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ACT NO. 178


Highways; unidentified corridors; ancient roads

This act establishes criteria for a new classification of town highways to be known as unidentified corridors.  An unidentified corridor is a properly laid out highway that does not appear on the town highway map as of July 1, 2009, is not otherwise clearly observable by physical evidence of its use as a highway or trail, and is not a legal trail.  If an unidentified corridor or any other highway or trail does not appear on a town highway map by July 1, 2015, it is discontinued and belongs to the owners of the adjoining lands.  If a town reclassifies an unidentified corridor as a highway or trail after July 1, 2009, it must do so according to the current process for reclassifying a town highway.

This act also establishes a process whereby a town may discontinue all town highways and trails not on its map.

Effective Date: Secs. 10 and 14 on May 23, 2006; remaining Secs. on July 1, 2006

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont