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ACT NO. 182


This act repeals the creation of a grand list for certain incorporated school districts as they are no longer needed; authorizes a school district to vote on specific one-time purchase items in the budget vote; directs a school board to show tuition paid to a technical center as a line item in the budget; authorizes Granby to pay tuition to a public elementary school in New Hampshire; establishes a minimum amount of liability insurance that must be carried by a school board; directs regional technical centers to conduct an annual audit; uses the same cumulative price index for annual growth in the amount of the essential early education grant as that used for growing other educational grants; authorizes the commissioner of education to calculate an equalized pupil count for a municipality; subtracts interest payments on funds borrowed in anticipation of state construction aid from the calculation of district spending adjustment; directs the commissioner of education not to calculate a homestead tax rate until after the deadline for reconsideration of a budget vote has passed; authorizes the commissioner of education to conduct annual statewide tests for the next two school years in order to comply with the No Child Left Behind act; directs school districts to comply with provisions of the No Child Left Behind act instead of Vermont state law regarding education of homeless children for the next two years; directs the commissioner of education and the secretary of human services to study who should pay for the education of pregnant and parenting pupils who are educated outside the district of residence and stipulate that, for the next school year a school district shall pay between 75 and 80 percent of the base education payment for pregnant and parenting pupils studying at a teen parent education program; authorizes the River Valley Technical Center alternative governing board to exist for one year beyond its sunset date in order to complete its planning process; directs the commissioner of education to study the financial impact of programs targeted for students with special needs; streamlines the process for obtaining criminal record information about a person applying to work in a school; directs school districts to include information about the receipt and use of Medicaid reimbursements in their annual reports; directs the commissioner of education to study the accuracy of the weights currently assigned to secondary and elementary pupils of calculation of average daily membership; delays implementation of Act 130 which would provide state aid payments directly to union school districts for one year; directs the commissioner of education to study: items related to calculation of the excess spending amount under Act 68, alternatives for computing the education spending amount, the cost and quality of Vermont schools, school district auditing requirements, use of the SAT and ACT as the statewide assessment in the high school grades, and information to facilitate discussion about raising the compulsory education age to 18; repeals the sunset of Act 150 which directs limited interdistrict school choice; removes a provision of law which precludes 80 percent reimbursement of costs for the first two or three students from a school district attending the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; clarifies that two or more school districts may do some preliminary planning regarding formation of a union district prior to asking for authorization of the electorate; authorizes a school board to make facilities available to groups without a vote of the electorate and to enter into contract with other school boards to provide joint programs or share facilities or personnel; authorizes a technical center school district which has already formed to vote its budget by Australian ballot without a vote of the electorate; directs the commissioner of education to collect names of organizations which provide effective hazing, harassment, bullying, suicide or substance abuse prevention trai ning and to make them available to schools; authorizes town school district T214 both to belong to a union school district and to pay tuition for its students; and establishes a council on civics education.

Effective Date: July 1, 2006

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont