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ACT NO. 57


Home health agencies; regulatory supervision

This act establishes increased regulatory oversight over the activities of home health agencies. It broadens jurisdiction of the department of banking, insurance, and securities to include oversight over home health agencies undergoing a change in ownership and agencies seeking to modify the boundaries of the geographic regions within which they provide home health services. In addition, it provides a new statutory framework within which the department of aging and independent living monitors the programs and policies of home health agencies. For example, home health agencies are required to abide by minimum program standards, prepare a local community services plan, submit data related to access, cost, and quality issues, obtain the commissioner's approval of shared service agreements, establish a complaint process, and undergo a redesignation process every four years. As a whole, the act is intended to provide state action immunity for actions that might otherwise be cons idered to be in violation of state or federal antitrust laws.

Effective Date: On passage, June 3, 2005

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont