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ACT NO. 172


Regulation of corporations; telecommunications

This act enacts four sections of session law and one statutory change relating to the development of broadband infrastructure and access to advanced telecommunications service in Vermont.

Section 1 states that the policy of the state is to take an active role in telecommunications capacity development because these services are essential to Vermont's economic viability and competitiveness. By encouraging market forces and, if need be, in remote and difficult-to-serve areas, creating some form of subsidy program to have these service throughout the state.

Section 2 requires each state agency or department to review and inventory its regulations or procedures that affect broadband development and, as needed, propose changes to stimulate broadband development. Each agency or department shall report to the Department of Public Service and the legislative committees of jurisdiction on or before October 1, 2006.

Section 3 requires the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, in cooperation with the Department of Public Service, to develop a broadband map on the internet which identifies available broadband internet access in Vermont. Section 4 requires the Department of Public Service to report to the legislative committees of jurisdiction on or before January 15, 2007 on the status of broadband deployment with recommendations for administrative or legislative action.

Section 4 amends the statute regarding municipal regulation of the height of certain structures to prohibit the municipal regulation of an antenna structure under 20 feet in height transmitting or receiving communication signals for commercial, industrial, municipal, county, or state purposes, if it is located within the boundaries of a permitted downhill ski area.

Effective Date: May 22, 2006

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont