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NO. R-414.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the Basin Harbor Club on its receipt of a 2008 Vermont Centennial Business Award.


Offered by:  Representatives Clark of Vergennes and Oxholm of Vergennes

Offered by:  Senators Ayer and Giard

Whereas, the history of the Basin Harbor Club dates to 1790, when Revolutionary War veteran Platt Rogers constructed the Homestead at Basin Harbor, and

Whereas, he soon began operating the Homestead as an inn, and the Winans family, descendants of Rogers’s son‑in‑law, James Winans, operated this inn into the 20th century, and

Whereas, separately, in 1882, Ardelia Beach, the true matriarch of the Basin Harbor Club, purchased the Lodge farm on the harbor’s south shore for $4,292.00, and she began accepting paying boarders in 1886, and

Whereas, she raised the building’s roof in 1890, creating a third floor and more guest space, and

Whereas, Ardelia Beach’s nephew Allen Penfield (AP) Beach persuaded his father to purchase the Lodge from Ardelia, and beginning in 1913, AP began a 40‑plus‑year association with the resort, and

Whereas, in the boom days of the 1920s, AP Beach built a nine‑hole golf course that opened in 1928 and the first of the numerous cottages now on the property, and, to conclude the decade, he electrified the resort, and

Whereas, during the Great Depression, the Lodge and the Homestead were merged into a single resort under AP Beach’s ownership, and

Whereas, AP’s son, Robert Sr., representing the third generation of Beaches to operate the Basin Harbor Club, assumed a greater managerial role after World War II, and a new and spacious dining room was built in 1946, and

Whereas, the golf course grew to a full 18 holes in the 1950s, and a state‑funded air strip was created as a Cold War defensive measure, and

Whereas, vacationers are able to cool off in the new swimming pool built during the 1960s, and

Whereas, in that same decade, the Beach family bid farewell to AP whose death marked the closing of an historic era at Basin Harbor Resort, and

Whereas, in the 1970s, air conditioning arrived in the main dining room, the Red Mill informal eatery was opened, and nature trails were expanded, and

Whereas, the 1980s saw the centennial of Basin Harbor Club in 1986 and the new leadership of fourth‑generation Beach family proprietors Pennie and Robert Jr., and

Whereas, the desires of the resort’s youngest visitors were addressed in the 1990s when a fantastic playhouse with multiple pavilions and slides was constructed, reflecting the impact of the young fifth generation of Beaches, and

Whereas, in the new century, the Basin Harbor Club became the first Vermont resort to gain membership in the National Audubon Society’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program, and

Whereas, Basin Harbor Club was recently honored when the secretary of state, Vermont Business Magazine, and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce presented the resort a 2008 Vermont Centennial Business Award marking its 122 years of superb hospitality, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the general assembly congratulates the Basin Harbor Club on its receipt of a 2008 Vermont Centennial Business Award, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Pennie Beach and Robert Beach in Vergennes.

Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont