State of Vermont
Legislative Branch

Viewing Legislative Documents


A number of formatting conventions are used in the Legislative Documents. Not all World Wide Web browsers (the software you are using to view this page) can support these formats:

If you see the underlines and strikeouts in these two samples, then you are all set to view the Legislative Documents.

If you see the underlines in the first sample but do not see strikeouts in the second sample, you can still view the Legislative Documents, but the strikeouts will not display. You can locate the struckout text by the *[surrounding brackets]*.

If you see neither the underlines or the strikeouts, then your browser cannot properly display the Legislative Documents. It is strongly recommended that you download and install a newer browser.

The following browsers are known to work:

Follow the vendor's instructions to download and install one of these browsers. With a 14.4 modem the download should take about half an hour.