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NO. R-246.  House concurrent resolution commemorating the dedication of the Windsor Veterans’ Memorial.


Offered by:  Representatives Sweaney of Windsor, Adams of Hartland and Shand of Weathersfield.

Offered by:  Senator Campbell of Windsor District, Senator Dunne of Windsor District and Senator Welch of Windsor District.

Whereas, the town of Windsor takes great pride in the military service of its residents, and

Whereas, the town of Windsor recognizes and honors the commitment and sacrifices of those who served during wartime, and

Whereas, Windsor’s early veterans contributed greatly to Vermont’s Independence, and

Whereas, over 1,000 individuals from Windsor served in either World

War II or the Korean conflict, and in a municipality of 3,700, one could assert that one-fourth of the town’s population served in one of the two conflicts, and

Whereas the town of Windsor displayed proudly a wooden “Honor Roll” recognizing Windsor residents’ wartime service, and

Whereas, the memorial began to deteriorate and was placed inside a town building for protection from further damage, and

Whereas, tragically, while the memorial was in storage, it was lost in a fire, and

Whereas, the town did not have a proper memorial to replace the “Honor Roll,” and

Whereas, in November 1999, an ad hoc group of citizens and veterans met to discuss the construction of a proper memorial to replace the lost honor roll and honor the town’s veterans, and

Whereas, this ad hoc group became the Windsor War Memorial Committee, also known as the Veterans’ Memorial Committee (VMC), a subcommittee of American Legion Post # 25, and

Whereas, Bernie Shaban chairs the committee, and its membership has included Milt Ducharme, William White, Malcolm Craig, Doug Whitcomb, Butch Noel, Joe Grey, Arthur Grosjean, Francis Robideau, Urban Bates, Bob Haight, Larry Nowlan Jr., Aaron Fitzherbert, Rudy Hanecak III,  Bob Sheppard, Nick Grano, Bill Hochstin, Terry Allen, and Ken Cooley, and

Whereas, the committee recruited world-renowned Windsor sculptor Larry Nowlan Jr. whose studio is located in Windsor; Granite Industries of Vermont, which has many military memorials to its credit to engrave the memorial stones; and granite artist Aaron Fitzherbert for on-site engraving and other stone work, and

Whereas, the granite stones, which the Stoughton Farm in Weathersfield donated, come from the Weathersfield side of the Mt. Ascutney foothills, and  

Whereas, Wiley Earth Moving, Miller Construction, Blanchard Construction, Allen Electric, and numerous other Windsor businesses donated many hours of labor, money, and materials, and

Whereas, Phase I, dedicated in 2002, is a seven‑foot‑high bronze statue depicting a weary soldier returning from patrol in a combat uniform incorporating elements from World War I through Desert Storm and dog tags copied from those the sculptor Larry Nowlan’s father wore in Korea, and

Whereas, Phase II, which required several years of detailed research, consists of 11 boulders, and nine of these, arranged chronologically, include the names of Windsor residents who served in a specific military conflict, and

Whereas, Phase III, still to be constructed, will beautify the site through the installation of brick walkways, lighting, and this phase will also include the development of a maintenance fund, and

Whereas, the VMC has approved a dedication statement that reads:  “In Remembrance of All the Brave Men and Women Who Fought to Keep Our Country Free.  May Our Futures Be Worthy of Their Sacrifices Forever More,” and

Whereas, Phase II of the Windsor Veterans’ Memorial will be dedicated during Memorial Day, May 30, 2005, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly commemorates the dedication of the Windsor Veterans’ Memorial, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Terry Allen and Bernie Shaban of the Windsor War Memorial Committee, to Commander Ed Brown at the American Legion Post # 25, and to Donald Howard, the Windsor town administrator.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont