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NO. R-158.  Joint resolution designating April 18-22 as Vermont community development week.


Offered by:  Representatives Donaghy of Poultney, Bartlett of Dover, Bohi of Hartford, Canfield of Fair Haven, Clark of St. Johnsbury, Clark of Vergennes, Clarkson of Woodstock, Errecart of Shelburne, Evans of Essex, Fallar of Tinmouth, Kennedy of Chelsea, Krawczyk of Bennington, Larocque of Barnet, LaVoie of Swanton, Livingston of Manchester, Malcolm of Pawlet, Metzger of Milton, Morrissey of Bennington, Myers of Essex, Nease of Johnson, Parent of St. Albans City, Rodgers of Glover, Smith of New Haven, Sunderland of Rutland Town, Sweaney of Windsor, Valliere of Barre City and Wright of Burlington.

Whereas, the Vermont community development program has administered the federal Community Development Block Grant since 1983, and

Whereas, included within this federal block grant program are myriad economic development, social service, and housing programs that benefit Vermont communities statewide, and

Whereas, the Vermont community development program has awarded over $152 million in federal grants to municipalities, leveraging over $3.9 billion in private and public investment, benefiting 291,000 individuals through projects creating or retaining jobs, and providing housing, public infrastructure and facilities, and essential public services, and

Whereas, the community development block grant program entails a partnership, encompassing government on the federal, state, and local level, nonprofit and community organizations that often serve as the direct deliverer of the grant services, and the commitment of all the participants to the program’s success, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly commends the Vermont community development program’s contribution to the vitality and well-being of the state’s communities and the dedication of all the program’s participating partners to the improvement of the quality of life of Vermonters especially those of low and moderate income, and be it further

Resolved:  That the General Assembly urges Congress and the United States Department of Commerce to continue, without reductions in funding, the federal Community Development Block Grant program which has been of great benefit to the citizens of Vermont, and be it further

Resolved:  That the General Assembly designates April 18-22, 2005 as Vermont Community Development Week to run concurrent with National Community Development Week, and be it further

Resolved:  That the secretary of state be directed to send a copy of this resolution to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, to the members of the Vermont Congressional Delegation, to Secretary of Commerce and Community Development Kevin Dorn, and to Commissioner of Housing and Community Affairs John Hall.


Published by:

The Vermont General Assembly
115 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont