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Introduced by   Committee on Ways and Means


Subject:  Taxation and finance; fees, executive branch fees

Statement of purpose:  This bill proposes to adjust executive branch fees.


It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

* * * Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities,

and Health Care Administration * * * 

Sec. 1.  8 V.S.A. § 19(a) and (d) are amended to read:

(a)  The commissioner shall charge each financial institution or financial institution applicant for department services rendered.  Charges for department services shall be billed as follows:

(1)  New financial institution application or new independent trust company application, $5,000.00;

(2)  Interim reorganization application, $1,000.00 $2,000.00;

(3)  Merger, change in control, or other reorganization, share exchange, consolidation, or acquisition, $1,000.00 $2,000.00;

(4)  Conversion of a charter, $2,000.00 $2,500.00;

(5)  Establishment of a branch in the state, $500.00;

(6)  Establishment of a remote service unit, $250.00.  Where more than one remote service unit performing identical services on single premises are petitioned at the same time, the total charge shall be $250.00.  This fee shall not apply if the remote service unit is placed at an existing branch;

(7)  Relocation of main office, branch, or remote service unit, $150.00 $250.00;

(8)  For trust powers subsequent to the granting of the authority as financial institution, $500.00 $2,000.00;

* * *

(10)  Sale, lease, or exchange of all an institution's assets, $1,500.00 $5,000.00;

* * *

(15)  Establishment of a loan production office or engaging in loan production activity in the state, $750.00;

* * *

(18)  Certificate (Good Standing), $50.00 $100.00;

(19)  Establish a development credit corporation, $100.00 $1,000.00;

(20)  Permission to use “bank” in name, $100.00;

(21)  Letter of non-objection, $250.00, plus expenses;

(22)  Increase or reduction in permanent capital, $250.00;

(23)  New credit union application, new credit union service organization application, or new corporate credit union application, $2,500.00;

(24)  Extension of a certificate of general good or extension of a certificate of approval, $50.00;

(25)  Contract with another financial institution as agent, $500.00;

(26)  Any other corporate organizational changes not covered above, $250.00 plus expenses.  No petition or application shall be considered by the commissioner until payment for the enumerated charge has been received.

(d)  Semiannually on or before February 15 and August 15, the commissioner shall apportion the expenses allowed under the title "department of banking" in the annual appropriation bill among the several financial institutions directly regulated under this title, including the operations in Vermont of any such entity organized in another jurisdiction and credit unions, after first deducting all monies received by the banking division.  The commissioner shall notify each entity of the amount so apportioned to it, which and that amount shall be paid into the state treasury within 30 days after receipt of that notice.

* * *

(4)  No institution, credit union, or independent trust company subject to assessment under subdivisions (1), (2), or (3) of this subsection may pay less than $350.00 $500.00 per semiannual assessment.

Sec. 2.  8 V.S.A. § 2202(b) is amended to read:

(b)  At the time of making application, the applicant shall pay to the commissioner a fee for investigating the application and a license fee for a period terminating on the last day of the current calendar year.  The following fees are imposed on applicants:

* * *

(2)  For an applicant for a mortgage broker's license, $250.00 $350.00 as a license fee, and $250.00 $350.00 as an application and investigation fee;.

(3)  For an applicant for a sales finance company's license, $300.00 $350.00 as a license fee, and $250.00 $350.00 as an application and investigation fee.

(4)  The fee for an application submitted after September 30 of any year shall be prorated.

Sec. 3.  8 V.S.A. § 2209 is amended to read:

On or before December 1 of each year, every licensee shall pay to the commissioner a renewal of license fee for the next succeeding calendar year, and shall at the same time file with the commissioner a bond in the same amount and of the same character as required by section 2203 of this title or as required by the commissioner under section 2207 of this title.  The fee shall be:

* * *

(2)  For the renewal of a mortgage broker's license, $250.00 $350.00;

(3)  For the renewal of a sales finance company's license, $300.00 $350.00.

* * * Sheriffs * * *

Sec. 4.  32 V.S.A. § 1591(2)(A) is amended to read:

(A)  For necessary assistance in arresting or transporting prisoners, juveniles or mental patients the sum of $11.00 $15.40 per hour for each deputy sheriff or assistant so required if the sheriff or constable makes oath that the deputy sheriff, assistant, or assistants were required giving the name of the assistant or assistants if there were more than one; provided, however, a full-time law enforcement officer shall not receive compensation under this subsection if otherwise compensated for the hours during which such transportation is performed.  In addition to the rate established in this section, the sheriffs’ department shall be reimbursed for the costs of the employers’ contribution to social security Social Security and workers’ compensation insurance attributable to services provided under this section.  Reimbursement shall be calculated on an hourly basis; the sheriff’s department shall also be reimbursed for the costs of employer contributions for unemployment compensation, when a claim is filed and the percentage owed from the sheriff’s department to the state can be accounted for under this section;


     Beginning in fiscal year 2007, the schedule of costs and reimbursable amounts for payments to sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and constables set out in

32 V.S.A. § 1591(2)(A) shall be utilized by the sheriffs and constables in the preparation and submission of budget documents and appropriation requests to the general assembly, and by the general assembly in determining such amounts to be appropriated.

* * * Department of Labor and Industry * * *


     For fiscal year 2006, after consideration of the formula in 21 V.S.A.

§ 711(b) and historical rate trends, the general assembly has established that the rate of contribution for the direct calendar year premium for workers’ compensation insurance shall remain at the rate of 0.4 percent established in 21 V.S.A. § 711(a).

 * * * Criminal Justice Training Council * * *

Sec. 6.  20 V.S.A. § 2355(f) is amended to read:

(f)  The council shall charge participants or employers of participants in law enforcement training programs as follows:

(1)  The tuition fee for basic training required under section 2358 of this title shall be $3,550.00 $5,847.00.  This fee shall not be charged for persons employed by police agencies at the time of training.

(2)  The tuition fees for training not required under section 2358 of this title shall be set to reflect the actual costs for operation of the particular programs offered, with an additional $25.00 $30.00 entrance exam fee.

* * * Secretary of State * * *

* * * Professional Regulation * * *

* * * Advisory Board Professions * * *

Sec. 7.  3 V.S.A. § 125(b) is amended to read:

(b)  Unless otherwise provided by law, the following fees shall apply to all professions regulated by the director in consultation with advisor appointees under Title 26:

(1)  Application for registration, $75.00

(2)  Application for licensure or certification, $100.00

(3)  Biennial renewal, $175.00 $200.00, except:

(A)  Biennial renewal for clinical social workers, $125.00 $150.00

(B)  Biennial renewal for occupational therapists and assistants, $125.00 $150.00

(4)  Limited temporary license or work permit, $50.00

* * * Barbers and Cosmetologists * * *

Sec. 8.  26 V.S.A. § 287 is amended to read

§ 287.  FEES

Applicants and persons regulated under this chapter shall pay the following fees:    

(1)  Application      

(A)  Barber                                                      $ 50.00      

(B)  Cosmetologist                                          $ 50.00       

(C)  Manicurist Nail technician                       $ 50.00      

(D)  Esthetician                                                $ 50.00      

(E)  Shop                                                          $150.00      

(F)  School                                                       $300.00   

(2)  Biennial renewal      

(A)  Barber                                                       $ 60.00  $80.00

(B)  Cosmetologist                                           $ 60.00  $80.00

(C)  Manicurist Nail technician                       $ 60.00  $80.00

(D)  Esthetician                                                $ 60.00  $80.00

(E)  Shop                                                          $100.00     

 (F)  School                                                       $300.00   

(3)  Reinspection                                                   $100.00

* * * Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants * * *

Sec. 9.  26 V.S.A. § 810(e) is amended to read:

(e)  Each dentist and dental hygienist shall pay the following fees:     

(1)  Applications

dentist                                                          $225.00     

dental hygienist                                            $150.00     

dental assistant                                             $ 60.00   

(2)  Biennial renewal     

dentist                                                           $300.00  $355.00 

dental hygienist                                            $105.00   $125.00 

dental assistant                                             $ 65.00    $75.00

* * * Physical Therapists * * *

Sec. 10.  26 V.S.A. § 2106a is amended to read:
§ 2106a.  FEES

Notwithstanding the provisions of section 125(b) of Title 3, applicants and persons regulated under this chapter shall pay the following fees:     

(1)  Application for licensure                                   $100.00    

(2)  Biennial renewal                                                  $ 80.00  $100.00

(3)  Temporary license                                                $ 50.00

* * * Department of Fish and Wildlife * * *

Sec. 11.  10 V.S.A. § 4132(e) is amended to read:

     (e)  The commissioner of fish and wildlife may develop promotional programs to include the sale of promotional items at a reasonable profit, to promote hunting, fishing, and trapping and the use of wildlife management areas.  Proceeds from the sale of promotional items shall be deposited in the fish and wildlife fund.


     Notwithstanding Sec. 49(c) of No. 163 of the Acts of the 2003 Adj. Sess. (2004), 10 V.S.A. § 4132(e), as amended by Sec. 11 of this act, shall take effect July 1, 2005.

* * * Department of Motor Vehicles * * *

Sec. 12.  23 V.S.A. § 514(b) is amended to read:

(b)  Any replacement number plate shall be issued at a fee of $7.00 $10.00.

Sec. 13.  23 V.S.A. § 3802(a) is amended to read:

(a)  The commissioner shall be paid the following fees:

(1)  for filing an application for a first certificate of title, $10.00 $15.00;

(2)  for each security interest noted upon a certificate of title, $6.00 $7.00;

(3)  for a certificate of title after a transfer, $9.00 $15.00;

(4)  for each assignment of a security interest noted upon a certificate of title, $6.00 $7.00;

(5)  for a duplicate certificate of title, $9.00 $15.00;

(6)  for an ordinary certificate of title issued upon surrender of a distinctive certificate, $6.00 $15.00;

(7)  for filing a notice of security interest, $6.00 $7.00;

(8)  for a certificate of search of the records of the motor vehicle department for each vessel, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle searched against, $13.00 $20.00;

(9)  for filing an assignment of a security interest, $6.00 $7.00;

(10)  for a certificate of clear title after the security interest or interests have been released, $9.00 $15.00;

(11)  for a corrected certificate of title, $9.00 $15.00.

* * * Department of Public Safety * * *

Sec. 14.  20  V.S.A. § 39(a) and (e) are amended to read:

(a)  Beginning January 1, 1994, every Every person required to report the use or storage of hazardous chemicals or substances pursuant to Title III of SARA of 1986 shall pay the following annual fees for each hazardous chemical or substance, as defined by the state emergency response commission, which that is present at the facility:

(1)  $25.00 $33.00 for quantities between 100 and 999 pounds.

(2)  $40.00 $50.00 for quantities between 1,000 and 9,999 pounds.

(3)  $60.00 $80.00 for quantities between 10,000 and 99,999 pounds.

(4)  $200.00 $250.00 for quantities between 100,000 and 999,999 pounds.

(5)  $500.00 $750.00 for quantities exceeding 999,999 pounds.

(6)  An additional fee of $100.00 $150.00 will be assessed for each extremely hazardous chemical or substance as defined in 42 U.S.C. § 11002.

(e)  The state or any political subdivision, including any municipality, fire district, or incorporated village, is authorized to recover any and all reasonable direct expenses incurred as a result of the response to and recovery of a hazardous chemical or substance incident from the person or persons responsible for the incident.  All funds collected by the state under this subsection shall be deposited into the hazardous chemical and substance emergency response fund created pursuant to subsection 38(b) of this chapter after reimbursements have been made to any responding state agencies.  The attorney general shall act on behalf of the state to recover these expenses.  The state or political subdivision shall be awarded costs and reasonable attorneys' fees which that are incurred as a result of exercising the provisions of this subsection.

Sec. 15.  20 V.S.A. § 2731(c)(1) is amended to read:

(c)  The following fire prevention and building code fees are established:

(1)  The permit application fee for a construction plan approval shall be:

(A)  based on $3.75 $4.50 per each $1,000.00 of the total valuation of the construction work proposed to be done for renovation to buildings constructed before 1983, but in no event shall the permit application fee exceed $135,000.00;

(B)  based on $4.50 $5.50 per each $1,000.00 of the total valuation of the construction work proposed to be done for all other buildings, but in no event shall the permit application fee exceed $135,000.00.


On or before January 15, 2007, the department of public safety shall report to the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance on the condition of the fire safety special fund, including recommendations regarding the permit application fee amounts in 20 V.S.A.

§ 2731(c)(1).

Sec. 17.  20 V.S.A. § 3073 is amended to read:

§ 3073.  FEES

The fee for applications for licenses shall be $10.00 $50.00 for residents of the state, $20.00 and $100.00 for nonresidents.  Initial licenses shall be for a term of one year.  License renewals shall be for three years for a fee of $30.00 $75.00 for residents, $60.00 and $150.00 for nonresidents.  Fees collected under this section shall be credited to a special fund and shall be available to the department of public safety to offset the cost of providing the service.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont