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It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:


(a)  The general assembly finds that every school district should expect at some point to enroll a student with a life‑threatening allergy or life‑threatening chronic illness and should be prepared to provide a safe and supportive environment because:

(1)  The incidence of many chronic life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes and asthma has recently increased.  In addition, the variety and prevalence of food allergies have increased in the last five years and continue to increase. 

(2)  A child with a chronic illness or allergy may respond to environmental conditions with a life-threatening reaction requiring an immediate response to save the child's life.  An allergic reaction, for example, may develop into anaphylaxis which is sudden and potentially fatal.

(b)  Therefore, it is the intent of this act to ensure that information to help school personnel and parents provide a safe and supportive environment for children with life-threatening allergies and life-threatening chronic illnesses is readily available.

Sec. 2.  16 V.S.A. § 212(15) is added to read:

(15)  Annually, with the commissioner of health shall jointly inform superintendents and principals of appropriate practices regarding students with life‑threatening allergies and chronic illnesses; and prepare and distribute policies, training materials, and school guidelines for managing students with life-threatening allergies and chronic illnesses, including family responsibilities, school responsibilities, and student responsibilities.

Sec. 3.  16 V.S.A. § 563(29) is added to read:

(29)  Shall assign an employee to annually:

(A)  inform parents of students with life-threatening allergies and life‑threatening chronic illnesses of applicable provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other applicable federal statutes, state statutes, federal regulations, and state rules;

(B)  inform appropriate school staff of their responsibilities; and

(C)  provide necessary training to carry out these responsibilities.

Approved:  May 18, 2006

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont