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ACT NO. 215

(H. 881)

Appropriations; FY 2007; agriculture; Medicaid and health care; human services

This act is the fiscal year 2007 Omnibus Appropriations Act which provides for the support of state government for fiscal year 2007. For details and summaries of the amounts appropriated, reference should be made to the explanatory and summary documents prepared by the legislative Joint Fiscal Office.

In addition to providing appropriations for the support of government, the act adds or amends substantive provisions of law affecting other programs including the following:


The Agency of Agriculture, food and markets is directed to develop training programs and propose new rules relating to an animal premises registration system, report final proposed rules to the Committees on Agriculture of the legislature together with a report on the effectiveness of a voluntary animal premises registration system by January 15, 2007. [Sections 77b and 77c.] Also, the secretary of the agency of agriculture, food and markets is directed to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a public information program on the best management practices of fertilizer use on nonagricultural turf and report to the Committees on Agriculture and Natural Resources and Energy of the legislature by January 1, 2007. [Sections 77d.] And a farm agronomic practices assistance program is created in the Agency. [Sec. 80a.]

Medicaid and Health Care

The Health Access Oversight Committee is directed to undertake a comprehensive "Medicaid Deficit and Reimbursement Study" to develop a plan to eliminate the Medicaid deficit [Section 112]. The Health Access Oversight Committee is itself reformed and extended [Section 294]. Other studies are directed that potentially affect the Medicaid program, including those relating to pharmacy dispensing [Section 107a], chiropractic services [Sections 107b and 107c], and dental services [Section 108].

Other provisions relating to health care include a program for awarding Community Health and Wellness grants [Section 322], creation of a Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement System [Sections 324-326], required Hospital Infection Rate reporting [Section 327], incorporating information technology improvements throughout the health care system [Sections

328-330], establishment of a program for loan repayment for health care providers [Section 331], amending provisions relating to advance directives for health care [Sections 332- 340], assignment of responsibility to the Secretary of Administration for coordinating health care reform initiatives [Section 342a, but which replicates similar provisions in H.861], and revision of the duties and scope of studies of the Commission on Health Care Reform [Sections 295 and 295a].

Human Services

Changes to other human services laws and programs include the authority to enter into Interstate Compacts on Adoption and Medical Assistance [Section 127], the establishment of a General Assistance benefits flexibility pilot program [Section 139a], the establishment of a mortgage or rental arrearage program [Sections 140 and 141], the creation of a task force to study the sustainability of nursing homes [Section 149a], the development of the Northern Lights project, a new model of transitional housing for corrections clients [Section 159], and the establishment of a "work group" to study and recommend responses to the federal changes in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program [Section 296].

Effective Date: generally, July 1, 2006.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont