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Act No. 68 (S.4).

An act relating to health and schools

This act requires that school athletic coaches and referees receive training on effective methods to reduce the risk of concussions from occurring during athletic activities, prohibits a coach or a health care provider from allowing an athlete to continue participating in a school athletic event if the trainer knows or should know that the athlete has sustained a concussion or other head injury, requires every school to develop a concussion action plan that describes the procedures the school will take when a student athlete suffers a concussion, and, beginning in 2015, requires the home team to ensure that a health care provider is present at any athletic event involving a collision sport.

The act allows a health care professional to prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector in a school’s name for storage and use at the school, authorizes schools to maintain a stock supply of epinephrine auto-injectors, and enables a school administrator to designate school nurses and other trained school personnel who may, in an emergency, administer epinephrine at school to any student or other person, regardless of whether the student or person has a prescription for epinephrine.  The act requires the State Board of Education, in consultation with the Department of Health, to adopt policies for managing students and other persons present at schools who have life-threatening allergies.  The policies must establish protocols to prevent exposure to allergens in schools and establish procedures for responding to life-threatening allergic reactions in schools. 

The act asks the Vermont Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board to study the incidences of concussions in schools, creates a Concussion Task Force to study the presence of health care providers at school sports activities, and requires the Secretaries of Education and of Human Services to study school-based mental health and substance abuse services.   

Multiple effective dates, beginning July 1, 2013