier, Klein of East Montpelier, Koch of Barre Town, Komline of Dorset, Krawczyk of Bennington, Kupersmith of S. Burlington, Larocque of Barnet, Larrabee of Danville, Larson of Burlington, LaVoie of Swanton, Lawrence of Lyndon, Leriche of Hardwick, Lippert of Hinesburg, Livingston of Manchester, Lorber of Burlington, Louras of Rutland City, Maier of Middlebury, Malcolm of Pawlet, Marcotte of Coventry, Marek of Newfane, Marron of Stowe, Martin of Springfield, Martin of Wolcott, Masland of Thetford, McAllister of Highgate, McCullough of Williston, McFaun of Barre Town, McLaughlin of Royalton, Metzger of Milton, Milkey of Brattleboro, Miller of Shaftsbury, Miller of Elmore, Minter of Waterbury, Molloy of Arlington, Monti of Barre City, Mook of Bennington, Morley of Orleans, Morrissey of Bennington, Myers of Essex, Nease of Johnson, Niquette of Colchester, Nitka of Ludlow, Nuovo of Middlebury, Obuchowski of Rockingham, O’Donnell of Vernon, Orr of Charlotte, Otterman of Topsham, Parent of St. Albans City, Partridge of Windham, Peaslee of Guildhall, Pellett of Chester, Perry of Richford, Peterson of Williston, Pillsbury of Brattleboro, Potter of Clarendon, Pugh of S. Burlington, Randall of Troy, Reese of Pomfret, Rodgers of Glover, Rusten of Halifax, Schiavone of Shelburne, Seibert of Norwich, Severance of Colchester, Shand of Weathersfield, Sharpe of Bristol, Shaw of Derby, Smith of Morristown, Sunderland of Rutland Town, Sweaney of Windsor, Symington of Jericho, Tracy of Burlington, Trombley of Grand Isle, Valliere of Barre City, Westman of Cambridge, Winters of Swanton, Winters of Williamstown, Wood of Brandon, Wright of Burlington, Young of Orwell and Zuckerman of Burlington

By Senators Ayer, Bartlett, Canns, Condos, Dunne, Gander, Giard, Kittell, Lyons, MacDonald, Mazza, Scott, Snelling, Starr, Welch and White

H.C.R. 33

House concurrent resolution in memory of Vermont National Guard Specialist Alan N. Bean Jr. of Bridport.

Whereas, the members of the Vermont National Guard provide valiant service to our state in times of natural disaster and civil unrest, and to our nation during national emergencies and when international military commitments arise, and

Whereas, members of the 1st Battalion, 86th Artillery of the Vermont National Guard have been activated to serve as part of our nation’s armed forces serving in Iraq, and

Whereas, in the last week of May 2004, Spc. Alan Bean of Bridport, a graduate of Champlain Valley Union High School, was killed in the line of duty when mortar fire struck him during a mission escorting members of an intelligence unit, and

Whereas, his death, along with the simultaneous killing of a second member of the same Battalion, marked the first fatality under hostile fire that the Vermont National Guard has sustained since the Korean conflict in the 1950s, and

Whereas, Alan Bean Jr. had a sense of humor, and he was a true outdoorsman who loved to hunt and fish, and

Whereas, he was the father of a new baby son, Gabriel Alan Bean, and is also survived by his parents Kim and Alan Bean Sr. of Bridport, his paternal grandfather, his maternal grandparents, and a brother and sister, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its sincere condolences to the family of Spc. Alan N. Bean Jr. of Bridport, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Kim and Alan Bean Sr. in Bridport.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont