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The Senate proposes to the House to amend the bill by striking out Sec. 4 in its entirety and inserting a new Sec. 4 to read as follows:


(a)  The agency of human services, in consultation with the department of education, shall analyze current law and regulation regarding Medicaid eligibility for young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 and shall report on the following:

(1)  current Medicaid eligibility requirements;

(2)  how the state currently administers Medicaid for youth, including the type of outreach that has been done to assure a full opportunity for enrollment;

(3)  an estimate of the percentage of eligible youths who are enrolled;

(4)  additional options available to increase access to Medicaid coverage for all categories of potentially eligible youths over the age of 18, including but not limited to the developmentally disabled youths who are not in custody, and the cost of each option;

(5)  the cost of extending health care coverage through Medicaid, the Vermont health access plan, Dr. Dynasaur, or an other state-funded health care program solely to an individual under the custody of the state on his or her 18th birthday for the period of time the individual attends college or postsecondary training.

(b)  The agency of human services shall study the costs and benefits of providing necessary and essential transitional services up to age 22 for a youth who has been in the custody of the state; has a developmental disability and has been receiving state‑funded services or services under an individual education plan (IEP) on the youth’s 18th birthday; or has been receiving state‑funded services for severe emotional disturbance on his or her 18th birthday in order to assist the youth in becoming a self-sufficient adult.

(c)  The agency of human services shall study the costs and benefits of continuing Reach Up assistance under chapter 11 of Title 33 while the child is a full-time student to families whose child reaches the age of majority and attends a postsecondary education or training program.  The study shall include a financial analysis, the feasibility of using TANF funds for this purpose, and any other issues relating to the use of federal funds for this purpose.

(d)  The reports under this section shall be provided to the senate committee on health and welfare and the house committee on human services no later than January 15, 2007.


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont