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The Senate proposes to the House to amend the bill by adding five new sections to be numbered Secs. 4 – 8 to read as follows:

Sec. 4.  24 V.S.A. App. chapter 1, § 202(a) is amended to read:

(a)  The annual city meetings meeting of the city and the Barre City School District for the election of officers, the voting of budgets, and any other business included in the warnings for said meeting, shall be held on the first second Tuesday in March May, unless otherwise legally warned by the council.

Sec. 5.  24 V.S.A. App. chapter 1, § 207 is amended to read:



(a)  Annually, on the first second Tuesday in March May the legal voters of the city and of the school district, shall meet to vote on the requests of the city manager and the school commissioners.

(b)  If, at the annual March May meeting, the voters disapprove the request of the city manager and/or the school commissioners, the mayor, or in his or her absence or disability, the city clerk shall warn a general meeting of the legal voters to consider the article disapproved by the voters, and to authorize a specific sum of money therefor.  The meeting shall be in accordance with chapter 55 of Title 17 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated and shall be held at the same location as the previous meeting with the polls open for the same hours as the previous meeting.  If the voters continue to disapprove any portion of the request, similar meetings shall be held in the same manner.

* * *

Sec. 6.  24 V.S.A. App. chapter 1, § 406 is amended to read:

§ 406.  BUDGET

The city manager shall prepare his or her recommended budget for the next fiscal year and present the same to the city council not later than the twentieth day of January of 45 days prior to the annual meeting date each year.  At the same time, he the city manager shall submit his or her request for a specific sum of money under provisions of Section 207.

Sec. 7.  24 V.S.A. App. chapter 1, § 516(c) is amended to read:

(c)  One or before the twentieth day of January of No later than 45 days prior to the annual meeting date each year the board of school commissioners shall present to the city council its budget requests for the next fiscal year.

Sec. 8.  SUNSET

Secs. 4–7 of this act, or one or more of these sections as the case may be, shall expire upon certification to the secretary of state of a vote to reconsider or rescind the vote taken by the voters of the City of Barre on May 10, 2005 whereby these sections were approved.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont